Tough Enough 3 show 5 recap

Hey all--and here we are for this week's episode of Tough Enough 3. The show opens with the usual recap/teaser...this week focusing on..Nick's 'softness' of character, and Jamie's aggressive stance with the guys in the house--and with John, in particular. Ah, 'round and 'round we go..

They start us off with current 'House Happenings'..Jamie letting us all know, in a buggy-eyed and sort of scary fashion--that she 'really has a crush on John..and it's not going awa-y-y-y..' She is shown using practice as an excuse to get close to  him--and we then hear from him that he aint havin' it. he says that he knows that she knows that he has a girlfriend, but sometimes 'forgets'.

Next morning, 'Big' arrives. While munching on his breakfast bag of Doritos, he tells them that there will be a drawing of names from a hat--and that the two names selected will get to fly in the person of their choice. The winners can barter or sell said visit passe! ! s. The names selected are John (big surprise there!) and Jonah. Naturally, they wish to fly in their girlfriends...Jamie is foiled again, and tells us that she is having a hard time with it.

And out of the blue, Scott decides that he wants to buy John's visiting invite a girl that he knew in high school, and has not spoken to in four years. He ponies up two grand--saying that he has saved it up, and that it is all that he has--and John says laughingly that they will 'talk later'. The others scoff, and Scott insists that it is the 'most picture perfect plan'. Justin is especially vocal..and Scott builds it up and up in his head that this 'Jennifer' will go for it. Good Lord.

Next we see Kelly lying on a bed with Nick--and she tells us that she feels really comfortable with him, and that her feelings for him have changed from just friendship---cut to her flirting with him while making fun of Scott. Nice. We next are treated to Nick making a nauseate! ! d face while saying that 'unfortunately' he thinks that Kelly has feelings for him. Justin butts in again, saying that, as Kelly is only going to be around for a short while, Nick should go for it..The guys are then seen discussing this development--and Nick lets us know that he is 'way too picky' and is only attracted to 'supermodels'...and that he is so darn good-looking that he does not have to settle, and can have any girl's number just 'like that'..Uh huh. John pops in and says that he sees Nick as a spoiled rich kid from Boston. (Blah, blah, blah..I have had just about enough of this rubbish, lemme tellya...) Nick does tell us that if Kelly did make a move, he would not turn her down 'to her face' as he is 'just too nice a guy'...He then goes on to say that this is just business for him and that he does not know if he can go on avoiding her forever...Puh-leeze.

Finally, they all arrive at Trax W, and Al is showing the kids some transitional moves--basically transiting from two feet back down to the mat. They are shown mixing it! ! up, and Kelly says that she knows that she is picking things up slower than everyone else, and Nick tells us that it is becoming more and more physically and mentally he is shown giving up in a rather tangly move put on him by Al. Nick tells us that he is doing really well compared to everyone else, and Al counters that Nick 'may not be soft physically', but he may be 'soft emotionally'. He is shown taking a nice bump--and gaining a compliment on it--from Eric. They then all drive away, apparently for the day.

Back at the house again, Scott decides to call this 'Jennifer'..and Kelly is using it to flirt with Nick as he plays pool. Scott is really nervous, and not without it is apparent from the conversation that the girl is a bit less than thrilled to be hearing from him, and turns down the visit offer and the unspoken offer to be on MTV, yet...Gawd. The poor sap. Meanwhile, Kelly and Nick yuck it up. Scott admits that he had to face reality! ! . He tells the others what happened. Justin pops in with his two cents--if Justin doesn't win the contest, I foresee a future for him at the National Enquirer, perhaps--and calls Scott a 'meatball'.

Right on cue--the girlfriends arrive for their visit---Casey and Melissa--and they are really perky and cute and happy to see the guys. Jonah tells us that when Melissa is around, he is 'more grounded', and does not drink and watches what he says, etc..In other words, he is a total fake. Jamie gets a dig in at Casey, saying that she was 'surprised' at meeting Casey, as  'guys that are athletic usually want girls that are athletic'. Scott, unbelievably, starts to crush on Casey.

Next, we hear that Nick believes that he may have aggrevated his left bicep--as there is pain and limited movement--and he insists on seeking a doctor. The doctor tells him that it is tendonitis, and that there may be a tear, but not very bad. He gives him a sling to wear for a week. Nick complains, yet is smiling from ear to! ! ear as they put it on..

At Trax W, they all file in and the trainers ask about the sling. Nick tells them, and Al splats him by calling a spade a spade---telling Nick he has 'tennis elbow'..Ivory asks him of he is going to be able to work with it, and Nick says, 'No', and Bill walks away, disgusted.

On to the training, and Nick rags about having to sit out, as 'Big' tells us that they need to be aggresive to be in the business. Kelly does a toss that does not hurt her back, and tells us that she learned from Al that she cannot try to protect herself or she will hurt herself more..and she thinks that it is 'wimpy' that Nick sat out. More in-ring bumps and tosses...

All of a sudden it is...DDP arriving for a little inspirational visit. After his prerequisite montage, there are introductions all around, and they gather 'round to hear his words 'o wisdom..He tells us a bit about his background in hockey and football, and how he was hit by a car (!) and t! ! hrown 45 feet across the street (!!!); thus ending any career in t hose sports, as it was before the days of rehab. He tells them how he then decided to become 'the oldest rookie of all time' at age 35..and busted his butt to get into the business. He describes working hurt, summing it up nicely with, 'This isn't checkers', telling them they 'have to adapt'. The gang soaks it up, and Nick really identifies with the story, likening it to his situation..har de har..

DDP just kinda disappears after this, and 'Big' tells the kids that tomorrow there will be cuts. They look worried.

Next morning, Nick is holding forth with major bleepage about what a raw deal it will be if he gets cut because of his injury, as he is so much better, yadda, yadda..Matt tells us in an aside that he has had tendonitis in both knees for about 8 years, and lives with as much or more pain than 'most people'  everyday..and that 'you need to get through certain things'...well said. Nick is then shown actually extending the injured arm--and leani! ! ng on it, mind you---to reach something on the floor. That kinda says it all.

Meanwhile, inside, Scott is pathetically trying to make John an 'indecent proposal' re: Casey...and John just tells him no. Scott admits that he is envious. John tells us that he feels sorry for Scott.

They all go out dancing at the Sunset Room, 'to forget about the cut' looming ahead, and Scott jumps up on a platform and dances with one of the go-go chicks..The others laugh, and Scott revels in what he imagines to be their jealousy. Jamie finally gets it that her crush on John is 'not going to go anywhere', and that it is 'not cool' to go after him..

The next morning the girlfriends leave, and Jamie admits that she really liked Casey and that she was, 'somebody I'd totally hang out with'. Goodbyes are said. Back at Trax W, the trainers are having their cut meeting..once again, the pros and cons of each individual are weighed...hinting that Eric, Scott, Nick and Kelly (who i! ! s revealed to be an actress) are all in jeopardy...

Next up is Al's 'Walk of Doom'..and one by one, they are told to sit down...Kelly and Scott are warned...and it is Nick that is cut, with Al saying, 'You have clearly demonstrated that you are not tough enough'...Ka-boom. Nick kvetches about it, clearly in shock, but takes heart in 'Big's' parting line about keeping after it, as he has 'a great look'. Kelly tells us that, miraculously, her crush on Nick just 'went away' the show closes on Nick wondering where he went wrong...

See you all next week...fade to black.