Tough Enough Two show Five recap

Tough Enough 2---04/04/02

Hello, all, and welcome to this week's Tough Enough 2..As per usual form, they begin with a re-cap of last week's show--this time focusing mainly on Matt and Hawk. The show opens at Trax, and a few of the others saying that they miss the Danimal..I do, too..

We see them doing a few bumps in the ring, and Matt is doing really well. We hear the others saying that Jake is doing well, too..and how he 'just grabs everyone's attention'. We then hear Jake saying how he has been asked 'many, many times' whether he is a WWF Superstar. Hawk is just worried about improving himself.

We see the trainers ribbing Hawk, and hear Bob saying that Hawk is a good example of someone that has a lot of charisma..and that 'he's goofy, but that's Hawk' and that he's 'got something there, if he'd just let it out'..Well, I guess Bob DOES like Hawk after all..

Bob pulls Hawk up into the camera and tells him to 'show the camera your mean face'(with Al in the background yelling 'Mean face! Mean face!'), and it is pretty d*mn comical..Bob then tells him to go home and look in the mirror and practice his 'psycho look'..

Matt is then shown taking bump after bump. We then learn that he hurt his knee pretty badly on the beach earlier, and was trying to keep it from the trainers. He talks earnestly to 'Big' about it, and 'Big' tells him to rest out the day, and then see what the doctor has to say about it. He doesn't look too happy sitting ringside with an icepack on it, and is hoping fervently for a quick fix..Later the gang heads home, and have a few laughs at Hawk and his 'psycho look'; which he seems to be getting better at, actually..

The next day they have another 'Physical Challenge', but Matt has to go to the doctor..and they all know how important they are..

They go to Santa Barbara City College; where on the track, they have to go twice around the track--then walk up the steps,'touching each one' (which Jake takes literally--hitting each step with his hand until someone stops him, haha)--and then sprint the rest of the way to the finish..Jackie falls, but still beats Linda..and the winners are--Jackie and Jake--who get a day off Op Fitness (with a massage) and TWO TICKETS TO WRESTLEMANIA!

'Big' takes them out to eat, and has Hawk 'try to pick up Linda'--and it is the corniest thing you ever want to see, and she blows him off..

Meanwhile, Matt is at the doctor's and the news is not good...he is pretty close to tearing all his ligaments completely..Matt looks crushed, and so am I.

They get to Trax, and Matt is still hoping for that 'little glimmer' that they will let him stay...aww. But, alas, it is not to be. Al looks pretty disappointed, too, and says that there is no way that he can do it physically. 'Big' tells him that there are 'other avenues' to get to the WWf..yeah, right..Uh, huh..but that this is just not 'his time'. Matt shakes Al's hand and goes to say his goodbyes.

Al says that Matt has what it takes physically, heart-wise, and has the intelligence..and definitely has what it takes to be a WWF Superstar, but begs the question: Does he have the drive to pursue that road?

Alicia says that there is a point where it goes from being 'Tough Enough' to being 'smart enough' about yourself, too--but quite frankly, looks relieved..Jess pops a tear or two, and Jake looks happy, and Hawk, well..Hawk is just Hawk. Goodbye, Big Guy--good luck.

The chair goes against the wall.

The guest of the week is Tazz! He says that they were all tough enough the last time he saw them--the Physical Challenge in the desert--so, this time, he is here with a reward for them..they get to go to Raw in Anaheim!

They arrive at the venue with Al, and hear the crowd's reaction to him as they drive in, and gain a new respect for him. Backstage, we see them with big starstruck grins as they meet D'von, Molly Holly, Regal, the Rock, The Hurricane, Sgt. Slaughter, Edge, Test, Austin, Angle and the APA--who rib Jake about his haircut..

They then are taken back to a production crew where Coach and Brooklyn Brawler await them---time to cut promos! It is obvious that they are thrilled. Linda goes first, and does her usual 'Hot Sexy Mocha' schtick, Pete tells whoever he is cutting the promo on that he will bite their ankles, Kenny is cutting a promo on Al (who is standing right behind him)--and the expression on Al's face is priceless when Kenny refers to him as 'Old Man'! Everyone laughs as Al yells behind him as he finishes.

Jake cuts a promo against Angle, referring to himself as 'Chisel'--until Brawler stops him in his path, renaming him, 'Goofy'..this throws him off, and he bombs. And knows it.

Then we have Hawk, who cuts a promo against Austin, and it is pretty impressive--again with the 'dark world'..Go, Hawk. Jake is obviously jealous..'Big' says that Hawk is 'out there' and that that craziness could make him money some day..touche'.

They are then taken down the hallowed hallway that talent walks to reach the stage--note the big white arrows on the curtain, haha...and it is a bit of an eye opener, seeing the venue from that perspective.

Then it is on to the show! It opens with a nice montage, and we see them ringside, soaking it all up. They all gain even more respect for the Superstars, as it should be. Jacqueline has a match against Ivory, and Jackie says that it was kinda like 'Tough Enough 1 against Tough Enough 2', haha..Al has his great match against Funaki, and the kids say that it was like they were having the match for just them. Hawk says that they all screamed like 'little girls with N'Sync' when he came out, haha..Bob has his big return match against Henderson/Kazarian (?)---and it is fab-u-lous when he yells at them, 'And that's how it's done!'

Yes, indeed, Bob. That's how it's done.

Bob high-fives them all before he leaves, and there are a few more high-energy shots of the Superstars in action--our contestants having a blast at the show, and that's how it''s the show, folks. Fade to black.