Tough Enough Three recap show six

Tough Enough 3 report---11/28/02

Hey all..and welcome to this week's spine-tingling episode of Tough Enough 3...It's a doozy, so let's get to it..They open with the recap/teaser--this week stressing Kelly's need to 'get with it' regardless of her injury (with Scott saying that she should have been cut instead of Nick), and Jonah's nagging neck problems..

They begin with a shot of the misty mountains, and the contestants are shown enjoying those last few moments in bed before their day gets underway. Jonah is shown at the breakfast table, and we hear from him that he has been dizzy and waking up in the middle of the night because of the in-ring 'neck-cranking' he previously received..It's not going away--but is growing, in fact, worse--and he is afraid to tell the trainers.

We then see them all in the ring, mixing it up--and it is looking pretty wild...with Al grabbing Jamie by the face and telling her to 'quit holding back'.  Matt tells us that, as there are only eight of them left, the training is getting faster and more intense. Al says, 'I have certain goals that I want to achieve, I have a timetable that I want to keep up with', and that with 'the limited amount of time' he has with them, that he cannot afford for them 'to become a detriment to the pace'. Well said.

Scott is shown laughing maniacly as he gives someone a Liontamer. He then says that he knows that he is 'in the hot seat', and acknowledges that he does not have the ability to do the moves as well as everyone else, but hopes that his charisma and personality ('that everyone else lacks') will pull him through. Jonah asks Bill 'what his part is', and Bill tells him, 'a fat piece of sh*t!', as Ivory raises an eyebrow. She then goes on to stress that there are many parts to making up a Superstar..looks, physique, technical skills..and 'in her opinion', Jonah is 'all talk' and thinks that 'at this point' he would 'fail miserably in front of a crowd'..woof. Hiptosses, bumps-a-plenty, and off they go..

. ..To the canyon; where, as Eric tells us, they spend every Tuesday, 'getting their *sses beat'. They are shown running relays, and teamwork is the thing most stressed..along with mucho calesthenics and weight training..with the heavy bags. Kelly is shown struggling with said bags, and according to her, she 'hits a wall' telling herself she cannot do it. She drops it over and over as she attempts to run with it, and each time she drops it--they all have to do twenty-five push-ups..Bill says, 'The last thing you want to do with me is fail; especially when I know that you can do what is put in front of you.'  They are, as he says,' Not picking out flowers'. Matt is the leader of the day, and has to keep sprinting back and forth to help her lift it..Ivory tells us that the reason that they are so hard on them in training is to 'grind them down' to find out 'what is left standing' when there IS nothing left. Scott chides her for having 'no athletic ability' saying that she 'cannot survive this thing'. Bill pulls her aside afterwards and tells her that the only one who can get her through this is her. On and on it goes..

Arriving back at the house, Jonah immediately begins running Kelly down..saying that with every single challenge they have had, she has had a problem. The door swings open, and 'Big' arrives..they instantly assume that it is bad news (cannot imagine why..). But no. He is there to tell them that 'No Tough Enough is complete without a trip'.. Theirs is to be no exception. The kids all breathe a huge sigh of relief..and are surprised to learn that this season's trip is going to be to Iceland! Land of Bjork and volcanic mudpits! Jamie admits that she has no idea about Iceland, but is excited to go nonetheless...Happy smiles all around, until 'Big' tells them that there will be a cut. Before the trip. The smiles fade, and the worrying begins..Kelly thinks that it is she who will be cut.

Night falls, then blends into another misty morn, and they are shown heading off to Tr ax W. The mood is sombre, and Matt tells us that he wishes that he could get inside the trainers' heads and see what exactly they are looking illustrate that point, Al and 'Big' are shown conferring off to the side.

Jonah comes on and says that John is like 'Spiderman', 'kinda like a superhero' and that he is, 'kinda the opposite', and wishes that he could pick up the moves as fast. Instantly afterwards, Matt delivers a big back body drop..and Jonah hits the mat and is 'out of it'. Everyone crowds around, as it seems pretty serious, and he confesses to Al that he was 'going' to say something...Al asks him why he didn't. He cannot hold his head up, has a ringing in his ears, his head hurts; he has spots in front of his eyes, and cannot sit up straight. He is crying, and Al tells him that they will discuss it when they hear from the doctors, and that he 'will not make a promise that he can't keep.'  Everyone is worried, Jonah is taken to the hospital..and we are taken to a commercial break.

They pick up with Jonah at the hospital, talking to the doctor, telling her that his neck was 'discombobulated'... He is given a MRI, it looks to be.

