Tough Enough Two Show Recap Eight

Tough Enough 2 -- 04/25/02 Hey, Tough Enough 2 fans, welcome to this week's episode..They start the show with their usual re-cap of last week, focusing this time on Annie and her lack of confidence, and the drama-rama between Jackie and Pete.

They open the show at Trax, with Pete saying that he is 'in limbo', and that he and Jackie haven't really discussed what went on between them. There are a few shots of her trying to ignore him, then Al comes in saying that they have a lot of stuff to get done this week, 'We got a lot of ground to cover, a LOT of ground.' Everybody gets into the ring..

..Leading to a lot of sloppy work IN it, the trainers looking frustrated, and shots of the contestants looking drawn-out and tired. The contestants say as much, and Ivory says that all of the trainers could see that it was a mental block. Al says, 'The harder you try to do something, the harder you try to make somthing happen in this ring, the harder it becomes to make it happen'. He goes on to say that for example, Annie is obviously insecure, and it holds her back character-wise and physically. Annie comes on and agrees, saying that neither she nor the trainers like the way that looks..they show her getting advice from Jackie on aggression (insert joke here). Linda seems to be genuinely rooting for her, saying that, 'if you don't believe it, it's tough to front it..' Annie comes on again, saying that she knows that she needs to loosen up and get more confidence in the ring. Al watches, looking pensive.

Next up, at Op Fitness, Raphael notices that they are lagging, and asks them if there is no gas in their tanks..and Linda re-iterates that all the training takes a toll on ones' body.

On the way home, more whining about being tired, and Kenny says that it is all about mental toughness. They arrive home, to find more packages for Jackie..She says that she and 'the boyfriend' (who we now find out is named Jason) have written a couple of letters back and forth, and that at first it was 'not pretty at all'. Jake comes on and says that Pete got attached and that he still likes Jackie and would still 'like to bag her'..ah, romance is not dead..Jake is shown eating fat-free chips, and then Pete is shown opening what appears to be a WALL OF SNACKS (what would BOB say?) in the kitchen, while he says that 'the uncertainty kinda scares' him. Cut to Jackie blubbering, 'I am so sorry' to Jason on the phone, and that 'both of them' were 'so hurt'(what did Jason do, exactly?), but that their emotions came out; and well, I guess it will be all better now, as we hear Jason tell her so, and say that he loves her on the phone...

In the morning, everyone is just kinda flopped around, exhausted; and Jake says that that is 'when you gotta push on'.

They arrive at Trax again, and we hear Hawk say that he was 'feeling some stress, some tension' from the heavy training, and that it was not going to be a fun day. Jackie agrees, saying that none of them were working up to par. Al says that he expects them to perform, and he means it; and that all they are teaching them are the tools, and that they had better remember them.

More shots of ring work, and it almost looks like a bloopers reel; Chavo says that every day they are evaluating the kids..and that the first two weeks he was really, it seems that they have all slowed down, and taken two steps backwards. Bob says that he is not a patient person (NO..), and he feels that he is a fast learner, and that they should be, too. He is shown sitting atop the turnbuckle, and actually looks worried. Al grimaces. Chavo tells Hawk and Jackie that they are just 'bumping and colliding'. Al says that he has come to the conclusion that these Tough Enough contestants are not exactly where he wants them to be, and that they have really started wearing down physically and emotionally.

Cut to Hawk, looking pitiful as h*ll, with tears rolling down his face. No wonder, as Bob is IN his face, and asks him if it is all too hard for him. Hawk says no, and Bob demands to know why he is crying. Hawk says that he is good. Bob goes on to say that he 'doesn't have time for people that cry', and to 'Knock it off.' 'Big' pops on, saying that he doesn't know what it will take to get them motivated, as Hawk is shown walking away, presumably to collect himself. (Please don't quit!)

Al tells them then to take it seriously, that when they leave, they will take his reputation with them and that (* * Line of the Week* *) he 'will not allow them to besmirch what I have worked nearly twenty years to get..won't happen'..Well said, Al.

After the break, they are shown at the house, and morale is really low..Solution? Go out to a bar! Of course! Pete is shown repeatedly trying to get Jackie to dance with him, saying that she is the perfect girlfriend, only to another guy..Two seconds later, when she refuses, he says that he's 'not going to go and waste his time'..swerve..She says that it doesn't matter anyway. Ahh, young love.

Next morning, they are all dragging (can't imagine why), and Kenny says that he knew 'it would be a bad *ss day'...They file in, and see the trainers hard at work in the ring with the guests of the week--Why, it's Maven and Nidia! They show little montages of the two--and I realize that I never noticed that they had logos before..weird. The kids are enthralled, and soak up what they have to say. Al notes that it wasn't that long ago that Maven and Nidia were in the same position that these kids are in now..and now, look where Maven's at, and (with a wee tad less enthusiasm) look where Nidia's at..

