Tough Enough Three Show Four recap

Tough Enough 3--11/14/02

Hey, all--and here we go---with the wild ride that is Tough Enough 3. As per usual, they begin the show with a recap of last week's happenings--this time, focusing on Rebekah's family problems, and Jamie's self-image issues...

They open at Trax W, with bumps-a-plenty and the trainers voicing their opinions on the different contestants..and Jamie telling us that it is a 'constant battle' for her, and that she does not think that her body is 'right'; and Rebekah prophesies that there is a 'very good possibility' that God Himself wants her to have an 'occupation that just rocks!'

Instant flip-flop to her in tears, getting comfort from Al and the other trainers in connection with her mother losing the old homestead..Al tells her, 'If it's the right time, for the right reasons--you'll be there..' She finishes venting, and it's back to the old mansion.

Where we see two of the guys cooking, and begin to get a taste of a truly unappetizing side of Jamie..She is shown sitting at the table, braying about who in the house has the Seems it is Nick. Kelly comes on and tells us that when they first moved in, Jamie asked her to watch over she does not want to be seen as 'the butt-grabbin' girl'..which she totally portrays. Jamie herself comes on and admits that she loves to 'run her mouth' as if she is a 'loose woman', when in fact, she is not..uh huh. There is footage of her making a of herself, and when she says that she likes to see how people react, there is footage of Jonah making gross-out/gagging faces behind her back. He comes on and tells us all that he finds her a bit repulsive--burping all over with hanging out. In true idiotic fashion, she is asking the boys one by one if they 'like' her..They wrap it all up with John saying that she craves attention, and Jamie admitting that she just wants them all to like her.

Next we see Rebekah on the phone with her sister, bemoaning the situa tion. Night falls, morning arrives; and as the contestants get ready for the day, Nick tells us again how secluded Rebekah has made herself. Rebekah again reminds us that she is not surrounded by 'Christian People' or the people that she loves...yeah,, quit already!

Next they are seen arriving at Trax W, and she starts crying. She has a chat with 'Big', and tells us that she just can't hold it in any more. Cut to commercial..

When they return, he is trying to talk her into staying--saying that at least here, she is trying to establish a career for herself...if she goes home, she can do nothing to remedy the situation. (Poor 'Big--does he have a license to practice psychiatry? Bet he's wishing he had one after this season..) But, alas--she decides to leave, and makes a big teary speech where she tells everyone that she will be praying for them. No, I will not make a sarcastic comment here...Just don't let the door Bible-thump you in the way out, dear. Al spraypaints her away.

The others realize that there will still be cuts, and the girls realize that there are only the two of them left.

Next they are shown bumping away--interspersed with cuts of an arriving fancy car. What do ya know? It's Tommy Dreamer! They are fittingly blown away. There is an appropriate montage, and 'Big' tells us that the 'best part about Tommy is his name--Tommy Dreamer', which the kids all are. Tommy tells us a bit about his background, and lists his injuries and a bit about working for ECW. He confesses that after the fed tanked, he was out of work for six months--and that his father is both fighting Parkinson's Disease and blind. The emotion in his voice is heartwrenching. He said that during that time, his father was fighting not to lose his sight, and had had surgery--and for two weeks had perfect vision. That was the time that Tommy made his debut on what was then WWF. His voice cracks as he tells us that his father got to see him debut against Rob Van Dam- -and saw his son's dream come true at last--then, two weeks later, lost his sight completely. Man. Scott is inspired--as they all are--and asks Tommy for the 'honor' of a caning across the back. Tommy asks him if he is sure, and Scott says yes. 'Welcome to Tough Enough Three', Tommy says, then, Cr-a-a-ack! He snaps him a good one, and the expression on Scott's face (shot from beneath him) is priceless. The others cheer, and it is shown again, the welt is displayed--and Scott is asked by Al if it is 'still an honor'--and Scott haltingly says yes. Go, Scott-man. Dang.

Much too soon, Tommy shakes their hands and leaves.

