Meeting in the Flesh

FANS MEET AL in Person

The first three stories are mine and are long so you need to click the links to read them

Rose and Wayne meet Al for the third time May 29 of 2000

Webmaster nofredm/Crazy Wayne/Wayne meets Al for a second time April of 1999

Webmaster nofredm/Crazy Wayne/Wayne meets Al Jan. of 1999

Special visit with Al report

Your Webmaster Wayne-O!@%&* Reporting 9/13/04

So I got off work early around lunch time and thought to myself"Hey since I got my index cards in the car why not stop by the Key Arena(Seattle) since the WWE is in town for Raw.....maybe I'll see Al"

So off I went about 5 miles up the road and parked in the parking lot across the way from the I payed for the parking I looked over and seen there were maybe 4 other fans hanging out looking for the Wrestlers to show up.......I was pretty much looking for Al

I seen Nida and other Divas such as Victoria who was having a hard time walking pull in and down the ramp in an SUV.....a little while later the same SUV came back up the ramp with Gail Kim driving I think and Nidia ridding shotgun on her Cell no autographs there

Well there are two gates at the Arena and gate one should have been the only gate the wrestlers should go I was at that gate when I got Ref Jack Doan's autograph......

There were others who pulled in who's autographs I did not Eric Bishoff,Kane,Stevie Richards,Rosey,Eugene.....

Around this time I looked over and a Red car had pulled into the second I walked over and low an behold there was Al signing away for the fans who were I walked up Al says

Al:Hey Wayne,I was looking for you in Portland

Wayne:Portland?.....that is too long a drive for me

Al:Yea I don't know why I thought I would see you in Portland......where is Rosey?

Wayne:Rosey doesn't watch Wrestling any more

Al:Why not???

Wayne:I think it's because she is mean and evil

In which Al laughed

Al:Are you going to the show? you want tickets?

No I said......I'm going to go watch at home

We talked about Al sending me info on shows and other events at which time he looked in his bag to find some paper..not finding any he asked a fan for some paper

I handed Al one of my index cards...Al then asked a fan for a I handed Al my pen

Al:Look how he makes me ask first!

I thought that was kind of funny

he gave me his new email address so we could keep in contact better

We talked about some personal stuff.......then I asked Al about Tough Enough 4 coming to Smackdown.....I asked Al if It was going to be a half hour show within Smackdown....he said no he was pretty sure it is going to be just like the Diva spots......he is not sure at this point how much of the training etc will be on the show......I also asked him about the rumors about him doing the color for Velocity he seemed shocked to hear that and was kind of upset saying that was Bill and Josh's there you far as Al knows he is NOT moving to Velocity .........Al also states that he has no idea at this time how they are going to go about moving him for Raw to Smackdown and that was about it

Before he took off for a production meeting I asked him if he had time to do lunch.......he said he wasn't sure and that the meeting might take 2 hours....he said if he could he would come back out and we could do so

I was going to hang out till around 3:00 anyway so I did and never seen Al again.....busy guy....doing his job so that's cool

I did get some good autographs.....I got Jack Doan,Charles Robindson,Jazz,Rodney Mack,Christian,Hurricane,Earl Hebner......annnnnnnnd........HA!....Rosey got so jealous of my Chris Jericho snooze you I gave it to her anyway

Al Snow is a pro wrestler for the WWE. I have been a huge Snowman fan for a long time. I am only 20 but I could tell you almost anything you want to know about Al. Your probably asking yourself.... Does this poor girl have a life? Well, the answer is yes! Between school and being a leader in a very large youth group; Liking and following and collecting Al Snow is my form of down time. And hay wrestling is just stinkin cool, but Al is cooler

This is the story of me getting to meet my favorite! Well, favorite of all time anything person. He's not just my favorite wrestler but my favirote cele

The Night I Met Al Snow

Heather and I had a hard time finding the boys and girls club; where my favorite celebrity, Al Snow would be wrestling. We walked in the door and waited at the entrance for someone to take our tickets; I was so nervous, this was it after years I was going to get to meet AL SNOW! I was standing next to people that were Big Time Wrestling regular attainders; I was just there to see Al. The groups of people were talking to one another, say things like "that one guy from WWE is going to be here you know the one who has the head." I was a little ticked, these people were going to get the same experience as me (a hard core Al fan) and they didn't deserve it. Boy was I wrong.

Then I saw him, trough a door that was down a hall way directly in front of us I saw the bottom of a mans face and, lets face it I've been an Al Snow fan for so long I knew instantly it was him. According to Heather I just said "oh my gosh" about 2 or 3 times. Al walked by with another man beside him; Al was wearing a blue t-shirt and a pair of jeans and his famous belt. He walked by and said, " Hi guys." I was in shock; I even think my mouth was open.

They took our tickets and headed us in the right direction to our seats, the owner of the company came up to me and asked if I had seen Al yet, I was totally freaking out in my head at this point. We waited around and then they let the backstage ticket holders into the locker room. I walked slowly back there, as the group filed in I stood in the back in aww.

Al looked at me and smiled, I looked over to Heather and said something like "I can't do this." People were walking up to Al having him sign and take pictures and then they would move on to the next wrestler in the room. I couldn't do anything, the crowed around Al had all moved on and he was just standing there. Heather started pushing me in the back and telling me to go. AHHH, it's AL (MY HERO) SNOW! I think is what went trough my head. I walked up to him and put out my hand, he shook it and I said " I'm really freaked out right now and I can't think of anything better to tell you." Al laughed and said "Why." I said in all seriousness, "your Al Snow!" Then I went in for a hug and he gave me one back. I told him my name was Jenny and he asked me if I liked that song?

