Tough Enough Three recap Episode Two

Tough Enough 3--October 31, '02

Boo! Here we are for this week's episode of Tough Enough 3..The Hallowe'en Episode? Let's see what is 'scary' this week...

Naturally, they open with a recap of last week's show--focusing on the departure of Jill, and the escalating obnoxiousness of Scott..somehow it comes up that he saw Jamie naked..

The show opens with an aerial view of the house. We then see Lisa grinning from ear to ear, saying that she is 'so excited, so happy' just to wake up, and hoping that it is not 'a dream'. They show scenes of her kidding with the others, all happy, happy, joy, joy..and I suspect immediately from her *too, too* manic expressions that it all must be a set-up.

The issue of Scott seeing Jamie naked then rears it's ugly head as we see Scott come out on the patio to call three of his fellow contestants, 'F*gs' for taking the outdoor chairs..and Jamie says that she is getting along with everyone but him. Seems he caught a glimpse of her getting ready to shower. With unbelievable nerve, he asks her if she has ever used 'a female condom'. They all just shake their heads in total disbelief, and we then learn that Scott has been moved upstairs with Jonah and Eric. How can anyone take this guy seriously? Jonah says that he is the weirdest kid he has ever met..and we then get an example of this as Scott asks Jonah to help him hang his clothes in the closet. Riveting stuff.

Next morning at Trax West, the kids are told by Al (during calesthenics) that,  'In this business, you live and die by your word. If you agree to a bet, you'd better not squelch on it.'  Matt kinda likes this idea, and calls out Jonah. The bet is as follows..If Matt beats Jonah during the mile, Jonah has to do his impression of Bill for them all..If Jonah wins--Matt has to shave his golden Hardy locks...uh oh. Is THIS the scary part? The look on Bill's face while he makes them shake on it suggests that it very well may be. Al tells Jonah somberly, 'Hope you don't lose..'

The rac e is on, with the trainers loving it. Bill and Al are cracking up as Jonah takes an early lead, saying that Jonah is, 'gonna burn himself right out'. And they are correct. Bill laughs at Jonah--'big dope that he is'--for grinning as Matt (grinning even wider and thinking, 'he's a fish') catches up to him. Ivory announces that 'the hair stays' as Matt rounds the corner, and Al echoes her sentiments. Al tells Jonah, 'I can't wait to see it.', and indeed, he is rubbing his hands together in anticipation as they all go inside..

'It's gotta be good, you gotta put your heart into it.', Al tells Jonah, as he tries to wiggle out. Bill told him that this was a bet he 'kinda didn't want to lose'. Jonah tells Bill that he will 'do him proud', but Bill aint havin' it.

The impression is spot-on, 'signature reactions' of pulling the goatee, and bouncing around the ring all in place. Bill seems genuinely amused by it--and amused by the fact that Jonah does the impression 'pale white' with fear, haha..After all Jonah's sweating, Bill comes up to him and shakes his hand, telling him that it was 'some funny sh*t, swear to God...Don't ever do that again.' Al looks near tears with laughter.

The ringwork begins, and as Matt says,  they are 'starting to make things flow a little bit'. They show us more bumping, some headlocks and hiptosses..looks not too shabby. Al breaks in with, 'This season's kids are adapting well, they already know what they are about..and what they are gonna do as they come in.'  He also tells us that in the last two weeks, 'Scott has already grown.' , and that 'the longer Scott stays here, the more dramatic you'll see the change in Scott.'

Then we see Lisa. Circling in the ring, she looks wound up. Then stops, and Al grabs her by the back of the upper arm as she seems to be in pain..her knee. Al says that she is an athelete, that is obvious; but that 'she is tight; physically, she shuts down.' She does look really hyper-nervous..stiff as a board. .all heightened by the stressful music, as it builds to a screaming crescendo; and the nightmarish special effects flare. Time after time, she messes up, until Al asks her if she 'can not do two things at one time. I'm being totally serious.' He seems to have hit on something there. Lisa tells us that it was a bad day, and she thought that she was 'gonna die', and that she had to get herself 'out of her own head' so she wouldn't screw up. Al then tells us that she needs to 'keep pace with everyone else' as it is a competition, and she will be cut.

After the break, back at Trax, Al says that they are doing the 'absolute basics' and that it's 'the little things' that set one apart in this business. More intense lock-ups are shown, then Jamie tells us that she is starting to notice that things are branching off from other moves, and that it 'is awesome'. THIS the scary part? We see Lisa acting rather robotically in the ring, nervous as all get-out, stiffly smiling as she messes up over and over. But that is not the thing. Each time she messes up, she starts actually laughing. Like, each and every time; even though she is reprimanded for it..laughing like it 'is a big joke'....the others comment on it, and the trainers and 'Big' look grim.

Afterwards, Bill sets them all down and asks them what they were told. They all answer 'Stay intense.' They are then told that they have to now run..after all that work...because of Lisa's laughing. Lisa is shown sitting ramrod straight in her chair, with a kinda creepy fake smile on her face..her eyes all but bugging out with the pressure as Bill reams her out. Yep, this is beginning to get scary. The others, needless to say, are not happy with her; mostly because she did not say one word to them in apology for her actions.

