Tough Enough Three Show Seven recap

Tough Enough 3--12/05/02

Hey, all--and welcome to *most* of this week's Tough Enough 3 recap..I say *most* of, as I missed the opening and the recap/teaser for this week (either my clock was off, or they started a bit early)--so I have no idea what they will be focusing on...So, with my apologies, here we go...

My version begins with Al at Trax W saying (with finger held high), 'That's a lot of pressure'..There is a lot of in-ring action, bumps and hiptosses galore, and everytime that Kelly lands, she appears to be in pain. They end the montage with her curled up in the middle of the ring, with Justin saying that she has 'toughed it out', and that is a 'big bonus' in her favor; but she is not progressing as fast as the rest. She is shown telling Al where the pain is 'shooting'. Jamie comes on and says cattily that Kelly is always complaining--and wonders how she will be able to handle being a Superstar.

Back at the house..Jonah is shown on the phone bragging about last week's rib--and it is duly reviewed for anyone that missed it. The rest of the guys are then shown relaxing, and brainstorming ideas as to how to get Jonah back..Eric comes up with the highly original (har) idea of putting a laxative in Jonah's beverage at lunch at Trax. Eric is hoping for 'a little accident in his pants'. John grins conspiratorially...Eric: 'It's on.' John: 'Literally.'

Cut to the guys' bedroom before lights out. Jonah's paranoia runs a bit rampant as he is shown (and tells us about it) checking every inch of his bed and the bedclothes, expecting revenge at any time. Eric is enjoying messing with his head.

Next morning, Kelly is shown stretching out her back before the days' training..even though she is unsure that she can do it. The gang is shown arriving at Trax, and 'Big' tells us that this past week 'has not been kind to Kelly's evaluation' due to her back problems. They show us a shot of her stretching again, and the games begin. The contestants are practicing being tossed from the ring, and in t he montage that follows Kelly is tossed from the ring and fails to get her legs and feet all the way over the ropes and comes down hard on the apron before falling to the floor. Ouch. The brutality continues..then Kelly is warned by Al to 'pay attention.'...more action shots, on and on--interspersed with shots of her holding her back..and holding back tears. All with appropriate music, of course. Al asks her if she is okay, and she breaks down at last. She is led away, and 'Big' tells us that she either has to get over this injury or 'suck up her pain better' or she will be 'left behind'. The trainers watch her go with the medic, and then the show cuts to commercial.

After the break, she is getting her back rubbed by the medic, in tears; and she describes the pain as 'constant'. Al says, 'It's been a struggle for Kelly to keep up with the other kids on some things, but she keeps plugging away..Do I think she's gonna come around? Uhh..It's possible. Anything's possible.'  Ivory reminds us that injuries are 'ongoing' so you 'have to adapt' to working with them..and so must Kelly.

Meanwhile..Jonah is shown looking in the fridge for his drink..and Matt tells us that Eric had successfully made the drop. Good lord, he used 'probably half a bottle'. The guys are trying not to give anything away, and Jonah (as Eric tells us) 'goes right for his smoothie' and chug-a-lugs the who-o-le thing..Everyone eats what looks to be a nicely catered lunch, and then it is back in the ring. They are all 'watching Jonah out of the corners of their eyes'..and he seems to be shifting from foot to foot..making a few uncomfortable faces..can't imagine why..HALF A BOTTLE? The trainers are in on it, too..and are putting him in positions where there is pressure on his stomach. Finally, he can't take it anymore, and asks Bill to go to the bathroom..Bill reams him out, but lets him go. He runs. Surprise! They have taken the toilet paper; so, although he is 'relieved', he has no sense of proper closure, if you know what I me an...Everyone is cracking up as he calls out from the bathroom for paper..He opens the door a teensy crack, and calls out to 'Big', but instead gets Bill his nastiest...Who tells him that he has 'two minutes'---in which time, Al and 'Big' are shown unrolling a roll of paper until there is only a couple of sheets left on it..Al takes Jonah the few measly scraps (saying cheerily, 'Found some!'), and tells him that that is 'all they had left', 'Swear to God!', and that Jonah is 'going to have to make due', and that he doesn't 'know where the rest went'...Jonah is not happy. Al is, though; and giddily reports his part to the others, who are loving it. When Jonah returns, Al calls him aside--and John tells him that it was not his fault..then shows him the bottle of laxative. Revenge, and hilarity ensues.

