Tough Enough Three recap Episode One

Tough Enough 3--first episode--October 24

Hey, all--welcome to the first episode of the new season. They begin with a fresh opening--and then on into the recap of last week's show. The recap features negativity galore in regards to Scott--and a reminder of the Jonah/Jill connection..

 The contestants are all then shown running willy-nilly to the house--which is, of course, really cool--and much better, I'm sure, than the one in 'that bald windbag guy's' neighborhood...heh. There are a few opposite sex pairups bedroom-wise (apparently determined by a shirt left on the bed as a marker), and I shudder to see that there is a hot tub. Jill and Jonah are rooming together, as she says, they are, 'so close..just totally beyond that relationship point now'..uh huh.

Next they are all shown getting to know each other the hot tub. Jonah again tells us all again how he cheated on his girlfriend with her. The others are then seen dissing Scott..amazed that he 'made the house', and on and on about how annoying he is. Scott then demonstrates how annoying he attention starved..and I have to agree. Kelly looks remarkably like Lita's little sister.

Next morning, Jill is still in pain, and she shares with us all the fact that she was bleeding all over her pillow the previous night.

They arrive at Trax, and Al tells them that they are '..gonna let them claim this place as your own.'  By spray-painting their names on the far wall. One by one they go--as Al tells us that it lends them a little insight into the contestants' respective characters--and what their motivations are. Naturally, Scott has to be told to fix his--to make it more legible. Somehow, his 'S' ends up looking like a dollar symbol. Hmm..

They get to work. It is 'a whole different story after two days off'. They throw into some front bumps, and Scott looks like he is going to cripple himself. Jill tells us that her dentist yelled at her..that she is doing 'all the wrong things to get better.'.

Next, A l has them do the front bump 'a little differently'--pressed off of him down on all fours. John really flies through it. Al tells Jonah to be careful, as he could, 'kill off most of his brain cells landing on (his) *ss like that.'  Rebekah lands hard, and he tells her she'll, 'be needing some Preparation H'. Jill is having problems--her jaw is not letting her tuck her head. But..she looks like Rey-Rey himself compared to our buddy, Scott. It looks hideous. Al tells him, 'It's alright to make a mistake, just don't make the same one over and over again.'  Which he naturally does. Bill DeMott looks like he wants to kill him, and after yet another failed attempt, he goes all kind of Bob Holly on him, screaming, 'You won't listen? I will not end my career early because you're a dumb*ss!'  Scott goes on about how uncomfortable Bill makes him feel, as he has never been yelled at like that before. Al says dryly,  'I think the lesson we've learned for today kids, is not to land on Bill!'  Al goes on to say that he does not doubt that Scott wants it, he has a lot of heart, but also 'the emotional status of an eight-year-old..'

After they return from the break, Jill again is having trouble, and Al sends her out of the ring. Bill pulls her aside, and in a surprisingly soft flannel voice, asks her if the pain is such that she needs to leave. She goes to explain, but he cuts her off--just a 'yes' or 'no' answer is required. She says no, and he tells her to step it up a notch then..Back to Scott, who is close to maiming Al's back for life..over and over he lands on him..then tells us that he 'needs to step it up a notch, needs to boost his confidence', etc..Bill freaks out on him again. Al calls him, 'the human cartoon'..Bill tells the all-seeing eye of the camera that Scott is a 'spazz'. Again and again he tries, as the others stand by impatiently. They see it as him taking up their valuable ring-time, and they do have a point.

Al tel ls him that if he does not do it--that 'I don't think I even need to say it'. He does not do it, and Al tells him to 'get up, get out'--and I thought for a second that he was cut. But Al then tells him to go sit down.

They all leave for the day, and go back to the house, and Scott admits to us all at home that he was 'that close to leaving'. He then reveals a somewhat nasty side, as he talks, then yells at his father over the phone. It seems Dad is a bit less than supportive. It borders on the ridiculous, when Scott screams at his father to not tell anyone about wrestling, because he signed a contract, and 'can go to jail!' That's right, jail! Yikes.