Meanwhile, back at Trax W, the 'feeling in the air', the 'atmosphere' is 'totally changed'. Everyone has their mind on Jonah, and not in the ring. Al tells them to 'get their heads out of their *sses'..while Scott flubs hiptoss after hiptoss. Al tells him, and rightly so, that he is going to end up hurting somebody. He then tells Scott that it has to change or he is not going to let him do it anymore. Scott says it was one of the worst days he has ever had at Trax W. Al challenges Scott..asking him if he has 'any idea' what he is doing, stressing that he should be able to tell Al exactly what he is doing wrong. Scott just stands there like a deer in the headlights, then is ordered out of the ring by a disembodied voice off-camera, presumably 'Big's'.

We go back to the hospital again, where a worried Jonah is told that he has 'something unintelligible-itis', and whatever it is, it is not serious. He is fine, and is cleared for take-off.

Now. Instead of being simply relieved, he decides to run with it...and plans (with a smiling 'Big', natch) a most devious of ribs....'Dan the Medic' is in on it, and they arrive back at Trax W with a huge bandage around Jonah's head..and a neckbrace. He is shown rubbing at his eyes to redden them..'Dan the Medic' completes the picture by appearing to aid a solemn-faced Jonah in walking...Oh, my. You all get the picture.

'Big' enters first, calling them all away from the ring and sitting them down. He makes a little speech about 'some things are tough in this business, and it is especially tough when something bad happens to a good person'. Their faces (especially Eric's) are so d*mn pitiful, like lambs to the slaughter; that if the prank wasn't so brilliant, I would be angry..'Big' tells them that it is only fair that they hear it from Jonah himself. Bill seals the deal by looking at Matt and putting his head down.

Enter Jonah..leaning on 'ol Dan and looking oh, so-o-o sad, with violins swelling in the background. Kelly (the actress--remember, folks) actually bursts into tears..He sits down in front of them, and I got to give him props, as, with a heavy sigh, he tells them all 'how much they have meant to him', that they have 'been like brothers and sisters'...and begins to cry himself as he tells them 'how much they have all impacted his life in so many ways' and as, 'he could say so many nice things about them', maybe if they all 'said something nice about'  him...well, you can see where this is going..(Their faces..oh, Jonah..shame on you...hahah....)  One by one..they all give weepy-eyed testimony as to how Saint Jonah has helped them, inspired them, lifted them up...Scott says that he will 'never forget him'..Eric waxes poetic about how, when he first met Jonah, he thought he was an *sshole, but now he has ended up closer to him th an everyone else ('Big' is shown barely able to contain himself)...Jonah breaks in, saying he is starting to feel a bit guilty. For the finale', poor Matt is d*mn near hysterical, sobbing brokenly, 'You're like my brother, kid!' and actually coming up and kneeling in front of Jonah, and hugging him...Ye Gods. Mid-embrace, Jonah feels so bad (likening it to going to his own funeral) that he is tempted to whisper in his ear that it is just a joke, but doesn't.

He finally puts an end to it by telling them that he will remember all the things they have said to him...'When he's KICKING THEIR *SSES IN THE RING!'  They all exclaim in shock and relief and and respond by hitting, hugging and cussing him..Matt walks away, knowing he's been had..and Scott just sits there, dumbfounded. This is by far the funniest thing to happen all season. The trainers heartily approve.

Afterwards, Al tells them to get their chairs, as 'Big' has to talk to them...uh oh..the emotional rollercoaster takes another plunge as he tells them that the cut will be made the next day. We go to commercial.

When they return, they are back at the house, reliving the glorious rib..and Jonah makes the comment that one day he will really BE hurt, and no one will believe him...the mood is cautiously optimistic, and they all seem to have grown closer after that 'heartwarming' little episode..Scott says that things would be boring without Jonah. He and Kelly see themselves as the 'lesser' of the household, and they speculate on which one of them will be cut. Kelly tells us via 'confession-cam' that she thinks that Scott should be the one who is cut, as he could end up hurting someone. Lights out.

Next morning, the trainers have their meeting, and once again, the pros and cons of each contestant are weighed. The kids file in, and Jamie gleefully tells us that it is a 'big morning', as it is 'The Iceland Cut'. So, instead of doing his usual, 'Walk of Doom' (Matt calls it the 'Walk of Death', haha)---Al stands them all up and hands out tickets to the ones that are kept...One ticket after another is handed out..until Kelly and Scott are left standing...Al says that the cuts are 'never easy', and that he could see in both of their faces that they each expected the tickets to be given to the other...and it is...Scott who is cut.  Al shakes his hand, telling him that he appreciated his efforts but it 'is not his time'..Scott is visibly crushed.  Al doesn't look too happy, either, as the goodbyes are said. Jonah is choked up...Kelly looks smug..and Ivory says that the whole group was affected by his leaving, as he had, 'crawled into everybody's hearts'...and, with a crack of Tommy Dreamer's kendo stick, a 'Best of Scott' parting montage is shown. He exits, vowing to pursue his dream...and another one bites the dust.

Until next week, fade to black...