Tough Enough Three recap Show 3

Tough Enough 3--November 07, '02

Hello, all..and welcome to this week's episode of Tough Enough 3. And, what an episode it promises to be..

They open with the usual 're-cap/preview'--this time focusing on Rebekah and Scott. Rebekah goes on about how The Lord Himself has called her to be a WWE Superstar, while showing off the shorts she wears while serving Him at The Temple we all know as 'Hooters'; and Scott's thumb injury is reviewed. Alrighty then.

They begin where last we left off--at the hospital with Scott. Then on to Trax West, where Al shows the kids how to do a standing hip toss, saying that it is 'a little different'. Matt comments that it is a faster pace, as the contestants are shown learning the move. Ivory tells us that 'Jonah makes a big sound when he falls down.' and that he is 'just so impactful in the ring'. Al concurs, saying that Jonah has a lot of potential if he can focus and direct. Chad, on the other told by Al that he came over on the bump like a sack of *something*, and just flopped over. Bill tells us that the trainers now refer to him as 'Beaker'--after the Muppet Show character. Al refers to him as 'a car salesman', and says that he doesn't think they 'get to see who the real Chad is'. Chad admits that he has trouble letting his personality come out, and acknowledges its importance. Al says that he and Bill 'rib him always..just to see if we can get him to crack.' I can kinda see he nervous? Unsure? Or just a natural stiff?

The scene changes to Scott, trying to make his bed with the huge dressing on his thumb. Jonah and the others come in and ask him how it is. Scott insists that he will not quit.

Next we see Justin--who has taken the role of group therapist/spokesman/social director, apparently; asking Rebekah why she does not join in with the others. Rebekah informs him that she feels that she is here for herself only, not for anybody else. Jonah tells us all how withdrawn she is; how she does not mix, then Justin tries to insist that she should at least try. She politely informs him that she has little in common with the others. (I am wondering why he thinks it is any of his business.) She is then shown eating dinner by herself, and tells us all that she does not feel that the others are people that she would hang out with 'back home', and that they are little more than aquaintances. It gets to be *a bit much* as she says that 'some people are not 'people of faith' and are 'just not ready to come to God', while shown highlighting scripture passages in her Bible in vivid yellow. Then, she is shown talking on the phone to her aunt, telling her that there is 'no Christian Fellowship here' and that it is ever increasingly important for her to pray and read her Bible. She goes on about 'telling the whole world that she is a Christian' and that she has to be the 'best witness' she can be. (Gee, maybe if you whip out those Hooters shorts again...)

The groups is then taken out to a Brazillian steak house where they serve various cuts of meat from skewers right at the table. There is an eating contest, involving 'Big' and the other guys. Chad is the first to fold, and Jonah eats 'til he can hold no more..then pukes it up for all the world to see. a disgusting sort of way..Jonah admits that he was an idiot.

Afterwards, they decide to go out drinking and dancing. Chad says that it was a 'good night'.

Rebekah tells us most primly that they all need to be serious when they go out--and to maintain a certain image for the world. Directly afterwards, she is shown climbing down off her high horse for a while..only to climb up on the bar and dance like a hoochie stripper for everyone! (What an inspiration she is to Christians everywhere! Preach it, girl!) Kelly and the others say how surprising that was. Um, yeah. Okay. Kelly goes on to say that she hasn't figured out if Jezebel--oops! I meant Rebekah!---is a hypocrite or not yet, but finds her 'a bit misleading'. John sums it up  nicely by saying th at she 'forms her own belief system to whatever she wants, then calls it, 'Christian'.'

Scott then decides (since he is miserable), to 'drink the night away'. Bill is shown taking a shot away from him, as Scott has obviously succeeded at what he set out to do..As they leave, Bill tells the others to get him to bed. Scott is shown weaving drunkenly to the car..and from the car..and into the house; and the others react with utter glee to see that he has wet his pants. They laugh and jeer, and Kelly calls Jamie in from the other room to get a look at him.

All is fun and games, kids, until someone loses an eye...or until they go into apparent seizures. Which Scott does, and the others call for help. EMTs arrive, run an IV, and try to revive him. The others watch a bit guiltily until he is taken away by ambulance. He is shown being taken away..and twitching on the stretcher.

Back from the break, Sister Rebekah is shown witnessing in the sun via string bikini; and the others are eating breakfast as Scott returns a bit sheepishly from the brink of death. He says that he learned a lesson..and will never drink again. The others speculate whether he will be cut.