Jonah then tells Jill on the staircase that she is pretty, and she seems to like that. They are all going out for the night.

They are celebrating  'Big's' birthday, and he blows out the candles on a cake as they are all assembled for dinner. He asks them what they learned about someone today, and Jamie pipes up that she learned that Scott is 'really hard to live with.'  Scott counters with the fact that Jamie has pierced nipples, and the others tell him that that is old hat..Scott tells us all confidentially that he feels like 'the oddball' of the house, but just wants to be seen as a guy that just wants to learn. 'Big' then pops the big question..Who among them will quit? As every year, someone quits. They all naturally deny that they will quit...and toast on it.

Scott decides to drown his oddballness in alchohol..and does a row of shots..and then some. The others drink a little, dance a little, and then go home. Scott makes an *ss of himself, lying down on the couch as if passed out..stumbling campily around..then relieving himself with the door wide open. The point is made that if he acts that way, it isolates him further,  and makes it even harder for him to fit in with the rest. A bright red bucket is placed beside him as he crashes for the night on the couch.

The next morning, he is sh own sitting alone outside on the lawn chairs, pouting and hungover. Downstairs in the kitchen, Jonah is again bragging to the guys how he cheated on his girlfriend with Jill. They all have a good macho laugh, and Jonah tells us that everyone knew that he had a girlfriend but Jill. She comes on and reiterates that point. Jonah then proceeds to make a big show of going upstairs to let her in on this morsel, and she is righteously angry. He cannot seem to understand why, and argues with her as she exits the scene, calling him a few choice names. He has nothing to say. Duh.

She then calls her father, telling him that she is miserable and wants to leave. He tried to tell her to stay, then asks her if it is because she does not feel that she can win, and she says no. She just wants to leave. He finally tells her to do what she has to do. She hangs up, and makes the dreaded call to 'Big'. (Note: Over that guy? C'mon, you gotta be kidding!)

They all arrive at Trax, and before they get started, 'Big' makes the announcement that Jill has decided to leave. No tears this time; oh, no. He calls her out in front of the others, and gives the others a chance to say something to her. Kelly says that it is 'a bunch of BS', as she has watched seven people walk down that hill that would have 'died to be there'. Rebekah says that she is naturally competitive, and that, as far as she is concerned--it is one less person to compete against. Jonah tells her he wants her to stay. Then it is 'Big's' turn. He tells her that they made the selection process long and hard for a reason..that 'this is not a game show'. He says that he is ashamed that he cut seven other people that would have given their 'right arm' to be there; that he 'sent them home in tears so that she could quit'--and that he 'has to live with that shame.'  He then says that she conned him, she lied to him..and that she 'spit on all them', and on him--and then--'You spit on me--I spit on you. Get u p and leave.'  Al just stands there, arms folded..staring at the floor. She gets up and leaves.

Al (with a little peeling sunburn on his shoulders) solemnly tells the others, that they, 'should not feel sorry for her', that they should resent the fact that she wasted all of their time. Ivory agrees. Al says that she didn't belong there, and that her name should not be on the wall (the new graveyard?) and sprays it out in angry red. He then says that they do not appreciate sending people home--people that may have had the potential to actually be a WWE Superstar.

On to business then. Scott then tells us that he does not want to be like Jill--and does not want to be seen as a quitter. He still cannot get the front press-bump, and Al gives him a bit of guff, but not much. Scott says that he cannot be broken emotionally. He tries again--and finally nails it (to much applause and a long staredown from Al)! He tells us all here at home that he hopes that the others understand what he went through and who he is. His moment of triumph is then somewhat smeared by the others again--saying that he steps on other peoples' toes, and may not mean it--but does a lot of stupid stuff for attention. Eric says that he does not want to be associated with that. Mark says that he does not know how it will all play out, but that the next few weeks will be interesting--seeing how everyone reacts to 'Scott's weird ways'..and a montage is shown illustrating said ways. The show closes on Scott talking with a huge wad of food and being admonished for it..and 'interesting' is maybe not quite the word I would choose..

Until next week; fade to black..