Tough Enough Two Show Four Recap

Tough Enough Two-Show Four Recap

Tough Enough 2 -- 03/28/02

Hello, and welcome to this week's episode of Tough Enough 2. They open with the usual re-cap--and the focus seems to be on Alicia, Dan, and Jess..

The show starts with a few artsy shots of the beach--and zeroes in on the house, and we see Danimal on the phone, saying how well it is going for him and how much he wants this opportunity.

Then it is off to Trax, and we hear Alicia griping about her much she dreads the training.

Al then goes right into a back bump/hiptoss combo, and we see the contestants go through it with the various trainers. They all look pretty good, except for Alicia, who seems a bit stiff due to her back..and Jessie, who has some sort of spell---her heart races and her hands and feet go numb. Not good. Al tells her to breathe through her nose and out her mouth to calm down, and asks her what is wrong--when she explains, they have a medic look at her. The others go on with their drills, and Al pulls her aside and tells her, 'When stuff like this happens, we need to know.' She replies that she really wants this bad, and he tells her that it may be serious and needs to be taken care of.

Back again at the house, we see them in various states of relaxation--shooting pool, and Hawk doing the 'hunt and peck' on the computer. Jess is on the phone, telling her boyfriend that she will be seeing a heart specialist..and admits that she is at a crossroads. Alicia is also on the phone, complaining about her back, and says she is living off of pain killers and muscle relaxers.

Then we are back at Trax, and we see more calesthenics, and then they are told that there will be a cut the next day, and that hopefully it will motivate and push them to do their best. Jess and Alicia are shown sweating bullets..

There is a flashy montage of some lockups, and we hear Alicia's thoughts on the cut. We hear Dan saying how it has been working out well for him physically. Jess bemoans the suspicion that the trainers have lost confidence in her due to her possible condition, and says that she is afraid to get in the ring.

After the commercial break, we see more lockups...and then Jess squeaks to us that the Dudley Boyz are this week's guests! Bubba and Devon saunter in with their belts, and after their promotional montage, talk to the contestants about the importance of character development..How you have to make the people love or hate you--react to you--and how the worst thing is to go out there, and hear NOTHING from the audience...

Al tells them that the kids have recently been to a workshop on just that subject, and then the contestants have to show a little of what they have learned.

Unfortunately, Jess has to leave to see the doctor just as thing get a little interesting..

Naturally, all the guys want to be seen as bad *sses..

Pete is the 'Italian kid from Jersey'---but Bubba does the character on the fly, and blows him away..Jake is pretty much as you would expect him to be..Kenny calls Bubba 'Devon' by mistake, and Bubba splats him, Kenny insists that he knows who he is..Alicia does some sort of monkey pose with her arms as she yells at the top of her lungs..Devon yells at Kenny, Bubba yells at Linda during her corny'Hot Mocha' schtick..By far, I thought the best one was Hawk, who with that All-American-apple-pie-face, invites us into his 'world of darkness' to find out 'just how far that rabbit hole goes'...and goes on to say, 'that is when you feel..that something dangerous lurks here..(whispering) It's Me'...ooooEEEEEoooo...

Then there is poor Danimal..who tries really hard (invoking his 'Fanimals') but is really nervous (as observed by Matt), and pretty much bores everyone to tears...and is lambasted by everyone for it.

Meanwhile, Jess is at the doctor, having 'every test in America' done. The diagnosis? 'Vaso-VEGAS syndrome'? (Insert joke here) Which basically means that her heart cannot keep up with her blood pressure, and her blood pressure drops as as result..or so I gathered. At any rate, she is sent back with a heart monitor to wear for twenty-four hours.

Back at Trax, they all thank Devon and Bubba, and head off. Alicia, Hawk and Linda go to the gym and lift. Alicia is driving and on the way there, begins to run everyone else down, especially Jess---saying how she will be the one to be cut on the morrow. Well, well..

Once they arrive back at the house, Hawk proceeds to spill his guts, and tell everyone what she said about them, because they have 'a right to know'. Apparently he get so loud about it that Jess can hear them talking all the way down the hall, and comes in and they tell her what Alicia said about her.

Drama! Catfight!

Alicia pops her head in the door---and they verbally flatten her---saying that at least they said it to her face..good point.

This leads, naturally to a confrontation between Alicia and Jess---who issues a few bleepworthy comments, and makes Alicia cry--after Alicia tries several times to wiggle out of what she said..They go on and on, and Jess is ready to slap her, yadda yadda; and Kenny is seen outside the door, listening in. Hawk does a total swerve, very seriously tells us that Jess is starting to show her 'true colors'---after he started it all...Jake comes back from the grocery store with Jackie and Matt--into the middle of all this, and goes out to comfort her in her distress (she is hyperventilating at this point), and then reports back to the other guys that he was sure that she was gonna quit. The guys ruminate how everyone is getting sore and tired, and how 'Chicks just aren't as tough as we are'...So are the days of our lives..

The next morning, things are tense as they go to Trax for the Big Goodbye.

The trainers are shown in their meeting, and the ones in the 'Maybe Pile' are Jess, Alicia, and Danimal..each have their good points and bad points..Jess is seen by Hardcore Holly as a 'liability' and 'concerns' Al...Alicia is seen by Ivory to be worse for wear physically than Jess--and as a 'crybaby and bullsh*tting her way through' by Al, and as having a 'lazy look' by Hardcore...Danimal is seen as 'vanilla ice cream' by Al, but is at least lauded by Chavo and the others on his physicality...despite being only an alternate, and despite his glaring lack of snazzy personality..

On to the cuts, and Al walks up and down the row, looking ominously at everyone as they sweat...Sit down. Sit down. Sit down.

He pauses in front of Jess..and then tells her that he is going to 'keep his eye on her' that he has 'some concerns'---and tells her to sit (take that Alicia!)

A lengthy pause in front of Alicia..and he leaves her standing..She says that 'it is all a mind game'...

He pauses in front of Danimal and tells him that how important personality is--and how he has to be a 'larger than life character'--and then--whammo! He is cut!!!

Al arrives once more at Alicia..glaring long and hard at her....and then tells her simply to sit down. (Conveniently right next to Jess, hahah!)

We say a tearful goodbye to the Danimal---again!---as his chair is put against the wall, and he says how this cut was so much harder because he had gotten close to the people..and how he got a taste for it, and hopes that this is not the end of it..Me, either, as I was a bit disappointed. They cut someone in good physical shape over a couple of chicks with health problems? I smell MTV progammers at work here, hoping for another confrontation to boost ratings, maybe? Only my opinion, and that's the show..Fade to black.