That night, Scott and Rebekah get into a fight. Seems Scott had made a comment about being in 'The Asian Club' in high school--and Rebekah goes off on him for being racist. She demands to know if there was 'A White Club'. She blathers on snottily about Scott drawing attention to 'his ethnicity', and he calls her on her 'Hooters and Implant'-type ministry (splat!), and she demands to know why he is judging her, telling him that 'he is not God'. The others think that it was all crap, and I agree..Rebekah comes on to lament how Scott was disrespectful to her, as he 'has never even been to a 'Hooters'..Well, gee.....

Fast forward to Trax W again, and 'Big' and Al are asking Scott about his thumb. Scot insists that he does not want to wear the brace that he now has--it is much smaller--and Al does not think that it will present a hindrance. They go inside, and Jonah is braggin how he can pin everyone..especially Scott and John. They go at it in a three-way match, and it is a huge mess, ending with John slamming Scott so hard that he loses consciousness for a second. Al says that, 'It was chaos. Just total, sheer chaos', and 'some of the worst amateur wrestling that he has ever seen.', while grinning from ear to ear. Ivory sums this scene up by asking for 'one day that Scott doesn't have to go to the hospital..' Jonah has hurt his neck, and he deserved it..John had put him in a grapevine which 'cranked' his neck and made him 'feel woozy'. This leads to another barf scene--cheered on by Ivory, naturally. We see him bent over the toilet as Al watches over him..what a job.

He emerges to find that the others have moved on to more ringwork, and Jonah is worried that 'sitting out'  has hurt his chances. They will not let him back in the ring--and Ivory says matter-of-factly that they do not want him 'puking on the mat'.

Back again at the house, we hear from Chad--the roomate of Rebekah--who says that she has a lot of stuff going on with her family. It seems that her mother is losing her house--that they are literally going to foreclose, and haul it away. She laments not being there for her mother, even though it is 'God's Will'. Jamie says that Rebekah is very family-oriented, and affected by it. Rebekah is overheard telling her aunt that it is affecting her training.

Next day at Trax W, 'Big' reminds them all that it is a competition, and that there will be a cut the next day. The others look around at each other, and the pressure is on. Scott immediately thinks it will be him. Commercial break.

When they return, we see them working in the ring, and hear their thoughts. A few seem to think that it will be Scott, for, as Justin put it, 'Wetting your pants is not tough'. Kelly seems to think that Rebekah actually is hoping to get cut, so that she can be with her family. Matt, who seems more and more to be a genuinely decent sort---thinks that Scott has come a long way. Scott illustrates this by showing Al his, 'Drunken Tiger Punch'--'Crouching Tiger Punch'? Whatever it is, it is pretty showy but ineffectual. Al laughs heartily at him, and Scott insists that it would go over with the proper sell--which he demonstrates by falling into the turnbuckle like a scarecrow..the others laugh, and Al asks him if he ate paint chips as a kid. Ivory tells him how charming he is, and they move on.

To Jonah flubbing the front flip bump. The more he does it, the worse it gets; until Bill tells him to stop thinking about it. On and on he goes, but does not get it right, and 'Big' tells him that he is worse than Scott ever was. Jonah figures that it is all over for him.

Next 'Big' tells them all that they are going up into the mountains with Bill and Ivory to do some conditioning--and that, on a scale from one to will be a nine. Unless Jonah can get the flip bump right. Then it will be brought down to a 6.5. He does not get it right, and off they go.

They are taken to a hot, dry canyon, and made to do calesthenics and obstacles; and we find out that this will be an Every Tuesday Thing with those two trainers. It looks grueling, and Ivory thinks that they are all about to kill Jonah. They all look about to drop, and Bill tells them that this is the easiest day outside that they will have. In fact, he promises.

Back again to Trax W, and the trainers and 'Big' are having their cut meeting. A lot is made of both 'having the look' and having 'natural aggression', and it is interesting to hear their various opinions.

Then it is time, and Al makes his dramatic Walk of Doom for the first actual cut of the season. One by one, they are told to sit down...and although he lingers in front of Jonah and Scott, in particular; it is Chad who is cut.

He shakes Al's hand and takes it like a man, and tells us that he knew it wa s going to be him when it came down to him and Scott--as Scott has the personality. He says his goodbyes, and off he goes, and Al makes the point that the business is not 'just about freakish size', but also about charisma..and that Chad simply did not have that advantage. As Al is shown spraypainting his name from the wall, Chad tells us that even though it was rough, it was one of the greatest experiences of his life..

Until next week...fade to black.