Tough Enough Two recap Show Two

Tough Enough 03/14/02

Here we are for another episode in the continuing saga that is,'Tough Enough 2''s a pretty good one, so let's get to it..They start out with their usual re-cap of last week's episode..

As you remember, they left us hanging with Aaron being taken away in the ambulance..We begin the show with a few shots of the ER to which he was taken, and see him walking away, apparently alive..and hear him say that he had not had breakfast that morning (brilliant..), and had taken a diuretic (ephedrine--even more brilliant..), and that that caused his heart to beat over 150 beats per minute...Yeah, that would do it..The rest of the cast is there to pick him up, as he leaves against the doctor's orders..

So, the next day at the Trax, he is out--while the others go on with the least until they find out if he is cleared to continue.

Lotsa calesthenics, lotsa front bumps--and Robert is having trouble with those--Al: 'Don't think about it..Your body knows how do do those, you're sticking your head in..'Robert's self-confidence is dropping by the minute.

We also see that Bob is really riding Hawk---and everyone seems to feel that that is because Bob sees a lot of potential there..and that he likes Hawk. Lucky Hawk.

Aaron get clearance to continue.

Then we hear the others complain about Linda; about how aggresive she is, and how she hurts people..It IS a competition, but she IS a bit of a bully..

As they pull away, Pete yells to Bob that 'We'll miss you!'---and then blames it on Hawk..

Back at the house, Robert bemoans his 'dropping stock'to his girlfriend on the phone, and we see a confrontation between Pete and Linda--regarding cleanliness around the kitchen--that has resulted in an epic invasion of ants..she threatens to put them in his bed, hahah..and we hear her say that she has 'no problem communicating'..obviously. We are then treated to a few opinions on Linda and her attitude.

We then see her and Jake locking up in the ring, and the trainers chide her for overdramatizing a slight bump, when she doesn't seem to mind dishing it out..

There are a few shots of Big Bully Linda doing just that, and a few more digs at her..culminating in the other girls going to Al for help. He tells them they gotta stand up for themselves, and reassures them that they will not get hurt if he can help it-- but pulls Linda aside after the commercial break, telling her that she is a strong, self-assured person, but that it comes across as cocky..but tells her also that this is what the wrestling business is like, that they are competing for a short, not really discouraging her behavior, but telling her to relax a little..

They then get the chance to wrestle against the trainers. Lotsa shots of 'em going at it, and Ivory ribs Aaron about having a heart attack..Bob and Jake really go at it---like Clash of the Titans, and Bob ends up dumping him between the ropes and out of the ring, but you can tell he is really impressed.

We then see poor Hawk getting the heck stretched out of him by Bob, who tells him not to ever say that he misses him again, or he will rip his shoulder out...segue to Hawk saying that he thinks Bob really likes him...segue to BOB saying that he will make sure that Hawk DOESN'T miss him, haha..

Oh, here comes a big 'ol shiny limo..and the guest of the week---it is Big Show, and they are all a bit star-struck. Jessie says that Show probably weighs five to six times as much as she does..and we see him mixing it up a little with them, and Matt says that Show had a lot of lessons to teach him about being a big man, and how to use it to his advantage. They demo a little in-ring for Show, and he seems impressed.

Show also gets on Aaron for doing the ephedrine, and Aaron says he wishes he never had done it. Show then gives his little insight speech, telling them how he started out too easy in the business, with his first match winning against Hogan, and how it turned him into an *sshole..the other trainers readily agree. He then tells them how he was sent down to Louisville--and that he had to change his attitude and get some humility..and how that made all the difference, and how important respect is. Linda says that she can relate to that, and that she needs to get a little humility, too, hahaha..

We then see a long shot of the chairs. Al tells them to go and get their respective chair, and tells them that the chair represents them, and that each time there is a cut, a chair will go against the wall. He also drops the bomb that the upcoming Thursday there will be a cut. 'Big' adds that there can be any amount of people cut at any given time, and that it is better to be cut than to quit.

We then hear the others' thoughts, and Robert's self esteem drops another few notches..and the others hope it will be Linda.

After the commercial break, they are at Optimum Fitness again, and 'Big' tells them that this is their last opportunity to impress their trainers.

Aaron has something to prove and is raring to go, and Kenny says that he knew it was gonna be a 'bad *ss day'..Then there are lots of shots of the contestants in agony, doing the course---being yelled at by the trainers, and Big Show, too--Hawk talks about being afraid, and Robert talks about his loss of confidence---and Al tells him not to quit on him..The torture finally ends, and the OP trainer tells them they did well...

The contestants got Big Show a present---a tool box (naturally, presented to him by Jessie)! Ivory says that it would be a good lunch box for him..

We then see the trainers and 'Big' in the dreaded 'cut' meeting..they show various pictures of the contestants and give their opinions on them..Al says that Robert seems defeated already, and questions his desire, and Chavo defends him--saying that he is carrying a lot more weight, and does try. Al calls Aaron 'pretty bland', hahha..and in regards to Linda, Bob says that she has 'unbelievable drive and determination', but 'is a 'drama queen''(I cracked up over that!)..Then on to Hawk, and the others say that he is so worried about making a mistake and being killed by Bob, that it is making him clumsy..It seems to just sink in at that moment to Bob that the kid is afraid of him, haha...

Then they segue from a shot of 'The Iffy Pile' (of photos) to the next morning, and it is a tense one.

At the Trax, Al tells everyone to stand in front of their chairs. he really draws it out, making them sweat--as he walks through the ranks, selecting the ones to stay and telling them to sit down...the ones left standing, well, you know..kinda like Musical Chairs from H*ll...

One by one, Al tells them to sit, giving nearly each one a deep, meaningful look and a comment as they get closer to the end...and the cut?

Robert, as Al thinks his physical conditioning is not at a level that he could continue on...Al lingers long and hard in front of Linda..making her sweat, and raising the hopes of the others, to be sure..then tells her to sit down (we see Jessie b*tching that he didn't tell her about her attitude, hhah)---AND Aaron, because he could not finish the Optimum Fitness course...See? Drugs don't pay, kiddies...Both are cut!

Robert says that he 'smiled inside' because he was cut and didn't quit..Aaron said that he felt betrayed, slapped in the whom? Only himself...They say their goodbyes, and 'Big' tells them not to give it up if it is their dream..uh huh, yeah...

Fade to black..