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Photo on the left is the front of the card

Photo on the right is on the back of the card

Back of the card reads:The former Leif Cassidy was sent away for some"career counseling"where he discoverd "HEAD"and enjoyed the greatest success of his career.Apparently,Al hears voices from HEAD telling him to come back to the federation.Who would have thought that all Al needed was a little HEAD to become successful!

The card is number 32

There is also a Smackdown card which is card number 11

The back reads:Folks,I have to be honest with you...I really don't claim to understand Al Snow.I know he's a very gifted athlete,and that he seems to have an incredible tolerance for pain.But the mannequin head he carries with him wherever he goes remains a mystery to me


The Chromium Edition Smack Dowm card number 88 is Big Boss Man vs Al Snow and the back reads"Plagued with countless sleepless nights after an accident involving HEAD,Al Snow was no match for the Big Boss Man at Fully Loaded.

The former corrections officer battered Snow with countless brutal attacks until the Lima Ohio native was KO'd giving the match(and the Hardcore Championship)to the Boss Man

Since suffering a blood bath attack at the hands of the Brood, Al Snow has delved deeper into his self-inflicted insanity. No longer just a menance to himself, this superstar has lashed out at everyone-including members of the J.O.B. Squad! With paranoia controlling his every move will Al be stable enough to compete at WrestleMania XV? The Card # 44

This is the WWF No Mercy Hardcore Foil card

Fleer Sky Box Championship Clash-Al is Card #13...there are 40 cards in the set and were released on 10/31/2001

This is from Fleer Trading Cards and is card number 12 of a 12 card set titled"Famous Rides" released in March of 2002 and were priced at $2.99 a pack and 24 packs in a box

The other 11 cards in the set are

#1.DDP in a pink Caddy

#2.Stone Cold Monster Truck

#3.The Rock's Limo

#4.D-X in an Army Truck

#5.Stone Cold destroys Vince's Vett

#6.Mr McMahon's Jet

#7.Big Show standing in front of a purple GTO

#8.Kurt on a cooter

#9.Jeff Hardy on his Dirt Bike

#10.Stone Cold driving a Semi

#11.D-X Bus on Fire

This is the All Access Card which is number 22

This auction is for the WWF Raw Deal foil card Tough Enough! for Tazz or Al Snow. It is a Mid-match Reversal: Action for 10 Fortitude and 0 Damage and the card reads May reverse any Action card and end your opponent's turn. You may draw 1 card. When this card is in your Ring area, if your opponent's Fortitude Rating is greater than yours, all his maneuvers are now +13F.

Info on Raw Deal Cards in which Al is the host

114/150 (PREMIUM UNCOMMON) Al Snow (Superstar Card) Starting Hand Size: 8 Superstar Value: 0 Superstar Ability: Once per turn, you may discard 1 card to look at your opponent?s hand. Do not discard any cards when you play the card titled No Sell Maneuver.

When the card titled Head is in your Ringside pile, you may discard 2 cards before your Draw Segment to put Head into your hand.

116/150 (PREMIUM RARE) Head Action: Foreign Object When Head is in your Ring area, you may draw 1 additional card during your Draw Segment. When Head is in your Ring area, your opponent may discard 2 cards before his Draw Segment to put Head into your Ringside pile.

Unique F: 5 D: 0 117/150 (PREMIUM RARE) What Does Everybody Need? Action Can only be played if the card titled What Does Everybody Want? is in your Ring area. Search your Arsenal for the card titled Head, reveal Head to your opponent, put Head into your hand, and shuffle your Arsenal. When this card is in your Ring area, the card titled Head cannot be reversed or removed from your Ring area.

Unique F: 10 D: 0 118/150 (PREMIUM UNCOMMON) What Does Everybody Want? Action When successfully played you may draw 2 cards OR search your Arsenal for the card titled Head, reveal Head to your opponent, put Head into your Ringside pile, and shuffle your Arsenal.

