Tough Enough Download Special

Tough Enough Download Special

Hello everybody....

The Tough Enough show starts showing cuts from the first TE...Rapael Vereia starts to talk about why he's there. He stats that it's his job to to cut down people and the course (the beach) didn't look that hard. When people first looked at it they said sure I can do it...however the sand is one of the main ingredits...the resistance is double or triple...if your not used to it it would knock the air right out of you...the ones that didn't make it didn't want it...this was just not physical test it was also a mental test as well.

The show goes on to talk about John Meyer. John Meyer got his butt stomped on the first day of Traxx, went home and got in a ice cold bath tub. He woke up the next morning to sore to get up. John realized that was just not for him. (he's a quiter.)

Daniel R. talks about himself some more;

"If someone tells him that he can't do it..then I'll step it up."

We fade to Justice...Justice teaches us some of his slang like "B"....B means brother. For example in case you forgot someone name you in return say Hey B could you..or Come on B you can do it.

Big Show talks about the TE Kids: If there is one secrate thing in our busniess that's our locker room and I refuse to share it with them.

They're not part of this crew yet and until they are they don't belong in this locker room. The TE kids talked about facing the Big Show in the ring

After John Meyer talks about why he quit...there are clips from Nick at Venice Beach...then Dainel Rodimer from the beach and from his childhood.Also Justice talks about how he's trained from 8 am to 8 pm and give everybody a lesson in slang.

When Justice first gets to Trax...right off the bat he starts running his mouth about how he could jump over the wall in Trax. Well Puder isn't hearing it and Puder bet him if Justice didn't jump over that he would dress up and strip...oh then Rodimer without thinking says he can jump an inch higher than Justice....needless to say 2 big guys with 2 sexy...whole lot of skin the funniest thing...scary but funny.

Big Shows carrys us to the next part of the show with a cold comment of: If there is one thing sacred thing left in this business its the locker room and I refuse to share it with them. They're not part of this crew yet and until they are they don't belong in this locker room.

Some TE kids talk about going up against Big Show. Ryan said that he want to stand out so that's why took off his shirt and went first. Justice said the elbow drop hurt really bad.

Then its Big Show again with the cold comments: you spend 365 away from your family to show how much you love this business then ok I'll welcome you...but if you win a contest then so what..go buy a damn lottery ticket.

After the commercial break Mike show us his house..his award from MTV...his invitation from PLAYBOY. MIZ is just an alter ego he came up with on the Real World and shows off his wrestling trunks (oh boy they do not look good on him)

Chirs tells us a little more about him playing his well he can sing...the show breaks off with the kids running sprints in the garage. All the TE contestants get upset with him cause he's walking even Al.

The Tough Enough kids think everyday should be Al Snows Birthday. There always sing Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to you..Happy Birthday to You...everywhere they go planes...out to eat..etc.

Al: Being with these guys has made me pretty much aged me a lot.

Ryan: I think were on Al's 55th birthday.

Mike: whats a birthday without presents.

So all of the contestants show off what they got him.

Al: Not one of them even know my birthday.

(editors note which is July 18 by the way)

Traveling with these guys is liking traveling with 6 or 7 large children. They are in different direction. Puder is always on the phone...But reality sat in when one get elimated...Nick...but the show went on with the SEX TEST.

Puder: I love older women.

Justice: She tried to grab my *ss.

Torrie: Some of them even actually did slip her the tongue.....

(EWWW)...but my favorite was Puder.

Puder: then she gave me a lap dance which is cool cause nobody is going to get a lap dance from her again.

Al: I believe it's important for the kids to step up the ring...they can kind of pay there dues.

Later on after they bulit the ring another one had to face a cut...Chris...which he said,

" There is not one thing I'm going to miss. One of them will be a millionaire best of luck to of luck to them cause it's not going to get any easier. One of the TE kids said,

" We all left what we had behind on that mat."

After they had faced the Basham Brothers.

Rodimer gets cuts.

Rodimer: I felt my stomach drop..very surprised. This is a dream I've had all my life and this is just not my time...walking out in front of 20,000 people was the ultimate rush...the best experience of my life. the competition went on with a clip of them arm wrestling.

Al: the people I see now are not the same people on Venice Beach. We literality strip away...the mask and you see there true motivations.

Robby Babaganouch reporting