Tough Enough Two Show 7 Re-cap

Tough Enough 2-- 04/18/02 Hey, all, and welcome to this week's episode of Tough Enough 2..It's a drama-fest, to be sure..and no one gets cut..but let's do this thing anyway..

As always they begin the show with a re-cap of last week's episode..reviewing the losses (and I use that term loosely) of Alicia and Jessie..and focusing on Jackie and Pete's little shindig in the hot tub; and, oh yeah, a slight sidebar involving Jake..

The show opens on the contestants in the hot tub, boozing it up but being relatively subdued at first..But then, as more alchohol is consumed, glasses are broken, and one by one the other contestants slip out and away as things heat up between Pete and Jackie. Well, almost all the contestants, except for Kenny--who cannot seem to take a hint..

We hear Kenny comment that even though Jackie has a boyfriend, it doesn't seem to matter, and to the casual viewer, it doesn't, either..After Kenny finally slinks away (not that they noticed or anything), things really seem to get busy..Interspersed between almost softcore porn shots of the two of them, we hear Linda once again laughing at them, and at Kenny, who 'shoulda got out of the hot tub'---I am really starting to like her. Jackie admits that she was 'not pushing him away by any means'..Jake says that it is obvious that when Jackie drinks she has no control. Annie SWEARS that she didn't SEE any of this, but from 'what she heard' they got 'pretty frisky'..Well, we saw it, Annie; and yes, they did.

Cut to the morning after..and shots of the half-empty bottle and the litter of broken mugs on the side of the hot tub..segued into a poignant shot of a framed picture of Jackie's boyfriend..and her waking up in bed. Pete is feeling pretty sure of himself at breakfast, and Annie says, 'Let's just hear what Jackie has to say this morning..' They then show Kenny being the dutiful friend, and cleaning up the aftermath of broken glass outside...And the crap is getting mighty deep, my friends---Oh, where is the wrestling?

Well, apparently none to be had today---as three of them go SHOPPING..Poor Annie is stuck with Pete and Jackie as they sullenly pretend that nothing happened..and we see a little of the old, 'He said/She said'--where they seem to have pretty differing points of view on what happened..

In the nick of time, 'Big' shows up at the house with all the trainers, and I breathe a sigh of relief. They look around the house, and Al pronounces it, 'A Sty'..and it is..Ivory brushes her teeth and gets a little of the low-down from Jackie, cracking up when she hears the story--and tells her--'If you get the job, then that's not the last time that's gonna happen..' Well. Honesty rears it's ugly head..Nice.

The contestants are all called together for a surprise; as when 'Big' asks them who each of their favorite action figure is--and they answer--he then tells them that they are going to go and have their OWN action figures made! Wow!

They go to Jakks Pacific, and Karl Mayer of Gentle Giant Studios takes them in where they are digitized for a "Realscan' figure, and the process is pretty interesting as they all sit and stand really still, posing and sucking in their guts. They all look good, but seem to think Jake looks the best..If they ever hit the market--I HAVE to have a Hawk one, as he made the 'Psycho Face', haha...

Next we go back to Trax and hear 'Big' say that Jake has a really marketable look but hasn't picked up on actually learning to wrestle...splat. We see the contestants in the ring, and he doesn't seem to even know his left from his right. So, Al helps him out by writing it on the back of each of his hands. Chavo finally makes it to the screen, saying that if Jake can bring his mental up to his physical, he could be a real competitor. More bumps and hiptosses, and we again hear about Jackie having a boyfriend..zzzz. She says that she does not know how she is going to tell said boyfriend other than that she made a 'huge, dumb mistake'..

Flash forward to the house, where we see her her telling him..No wait, that is not true..She blatantly LIES to him, saying it was nothing, that they didn't go too far; that it was nothing but a friendly peck on the lips..Lies! That's right, lies! Over and over..until she is in tears and he finally hangs up on her. We see Pete saying that her boyfriend is so far away--why tell him? Oh, shut up, Pete.

After the commercial break, back in the kitchen, Jake is egging Pete on, saying that when people drink--their true feelings come out. Oh, shut up, Jake. Later, after lights out, we see Kenny and Pete discussing the whole thing--and Pete's 'feelings'--and Kenny is afraid that Pete will get hurt..and I am afraid I will get sick.

The next morning, Pete buys Jackie a rose and leaves it on her cliche'. She finds it, and quizzes Kenny about it, but he aint goin' there.

