Final Tough Enough Byte

WWF Tough Enough!


- Stamford, Ct.

Date:Thursday, September 6, 2001

Report by:Mark Roth(Inlewd Television Report)


Kevin Kelly and Al Snow were our hosts during this special edition of BYTE THIS! which had matches with our TOUGH ENOUGH crew. This was a treat! This was the first test we would get of how developed these contestant's really are.


This was the best match of the bunch. Josh and Maven really worked great together in the ring and it actually looked like a "dark match" on a TV taping the two were having. I was very impressed at both of these contestant's and think either could have a bright future in the WWFE. Josh isn't big, but he moves really well. He looks like he belongs in the ring. Maven has charisma, size, and a great look and also has a bright future judging this competition.

Josh won with a Five Star Frog Splash which was slightly flawed. He didn't reach Maven completely. But I have also seen pro's do that.


Al stated this was 'dark match' quality. Kevin Kelly was impressed and blown away that these contestant's could do as much as they were doing in front of him. Kelly said they told a story and sold through out the entire contest and it was very impressive. Al Snow responded with "Thank you" as he took that as a compliment of his coaching abilities.


Nidia seemed lost in some places, but quickly recovered. I tell you Nidia looks great when she is on the mat though. She has the look to be a marketable diva easily. However; she lacks something when it comes right down to performing in the ring. Josh was solid again in his second match. I think the kid has what it takes to be a star in this business. Size doesn't mean everything. Josh like others would have to compensate for his lack of size with something else. But it can be done. Nidia won with a hurricanrana in 6:03.


Al said he trains women the same as he trains men. He does give them a little slack because women are generally more emotional. But he demands the same out of them physically. He wouldn't think he was being fair if he trained them differently because they had "boobs". So he doesn't. Snow and Kelly joked around about the word "BOOBS" for the next few minutes.

Snow said he doesn't care if they are girls. Kelly asked Snow if he ever had a trainee that was hesitant about working with a female. Snow said he hadn't because in this business it is expected. It did really put over the fact that allowing men and women to work a match with each other was being equal to both men and women. That is a new twist on it, and all of the women's organizations claim it is men on women violence. Bet they'd bitch if a woman was passed up for a role simply because she has "boobs" right?

Snow said Nidia is still not where he wants her to be. She hesitates and shows too much anticipation. She moves too "girly". He says it is odd because Taylor doesn't move "girly" enough and Nidia moves way too "girly". Nidia has timing issue's and she needs to fix them. He wants her to fix the timing issue's. He pointed out a few spots where she had timing issue's. She made a mistake of working the wrong arm and Snow joked about how they were in Mexico and he felt like having a taco after that mistake. Josh sold the "wrong arm" which means he sold the right arm. Nidia worked the wrong arm, so Josh had to sell the wrong arm to sell the right arm. Now that I have confused you for tonight, I can feel happy.


Kelly asked Snow to compare what they do to Shakespeare. He said if Josh was doing Shakespeare in the park what would be the difference?

Al pointed out that unlike Shakespeare in the park, wrestling has a formula that evolves and changes. Whereas; Shakespeare is a set script. In wrestling you have to feel what is going on in the ring and with the crowd, and with your opponent at all times. Sometimes the best things you can do in a match are not the spots that you set up 15 minutes before you went out to the ring. Sometimes things come up during the match that you have to be aware of to be able to capitalize on something.

Snow said you have to be able to feel your crowd, opponent, and know yourself to pick up on those cue's. And it is a dying art form in pro-wrestling and he wants to get back to it. Sometimes those things just logically happen and you have to deal with them.

You have to have a guy emotion to feel the crowd, yourself, and your opponent to pull those things out.


Chris at least to me didn't seem to sell quite as good as the others. And he messed up a few spots. I think he can improve and make it. But I think Josh and Maven worked the best match with one another. If I was the producer's and I wanted to put on a great match with two constant's, right now Maven and Josh would be the two I selected. Chris won with a powerslam after 6:32.


Kelly brought up Tazz and compared Al and Tazz to "good cop, bad cop". Snow said if you wanted to compare it to household appliances it would be like (because of Tazz's schedule) Tazz coming in for a couple of hours and chewing everything up like a blender. And Al was always there so he was like a Juicer (he pointed out, "No, Not Art Barr!") and saw them all the time so he squeezed and squeezed them.

Al said he doesn't care about anybody thinks about the job that he did as their trainer. He said there is a lot of resentment in the back towards these kids and it is unwarranted. The consensus is these kids "had it easy". Snow agreed the opportunity was easy. If he had this chance he would have loved to have it. Because if any of the wrestlers have a right to feel resentment towards these kids it is Al Snow. Al said he worked 13 years to just get in to the WWF, and then when he did get in to the WWF it took him 2 more years to get to the top in the WWF (which is true). Snow said he was very hard on these kids in the competition.

Snow said they worked eight hours a day four days a week with him and the other trainers and then went to the gym and worked out two to three hours after that. They were worked really hard and were beat up quite a bit during the contest. He didn't take it easy on them at all.

Kelly brought up Daryll and asked Snow if he was keeping in contact with Daryll. Snow joked he was inviting Daryll to his home for the holidays (Christmas and Turkey day). Snow said his mother always burns the food over the holidays so he was going to invite Daryll so when Daryll walked in the house wouldn't smell like burned food but sweaty balls instead.

Snow told us how smelly Daryll was and it got so bad that he had to ask him to remove his sweat pants once, and all Daryll had was a pair of shorts with a hole in them. Daryll didn't want to wear them because his ding dong would fall out. Snow told him he did not care if his ding dong fell out, because the smell was unbearable. But all the shorts with the hole in them did was give the smell air ventilation to escape and made it worse. Snow joked about how he ran a school and had another person like Daryll only white with the same problem. Kelly and Snow joked about Blue Meanie smelling for a while.


This went to a no contest after 7 minutes of great action. Snow with Josh and Nidia was excellent. I was very impressed by all the contestant's in this match.

There was no commentary during this, and the match ended when most of the contestant's turned on Kelly and beat the tar out of him. That was great to see Jelly Belly Kelly finally get the snot beat out of him.