F: 3 D: 0 119/150 (PREMIUM UNCOMMON) Snow Slide Reversal: Special Reverse any Set-up card and end your opponent?s turn. The first card you play on your next turn cannot be reversed. F: 7 D: 0

The Cards from top to bottom are cards #8,5,3,10,7,and 20

Royal Rumble PPV Card

2003 WWE Wrestlemania card #52

2003 Aggression card number 21

1996 WWF MAGAZINE(SERIES 2)#16 Avatar in action

1998 Comic Images/DuoCards WWF Superstarz#31 Al and HEAD

1999 Cardinal Industries WWF Trivia Series 2 Al and HEAD

1999 Comic Images/DuoCards Smackdown#11 Al and HEAD

1999 Comic Images/DuoCards Smackdown Genune Autograph card(total of 400 printed)

1999 Comic Images/DuoCards Smackdown Chromium Edition#11 Al and HEAD

1999 Comic Images/DuoCards Smackdown Chromium Edition#88 Big Boss Man/Al

1999 Danbury Mint WWF 22kt Gold Card#9

1999 Comic Images WrestleMania Live#44

1999 Comic Images WrestleMania Live#45 Job Squad

2000 Comic Images WWF No Mercy#5

2000 Comic Images WWF No Mercy#67 Al vs Big Boss Man

2000 Comic Images WWF No Mercy#68 Al vs Hardcore Holly

2000 Comic Images WWF No Mercy#69 Al vs Minis

2000 Comic Images WWF No Mercy Hardcore Champions Holofoil Chase Card #C5

2001 Fleer WWF Champonship Clash#13

2001 Fleer WWF Championship Clash#53

2001 Fleer WrestleMania#23

2001 Danbury Mint WWF 22kt Gold Card#9

2001 Cardinal WWF Trivia Series 3"Attitude in Review"(1)

2002 Fleer WWF All Access#22

2002 Fleer WWF All Access Famous Rides#12 Lil Race Car

2002 Danbury Mint WWF 22kt Gold Card#9

2002 Fleer WWF Raw vs Smackdown#36

2002 Fleer WWF Royal Rumble#31

2003 Fleer WWE WrestleMania 19 #52

2003 Fleer Aggression#21

2003 Danbury Mint WWE 22kt Gold Card#9

Action Figures Info

Al Autographed WrestleMania Fully Loaded Action Figure which is number 336 of 500 autographed credit:Maggie-O staff member


And now an Editorial Comment from staff member Spider

As you know us collecters and die hard fans are pretty picky when it comes to some things, and yes sometimes these companies just can't do a damn thing right.

This happens to be why I'm writing to all of you Al Snow fans out there. As you know, if you've visited the merchandise page, Jakks Pacific has released an Al Snow action figure in their Fully Loaded Series.

This particular figure happens to have several flaws in it. For one, EM PLEH is written upside down on Al's forehead giving it the appearance that it is spelled backwards when it really isn't.

Click to see photo

There is also no exclamation point on the end. Al is also wearing black elbow pads instead of his white wristbands.

Then there are some less noticible things about it. Al is a bit more ripped than he should be and he looks as if he is wearing a blue tanktop and black shorts instead of his bodysuit. And if you thought that was all I haven't even gotten to Head yet. Head has a much darker skin tone than what it should be and has no neck. It basically looks like they ripped the head off a Barbie doll because you can even see the hole where it would be attached to the body.

Jakks Pacific is not the only company to goof up on Al Snow merchandise either. Comic Images, the company that produces WWF Trading cards, has made a small typo on Al's card. Where his stats are given, his height is listed as 6'11 instead of 6'1 which it should be. If you would like to know more about these companies go to Ringside Collectibles at


Special notice;If you look at the Backlash series 2 figures, you will notice something strange about the Al figure.You will find something unique . If you look at the "name" card, on the Al figure it actually says "Al Show." It is not known if it will be like that on every figure or if Jakks just screwed a couple up.