They go to Trax (for a change of pace), and Al shows them how to do an armdrag, saying, 'It doesn't look like a very dangerous move, but it can be if it's done stupidly..It's leverage and balance, not muscle. If you try to muscle somebody, you're gonna hurt somebody.' They all have a crack at it, and do okay except for Jake, who (according to Pete) is very stiff when he works. We hear Jake say that he thinks he has a good chance of winning this but that the adjustments he needs to make are in the ring.

On the way home, the contestants are divided between cars..Jackie and Pete in one, and the rest in the other..Linda is laying it on the line, admitting she watched most of it--hahaha--and that they practically had sex, and that Jackie was 'begging for it with a capital B'..well, no kidding..Meanwhile in the other car, Pete is pleading his case..saying that the only thing that he regrets is that it 'bleeped' up her relationship..and that Jackie did nothing wrong..she kinda just sits there miserably..

The next day, they are greeted by this week's guest: Edge! They show a nice montage of his work, and he talks with them and ribs Hawk about his table manners (saying, 'I can see why you get picked on, man', hahah), and I don't think I have ever been so happy to see Edge in my life. He says that his favorite wrestler growing up was Hulk Hogan mostly because of his seeming larger than life, but that it is no longer the 80s, and the emphasis is no longer on the big guys. He also says that the hardest part is being on the road so much. He then stresses that there are 'trials and tribulations' with relationships, and the camera lingers meaningfully on Jackie..

They cut to her on the phone (I guess Edge left..), trying to call her boyfriend, and he hangs up on her. She then calls her mother, who reads her the total riot act..the horror in Mom's voice is palpable.. Mom tells her that she is throwing her life away, and wonders if that 'crap' that she is doing is worth it, calling Pete an *ss..Jackie is contrite, Mom is fit to be tied, you get the picture..

Swerve back to Trax, where we then see Pete and Jackie screwing up..She says that it is awkward, but that she is not going to act any different towards him..She gives Al some weak excuse for what she is doing ring-wise, but Al (being a father) is not having it, and smells a rat..he asks her if 'It has nothing to do with anything else'. He does not look amused. 'Big' then pops on and says that they need to be focused on what is going on in the ring...So, I guess we all know now that Ivory blabbed, ahhaha..

After the commercial, we see them working in the ring, and hear 'Big' say that the group is at a pivotal point right now, and that with the basic moves that they know, they need to put it all together and 'make you feel it'. They show Jake and Hawk working and Jake says that they were both trying to do offensive and that it was 'not working at all'...Al points out that they were 'not feeling it'..that they have got to feel and believe what they are doing in the ring and the only way to do that is to 'make them do something that looks completely absurd and ridiculous'--that is, wrestle an invisible opponent! It is pretty amusing..but drives Al's point home. He says that if they do it really well, one can almost catch oneself actually seeing someone in there with them..and it is true. And once again, Jake falls miserably short. Al:' If they do it really terribly, then it looks like they are having a seizure, or flopping around like a fish out of water in a boat'..and that is also true..he tells Jake: 'You can't do that, Jake..You're dead in the water before you start'..and then the camera pans to Pete and Jackie looking on, each acting nonchalant..We hear Jackie say that Pete is a good friend and 'good support' but that it is just really, really dangerous right now..

Linda says that maybe they are not focusing on what they are being taught in the ring..'Big' says that they don't need distractions. Pete gets clocked by Bob and lands sloppily and hurts his jaw, it looks like; and Al says that he was 'almost unconscious, that's kinda fun..' and (** Line of the Week**) that he went to 'That Nether's that realm that Hawk lives in all the time', ahaha..

Pete says that he is there for the contract, and that whatever happens between and him and another person is secondary..Whatever, Pete. Jake then says that you have to be relaxed in the ring and not 'all tense' and that he is starting to learn that. He apparently is, as Al notices and comments on his improvement.

Back at the house, Hawk picks up the mail, and it appears Jackie's boyfriend has mailed her something..Pete says that he hopes that he ruined 'everything' about their relationship, and that the boyfriend does 'not deserve her'.

It turns out that he sent her some song lyrics, and it upsets her and she tries again to call him. He again hangs up.

She calls her mother again, who again reams her out.

Jackie tearfully goes on and on about what a mistake it was, and how much she loves the boyfriend..and Pete hears the whole thing, and goes outside to pout. Jackie cries on Linda's shoulder, and Linda is kinda smiling, saying it will all be okay..Smiling because she thinks Jackie will quit? Could be. Smart girl.

Pete says that he has never felt this strongly about a girl, and that if he doesn't try, he may regret it the rest of his life, wondering, 'Why I didn't try with that girl on Tough Enough'...The show closes on his pensive face..Oh, the heartache...Fade to black.