They do the run, and Lisa is told by Ivory to 'finish it for them' as she owed it to them.

They all go home, and decide to try to put it behind them--and go out together, but come home ea rly. The guys are sitting in the kitchen, and think that Lisa will not want to go out, as she has not spoken one word to anyone in the house all night. (Can't imagine why) The one guy whose name I keep forgetting--Justin?--is given the job of asking her to go with them. She is sitting on her bed, headphones on, jamming. She turns it off to tell him that she is 'not up for it tonight'. He counters by telling her that if she does not go, then 'none of us go'. She tells him, 'Doesn't sound like my problem.'  He just scratches his head and says, 'Holy sh*t.', and walks out, nonplussed. Justin tells us that he was shocked, and the others are shown reacting with similar shock--and Justin is mad that he extended the olive branch after they had 'to run for her *ss just for laughing'. They decide to 'leave her alone' and go without her.

As they leave, Lisa is shown sitting by herself on one of the outside chairs, headphones and red cap in place..

Okay. They all go out, and another bet is placed. This one is a dare for Scott to get a 'legitimate' phone number of an girl that was interested in him. It is Eric and Jonah's idea..and Scott says that he has to think about it..The payoff is that whomever loses has to go to the beach the next day in a womens swimsuit. 'Ol Jonah seems pretty confident that Scott cannot manage it.

Meanwhile, back at the house..Lisa cuts a sympathetic figure,  listening to her music all alone, and she tells us that she is struggling with all the physical and mental pressure. The appropriate music is played as she is then shown calling someone at the phone keeps ringing...and ringing..and ringing. Nobody there..maybe when she needed them the most. It is difficult to watch, in light of all the rumors that circulated afterwards. The scene ends on a shot of the full moon hanging in the sky.

Cut to the rest of them going out for the night. Matt tells us that 'within ten minutes' Scott is talking to a girl. Jonah and Eric are flipping o ut. I have to say a big HAR-DEE-HAR-HAR to them both, as Scott shows us all his winning phone number. Written on his arm. Rebekah says that they definitely got what was coming to them, and Justin gives him a high-five and a 'Thatta-boy!'  Excuse me for a  moment while I continue to laugh hysterically at them.

Okay. Finished.

They arrive home, and right off the bat, Jonah tried to renig on the bet..showing his bully side in full as he tries to intimidate Scott. Scott refuses, and shows us with glee that he not only got a girl's number, he got TWO girls' numbers. Jonah tries again to bully him into letting them off the hook, telling him that he is 'messing over his roomates', and Scott refuses. Good for Scott. Scott tries to go to sleep, and Jonah just won't let it go.

It is only then that they notice that Lisa is MISSING. GONE. Her stuff is all in her room, but she is gone..they search the patio, but still no Lisa. They are shown searching halfheartedly through the house, and note the time..but there are no signs of whatever occurred while they were out. She is just..gone. Creepy. Kelly comes on and tells us that 'for some odd reason' she 'has a feeling that something might be wrong with Lisa'. Well, no kidding. I am wondering how they are going to handle this as they take us to a commercial break.

Next morning, still no Lisa (and the others discuss it)..and Jonah (apparently only concerned with himself) is still trying to wiggle out of the bet. Eric says that they tried, 'every trick in the book'.

We then have 'Big'; who arrives a coupla hours early. This is not good. He sits them all down, and gives them (and us) all a line about how, 'This is a stressful thing you guys are going through, and it is not for everybody.', yadda, yadda, 'Last night, Lisa decided that this was not for her.' , blah, blah, and that 'this is not something that she wanted to pursue.' Uh, huh. He then goes on (to a Lisa montage) to say that he got to know the kids, an d care about them, and that 'sometimes things occur that you don't expect'. He appreciated all her efforts, etc, get the picture. Total glossing over. Matt seems to know the score, and Jamie will miss her; but Kelly is 'ready to take her place'. 'Big' reinforces this, stressing that it is a competition. End of story, apparently, as he asks them all if they are ready to spend the day at the beach. Jonah is shown wriggling uncomfortably.

Then, both he and Eric are made to show off their bathing attire to much razzing, but I am disappointed; as Eric has a one-piece, and Jonah has some sort of two-piece floral skirt set. No bikinis. Scott tells us all, 'Wonderful, wonderful life.'

They arrive at the beach, frolick in the sand and surf--and bury Scott in the sand. And play a game of volleyball--and--in his moment of glory--Scott injures his thumb. The others can see that he is in pain, but he denies it--saying that he does not want the trainers to know. 'Big' takes a look, and decides that it warrants medical attention.

Off to the hospital, where it is x-rayed; and one Dr. David finds that he has torn a ligament..The good news? Surgery is not needed. The bad news? It must be immobilized. They wrap him nearly to the elbow--and he is told that it will take nearly two months to heal. The episode closes with a close-up of Scott; a tear running down his cheek as he contemplates his fate.

Scary episode? You bet. Not so much for what is shown, but for what is not. Fade to black.