Maven says that he had a great life back in Portland, and then Tough Enough came around; that there were mornings that he and Josh hated it, mornings that they wondered why they made 'those three minute videos'. He goes on to say that he was really tired of it all (the kids look relieved that he admits it), but in the end, got to go out on Smackdown! and hear 18,000 people chant his name..and if there is ever a moment when they don't think they are in the right business, think of 18,000 people chanting your name..and that he could never imagine doing anything else now. Jackie says that they are so much closer to their own level, and that it is easier to relate to them, and to gain perspective.

Next Nidia says that she wants to get a feel for them, and get to know how they feel being there..Jake says that he has been active all his life, but playing sports in nothing like taking bumps in the ring. He says that he can see himself 'out there'. Nidia says that when people ask her if it was 'really that hard' she tells them, that no, it was harder--that there was a lot that the cameras did NOT show, like barfing in the corner after cardio drills..Annie says that meeting them helped them all to understand what the next step with the WWF will be like, and brought it all closer to home. Maven says that he is one of them, and that there is light at the end of the tunnel, and to keep working. Annie tells Nidia that there is nowhere else she would rather be, and that it is great. 'Big' comes on and says that as soon as Maven and Nidia got there, things picked up and a 'real interesting dynamic' occurred. They show the contestants working in the ring with Nidia and Maven, and the energy is definitely up again.

Al says (and his eyes were just twinkling with pride) that when Nidia and Maven were teaching the kids, that he doesn't know if they realized it or not, but they were 'saying the exact stuff that I was saying to them', and laughs..Yup, your legacy, dude..

Pete says that they helped them more than anyone else that visited them. Nidia says that she sees herself in them..awww..and that she wishes that she could wrestle all of them, and hopefully, someday she will.

'Big' comes on and talks about when the cast from last year went to the Bahamas, and says that they are going on a 'long distance' trip this time--only they are going to train where they are going, not like last season's cast...Drum roll, please...He then announces that they are going to Sun City, South Africa! The kids all look shocked and excited. Annie says that she has always wanted to go there, and Jackie says that everyone's jaw dropped. Jake says that it is exciting, as he has never been out of the country. 'Big' says that it will not be 'R and R', that they will train, and go on a safari! This should be interesting..

They all go out to dinner then, after stopping by the house (to change) and let Maven and Nidia exclaim over the house..They all sit around at dinner talking, and Pete says that they all got a lot out of their visit, as Maven and Nidia were in the same boat they were, and Annie says that persona is going to be a big factor in winning the contest..Jackie is dying as Pete gives Nidia his b.s. line about 'not having a cocky attitude' and how he has a lot of heart..and then says that it is back to him and Jackie being 'whatever it was before', and she goes on to say that she did some things that she shouldn't have, and that she is staying focused on why she is there..yadda, yadda..Maven talks about the first time they 'hit the ropes', and Al looks on, laughing..leading us to..

..Trax, and Al (in a subdued voice--does he have a cold?) says that he wants to show them the proper way to hit the ropes..To hit them exactly the way he shows them; to reach out with their right hand, pulling themselves to it--sort of turn their hip and grab the top one, pulling it underneath your arm--or things can go the ropes breaking..'And they DO break sometimes..' Bob adds that they will take 'the hide right off the back of your neck', and Al agrees..

They all have several goes at it, and it looks hard; then there is the required proud showing of the brushburns...nasty. Hawk says that they were almost done for the day then, when 'Big' has a proposition for them, that he must have 'been bored' and wants them all to take a few chops in the chest. 'Big' pops on and says that it is very real when you get chopped by Bob Holly, that it is 'his branding'..yikes. Naturally, Bob starts with Hawk. Kenny thinks it is funny--until, after being chopped by Ivory, Bob comes over, complaining that Kenny 'made a face like that didn't even hurt'. Bob makes sure that it does. There are chops all around, until Bob says that he may be rough, but that there may be others in the WWF that may be rougher, and that they have to be prepared for that...That is what he does, and that is why he is there. Hawk shows off his reddened chest and Bob laughs like heck, stopping suddenly, saying, 'Sorry.' (No you aren't Bob, admit it..)

They leave Trax for the day, and make a detour to the beach, all the while talking about how much they have bonded, and grown closer through adversity. While standing on the edge of a walkway, looking down at the beach, they see a seagull..Lying motionless and in poignant..It has a hook caught in it's beak, and is suffering. They catch it and relieve it of the offending hook and it flies away...It's free..(Yes, this really happened, folks)

The show wraps up on a shot of them walking across the beach together, going on about how through pain, both physical and emotional; they have formed a bond that is stronger than the competition...Aww...(I note that Linda is nowhere to be seen, nor Jake, it appears..Hmm..)...and the camera then pans upward to a seagull...flying free....

And that's it for me, folks. See ya next time..