John is shown in the ring, and is lauded by 'Big' as being in the best shape of them all--he just needs to remember that he is still a novice. John wants to do some high-flying, and to be good at 'some stuff' that 'you don't see everyday', rather than the 'stuff that everyone else can do'. Gotta walk before you fly, guy. Jamie feels that she is lagging behind, and Jonah thinks that she wants it for the 'wrong reasons'. Kelly is shown taking shoulder blocks from Al, over and over, and all of a sudden is injured--as Justin put it, 'her shoulders were going one way, and her hips were going another', and she is down. There is a shot of obvious glee in Jamie's eyes as she is taken to see the medic. Kelly is shown being checked out, and says that she just has to prove it each day.

The gang is next shown at home--Kelly is lying down with ice on her back--and three of the guys decide to go out. Jamie decides she wants to glom along, as she 'wants to dance'. She makes a grand spectacle of trying on everything in her closet, ad nauseum; to the degree that John is not even sure what she wore, as she tried on so many things...The guys in the house are *so* over her, and it shows. They go out, and as she drinks, the guys around her get progressively better-looking to her--and she ends up sucking face with a total stranger, much to the guys' amusement...she admits that she doesn't even re member what he looked like. Nice. On the way home, it gets even nicer--as Eric says, she has 'some things going on in her head'--and to prove it--she throws a ridiculous crying fit/jag complete with howling/wailing noises and snot and yelling at the guys..who are totally disgusted at this point. (Is everyone on this season a nutcase? Come ON..Idea for next season: BAN ALCOHOL...Just a thought.)  Jamie comes on and says that she 'just wants to make the right choices'--try NOT DRINKING. Jonah is overheard saying, 'Just kill me right now.' For once, I am with you, dude. They go inside, and she continues said jag on the phone with her friend, where she blubbers on about being 'out of control'. Jonah says that she has 'so many issues' that he wouldn't be surprised if she just snaps and quits. Lights out at Crazytown for the night. Sheesh.

 Next morning, 'Big' Freud has a sit-down with Jamie, and tells her that if she doesn't bend, she will break. He feels that she needs confidence. He gives her a hug, and they are all off on a shopping spree! They go first to Foot Locker, where they are told to select any pair of shoes and any hat in the store. Next is Jamba Juice, where they get..juice, of course. And they are off to the next physical challenge..

Jonah asks if his fear of heights will hurt him in the challenge...'Big' says, 'No comment'. He gets his answer when they arrive at a 'mini-circus'--it's a trapeze set-up! They all get a shot at it--to hone 'body awareness' and John is the stand-out. It looks like a blast, I must admit. 'Big' makes sure to tell Jamie, 'Good job', and she beams.

Back at Trax W again, and we have a special guest is Rey Mysterio!!!!  Complete with mask, and fabulous montage, he saunters in. As he introduces himself to everyone, John is hyped because that is the style of wrestling that he would like to pursue. He gives us the Reader's Digest version of his background, and the tradition of the mask in Luche Libre. .and takes off the mask. Of course, this is shot from behind--to prolong kayfabe for anyone who has never seen him in Al reminds them that that was a tremendous demonstration of respect, the removal of the mask. Then it is on to the most exciting moment of the show---Rey-Rey 'rassles Al. Wow. It is move after fluid move and the kids look as amazed as I felt watching it. It is over far too soon, but John sums it up by saying that when Rey 'does it--it's just like magic'..'You almost can't believe what you saw.' Yup.

Duly inspired, they mix it up in the ring; renewed.

Oh. Except for Kelly, who has to sit out and content herself with cycling. Jamie keeps right up with them, earning grudging praise from even Jonah, who says that she just 'might be tough enough.'  Kelly herself admits that Jamie surprised her, but is embarrassed to be injured in front of Rey. Rey is shown pulling Jamie aside and praising her; telling her that she has a lot of potential and not to let anything 'bring her down'--right in front of Kelly..who goes crying to Al.

Kelly wonders if she can do this, as her back is still hurt, and she knows that she needs to 'pick it up in the ring'. Jamie is elated that it is down to the two of them, and says that 'they both realize that IT'S ON!'

That's it for this week...and for now, fade to black.-