Tough Enough Three show 10 re-cap

Tough Enough 3--01/02/03

Hey, all--and welcome to this week's recap of Tough Enough 3--the first of the new year..and a Happy, Hearty, Healthy New Year to us all!

Onwards and upwards, right? RIGHT?

With that being said, let's get to it...I apologize now for the brevity of this..but, I am starting this 'brave new year' sans keyboard; due to circumstances beyond my control..and am doing this letter by letter by letter on an onscreen keyboard program via mouse..Such dedication..or boggles the mind, no?

The recap/teaser for this week focuses on Jonah's doubts about staying in the contest.

They open the show outside of TraxW, with more of Jonah's doubts..this time, it seems, that the whole 'commitment thing' has finally hit him, and the enormity of what the WWE Superstars really give up. Time with girlfriends, family; time on the road..hard to believe he is just considering all this for the first himself an excuse to quit, maybe? Step aside then, Junior..

As they file inside, Eric stresses what a 'huge decision' this is for Jonah. This leads to Jonah requesting a talk with Al, who is understanding; and stresses to Jonah that it is up to him whether wrestling is his life 'period'. 'Big' enters the picture, and lets Jonah know--in no uncertain terms--that he must be clear about this, as there are five other people inside the building that have no such doubts. 'Big' tells us at home that he will 'be d*mned' if he is going to select someone who does not have this in their heart. Fair enough. Being afraid is one thing--doubt is another. Jonah then goes on to tell us that he got a 'better understanding' after the conversation that he should be doing it for himself, as opposed to doing it for 'other people', self-sacrificing guy that he is, ya know..Enough navel-gazing; let's move along..

He decides that he wants it, after all--and shakes hands, and goes back inside. Al tells him that if he goes back in, he has a shot, but that Jonah 'better not screw him over'. 'Big has doubts about Jonah now.

Back inside, they are in the ring, going at it. And looking good. Eric stresses that they have learned a lot of new moves..painful moves. Justin stresses that the training is getting tougher. Jamie stresses that the ropes are not, in fact, like 'rubber bands', and that they actually hurt. Lotta sressing, eh?

'Big' tells them that they are to throw a dinner party for the trainers--and a special guest--at the house. The special guest is to be Trish Stratus, which thoroughly winds the guys up. They are all shown making preparations--all except the self-sacrificing Jonah (they know he did 'something' to help, but are at a loss to remember exactly what), who is shown sitting on his *ss with his feet up, playing video games. Mmmkay. He is nervous about meeting her--and whines/bullies his way into scoring a seat next to her. Jamie is also in a tiz; wonder if she'll showcase her special patented 'Diva belch' to impress Trish? She gets a load of Trish..and has to see Ivory everyday--and reckons that she has a 'long way' to go. Dinner goes well, with Trish emphasizing the grasping of opportunity when it presents itself--and gives them the idea of making the 'five minutes' of television time one is given count to chew on, along with the steaks that are served. Jonah sucks up to her--well, really, they all do. Eric tells us that he 'got chills' talking to Trish, and that it 'upped' everyone's morale. Trish exits, and 'Big' tells them all to sit back down at the table. He tells them in dramatic fashion that there will be cuts the next much for morale. (They *do* know this is a contest, right?)

Returning from the commercial break, they are all sitting around bonding. More lovey-dovey navel-gazing. They are all just so special. Awww..Night falls, and they go to bed nervously awaiting the upcoming cuts. All except Jamie--who keeps Matt up (the night before a cut, yet---they show a shot of the clock, and it is almost midnight) with a self-doubt cryin g jag.

Early next morning, the trainers and 'Big' have their 'pro/con' cut meeting. Their views are aired, one by one--and, as far as 'Big' is concerned, Jonah is outta there; after their little talk the other day..Al and Bill defend him..He is not the only one a-hanging by a thread, apparently. We shall see.

The kids arrive; and while talking to 'Big' outside, the trainers are inside dreading the upcoming cut(s) as much as the kids themselves..Al: 'I don't want stand there and look at 'em..I don't want to stand there and look at 'em in the eye........I really don't. I really don't.'   Bill says something to him that I can't make out, and Al responds with, 'IknowIknowIknowIknowIknow..'  The kids trudge in, and are made to stand immediately--to get it over with. Dramatic Walk of Doom...only much shorter this time around, and foreshadowed by Al telling them that they are proud of them all, and that they have grown attached to them all. It is Justin that is cut. Jonah expresses relief, and I wonder if he realizes now just how close he came. Standard tearful goodbyes are said. Justin says that no one (who has not gone through it) can understand what it was like, and gives his comrades a parting salute. Al reminds them all that it is business, and that 'the show must go on.'

Back from the break, they're all 'feeling lousy', as put by Jonah; the trainers want to do something to 'up morale'. They go out for lunch---and are met by, instead of lunch..they get hammered. Bradshaw tells them that they had better develop a passion for the business, or they 'aint gonna be here long.' They try to match him beer for beer--with a few shots, as well--and, after vehemently denying that he is about to--John is shown puking in the toilet...classy camerawork, there..So much for Bradshaw's 'Pearls 'o Wisdom'. As Al puts it, it is like 'a three-ring circus'. They are taken home soon after.

They come back, after a day off from Trax, and it is on t o top-rope maneuvers! After a few tries, and a fabulous demo from Al--they are looking pretty good..both with and without the landing pad. It is big hurdle overcome, as they move from splashes to moonsaults. Eric reflects that just 'having the guts' to do it is 'half the battle'. Jamie says that it was the defining moment for her; John says that it showed their trust in each other, as well as in their trainers. John goes on about their growing closeness, and the show closes with a big group hug...

See you all next week..Fade to black.