Back to business. 'Big' sits them all down, and tells them that the trip to Iceland is coming up. They are bombarded with all sorts of perks, including Footlocker gear, sunglasses, shoes and luggage. Eric says that they are all excited. This is illustrated by Jamie bugging out her eyes as she digs greedily into her bag.

Night falls and it's back to the house again. Justin and Kelly are shown speculating about the trip, and Kelly tells us that she is not happy, as she does not know what the trip will hold. The others are shown packing, and we are privy to their thoughts. Fast forward to them arriving at the airport, and scenic shots of their surroundings. That night they are treated to 'one of the top fifty restaurants in the world', and it looks great; we hear their reactions. They are also treated to traditional shots of 'Black Death', a Viking schnapps (Al is shown grimacing), which leads to a night on the town..

They are then shown at a dance club, and it seems that Eric has found a friend..There is 'a lot of saliva' swapped, according to Jonah..and Eric and said friend leave and go back to the hotel together. Jamie is obviously jealous as s he says that he is 'scummy' in going about it..and telling us that she would keep her 'little sister' away from him..'if she had one'. Eric himself tells us (overheard across shots of the hotel door closing) that it was not one of his 'brightest moments'..Shades of South Africa..

After the commercial break, morning in Iceland has broken..and Eric is trying to give the bimbo the shake. Nice guy. He actually runs over to Justin's room, and calls his room, expecting the others in the room to get rid of her. She will not wake up, and he is sweating..the others want nothing to do with it, until he bribes Justin with drinks, and sends him over. There is a hairy moment where the chick looks as if she wants to steal his passport (guess she was just wondering what his name was..), then settles for a sweatshirt, saying, 'I think I deserve this!', while not seeming embarrassed at all..She lingers, arguing that her 'Name is not Ola!'  Finally, she is off on the elevator, chirping, 'Ciao! I got THIS.', as she holds up the sweatshirt and winks. Sad.

Then it appears that the crew is all at breakfast..and 'Big' enters sternly and tells them that they have decided that there 'needs' to be a cut. 'Here. Today. In Iceland.', and that the person who is cut will be 'leaving immediately'. He asks if there are any questions for him, and leaves abruptly. Everyone---Kelly and Eric, in particular--look nervous. 'Big' comes on and says that there isn't necessarily a schedule for cuts, it is based on performance--and that when you are a WWE Superstar, that includes both 'inside and outside the ring.'

They leave for training, all bundled up in their gratis train 'in the elements', according to 'Big', who says that they are going for 'rugged, windy, brutal.' Looks like they found it--as the ring is set up outside in a field somewhere. They go at it, and both Matt and John continue to impress me. Kelly continues to struggle--and cannot lift either Justin or Jamie high enough to slam them..In fa ct, it looks downright dangerous. Justin tells us that he is just trying to jump up and fall without hurting himself..and it doesn't look easy. Jonah comments that Jamie can pick up any one of them, so it is only fair that the trainers expect the same from Kelly. He is right.

They go to shots of scenic Iceland again, as they are all stand ready for the impending cut. Eric looks pensive as he reflects that it is not in his character to do what he did with that girl, and acknowledges that it is a strike against him. Kelly says that she is nervous, knowing that in 'about thirty seconds' she could 'not be here any longer'. Al tells us that, 'It is a competition' and it is 'not really fair to keep somebody on that really can't compete at the level that you expect from everybody else.'  Gotta agree.

He stalks back and forth in front of them, although he says, 'I'm not gonna drag this out.'  It is Kelly that is cut, and Al gives her a parting hug as she cries, as do all the others (although Jamie can't hide the grin on her face). She leaves with 'Big', but not before telling us that she is disappointed because she 'came into this thing' wanting to be 'one of the two people to get this contract'..Naturally she vows that, 'This is just the beginning' even though 'it's the end', she is still 'gonna go after (her) dream'...alrighty then..

Al takes us out by reminding them, 'So, we're now down to six. We started with thousands..down to twenty-five..down to, down to six. We'll take it down to two. That means that four of you standing here now will also be cut.'  The others are shown looking introspective..and Kelly is shown walking alone up the road. That pretty much sums it all up, and I will see you all next week...Fade to black.