Editor:Well with that being said,Spider also tells me there there are two versions of the Action Figure,which seems to be right,this is the first version



Note that the first version has HEAD at the top on the left and the stool is not seen and that on the second version the stool is seen on the top left and HEAD is in the right hand corner,also there is a set out that is called



Here is also a Grundge match set with Al and Road Dog


I also have a much smaller photo of the Grudge Match set


There is also a Tagteam match featuring Al and Mankind



The Rulers of the Ring Jakked Action Figure

Smack Down Draft Special Edition #17 Al Figure made by Jakks Pacific.These were limited to only 6,250 figures worldwide. Al is wearing white boots,black trunks and a white t-shirt that says Property of J.O.B. Squad 1-2-3-4-Life



On Oct 30,1999 a story was writen in the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the Action Figure for the Al Snow Summer Slam set,in which the writers made it clear that in their opinion this toy was not for child and that HEAD was a female head choped from it's body,this stared the ball rolling and soon Wal-Mat pulled them from the shelves,other toy stores did the same,or so we were told,as many people reported that they had seen them,payed for them and took them home


It is also rumored that there is a new JAKKS WWF Hardcore pack in which HEAD has blond hair,and the next set of "bend-ems" will have Al replacing Blackman

Also out are Bend-Ems in which Al is Series #6

Here is a plaque thats pretty nice


and there is a badge that I am told you can get from a comic book


This is a picture of the WWF Ice Cream Bar

Put out in 2000. It is an 'Ice Cream Bar--Vanilla flavored Ice Cream with a Cookie and Milk Chocolate flavored Coated back". Sort of like an Ice Cream Sandwich on a stick. The Ice Cream is Breyers, and it is put out by Good Humor. Good stuff.

They feature 12 WWF Superstars..and I haven't seen an Al Snow yet, so I am not sure that he is one of the featured Superstars; although his picture is on every box. Their likenesses are inscribed on the cookie itself, and from the one I had (Debra)--very well drawn. However, the likeness on the cookie is different from the one featured on the box (Jericho)---which is a cool, cut-out stand-up that actually works (I tried it), that matches the trading card attached to the inside of the box. So, your guess is as good as mine whether he is a featured Superstar...I guess I will have to keep eating them to find out.

Twist my arm.


There is also another Sticker

Photo of the front

And a photo of the back

And if that isn't silly enough there is also a light switch


There is also a post card

Click for photo of Post Card Box

Click for photo of Post card

I'm sure you have all heard by now that Al and HEAD are both in the video game "WWF Attitude,a quote from an interview states:Question;Does Head have any moves at all?If yes what's her finisher?

Answer;Undetermined at this time, and head is actually a "them".

I also kidnapped a photo


and these are sound bites,I kidnapped this one of Al

Theme song for Attitude

(be forwarned that this is a MP3 and when you click this it will take you to a "hosted by Tripod"page,at which point you can click on the url to the MP3)

Al is also in the No Mercy Video game


And Al is in the Smack Down Two video game


Tim Huntsman on WWF Attitude video game

Q;Will wrestlers such as Al Snow, Jeff Jarrett and the Big Boss Man be able to use their trademark "weapons" (HEAD, guitar, and nightstick) during their matches? (Also will Mankind use Mr. Socko?)

Tim;We're working on that. There's a good chance that they will use their trademark items in the ring. I know that the Guitar is there, maybe the nightstick, and I'm not sure about Head. (Although Head is a secret character in the game. . .) I'm also pushing to get Socko in the game, but I don't know if this will happen.

- The Playstation version of 'WWF: Attitude released May 28, 1999.

- The GameBoy Color version of 'WWF: Attitude released April 20, 1999.

Editorial Comments from Staff member Perrsun:

WWF WRESTLEMANIA 2000, by THQ - A great all-around game that is made better by the fact that Al Snow is arguably one of the best characters. The Snow plow move is one of the fastest in the game. His rear Special Move: the German Suplex Pin is a good move when you are looking for a quick pinning move. Along with the "Snow Trapping Headbutts" Al Snow is easily one of the easiest players to begin with, but one of the toughest to master. Al's hair was bleached when the characters were drawn and it is very easy to change the hair color to it's darker shade it is now by simply using the Appearance Edit feature.Get Al Snow's head weapon When playing a singles match pick Al Snow and go outside the ring. Press Up-c and you will get the mannequin head

WWF Attitude, by Acclaim - Al Snow is one of the featured characters and HEAD is a hidden character. All of HEAD's voices are done by Al himself ( or so I've read ). To earn HEAD - complete the Career mode. HEAD's finisher is a move that resembles Goldberg's Jackhammer. HEAD appears as a clear body, two gloves, and two boots. The J.O.B. Squad shirt is available after accessing the "Extra Custom Stuff" cheat ( it looks really good with the Godfather's vest after you change the colors a little ).


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