I told him not really but that I do get it sung to me a lot. Al thought that was pretty good. I was really amazed that he wasn't strange about me having a walker seeing that most people are. Al put his arm around me and started making jokes. Heather went to take the picture, Al asked me if she had ever worked that camera before? I said, well no. Al did his regular look of sarcasm; I was in awe that I got to see it up close. Oh and don't forget Al Snow's arm is around me. AHH!

I said to Al "well at least I get to hug you just a little longer." he shot back with, "hay I'm getting to hold a pretty girl." I was so excited out of my mind that it didn't hit me tell later that night, Al Snow said I was pretty! Well Heather thought that she had taken the picture (but she had really only razed the flash). Al tried telling her that she hadn't taken the picture, trough his laughter but Heather wasn't getting it.

So the cameraman for Big Time Wrestling stepped in and took the camera and told Heather to get in the picture. After he had taken the picture I promptly told Heather to get out and let me get one with just me (hay I paid for both our tickets, and she only came because I didn't want to go alone, I had every right). Al laughed and pulled me in closer for our picture. After that I handed Al some photos that I have hanging on my walls for him to autograph. (I think at this point it hit him that I wasn't like the others).

He asked me where I had gotten some of my photos, I told him "ebay thats where I get all my Al Snow stuff." Al then asked me to hold on, he put the photos down and walked over to his suitcase. Al opened his suitcase and pulled out his latest publicity photo and came back. He looked at me and said, "Well now you have something from me!" He signed it "To my sweetie Jennifer, stay tough Al Snow". (Hence my new screen name). I would like to add here that everyone else that night paid ten dollars at the concession stand and theirs were already pre-signed, but I am a true Alcoholic outside the ropes when Al interviewed Booker T.

We talked for a few more minutes, about things he told me never to tell anyone, so there not in this story. I thanked him and headed from the backstage area to my seat. The show started and the matches were going pretty well, I can't tell you about any of them thought because I was still really freaked that I actually got to me Al Snow! Just before the intermission I remember thinking, I got to hug Al and I don't even remember what it was like. I told myself that if I ever got to touch him again I was going to remember it. Just after thinking that they announced that Al was going to come out and take pictures with people, having all the proceeds going to the boys and girls club. As Al was walking to the ring he changed directions and came towards me, Al grabbed my hands and smiled at me (you can bet I remember that; side note,his hands were a little cold).

Al got in the ring and took a lot of photos; ever so often he would look over at me and make faces or gestures or say something. Man it was one of the coolest experiences of my life, only second to being a missionary in Costa Rica. Okay maybe even better then that, come on its AL SNOW! I would like to say thank you to Al Snow's Head for posting that he would be in San Jose. But more then that I want to say thanks to Al, I wouldn't know how to begin to thank him enough and express how cool it was for me and how much it means to me, that he took so much time out for me and made me feel so special. I will forever be a huge Al Snow fan!

Texarkana Arkansas Oct 19,2002 WWE Autographs with Al-Reported by Al fan Sugar K

Al has been one of my favorites since he came into the WWF with head. I wasn't aware of his other personas or ECW.

The first time I saw Al in person was at WM 17 Fan Access. By the time I found him, they weren't letting anyone else in the autograph line. It broke my heart, but I was able to get close enough to get some good pictures.

When I heard Al was going to be signing autographs before the Texarkana show I was ecstatic.

When we got to the arena, I went to the autograph table to make sure he was there, and took a picture. Then I went to get in line. When I got close enough to the table to see him, I noticed that he looked rather bored and was not going to much trouble to pose for pictures or smile at people. I couldn't settle for a mechanical autograph. I'd waited too long for this moment. So I made the decision to tell him exactly how I felt, no matter how dorky I sounded.

When I got in front of him, I put my hand out and said I'd like to shake his hand. He complied and I made a speech that was something like this....

"You can't imagine what a thrill this is for me. I want you to know that I think you are one of the best performers ever. Whether you're being goofy or serious, you are totally believable, and can I please have my picture made with you?"

The more I talked the more he smiled that wonderful Al smile. He told me that he appreciated what I had said, and then he got up and came around the table and put his arm around me and posed for a picture.

He certainly made my day, and I'd like to think I made his a little brighter too. He seemed more relaxed and fun after that.

When my son came through the line after me, Al posed with him like he was going to slam him through the table. It's a great memory for both of us.


Off The Ropes: WWE Invades Arkansas By Martin Downey-Sugar's son

All day Friday I could hardly sit still. I knew I had a whole weekend of wrestling memories to make. It turned out that I made more than I ever expected to.

I started out Saturday by going to a non-televised WWE event in Texarkana, Ark. The event was held at the Four States Entertainment Center. It looked as though the only entertainment they had ever seen there was rodeos, by the mud-covered walls. I arrived early so I could meet Al Snow who was signing autographs before the show. Once I got my autograph from the head "Tough Enough" trainer, I headed to my seat. I went with the cheap seat, which put me at the end of the arena, which favored an oversized high school gym. One thing was for sure: I would truly appreciate No Mercy from the beautiful Alltel Arena the next night after being at Texarkana's first ever WWE event. Goldust was also signing autographs and walked by the bleachers as Adam, a friend of mine, and I were sitting there. We impersonated him and made him laugh. I think it was Adam's highlight for the weekend, maybe the year.

The wrestlers put on a good show despite their surroundings and the crowd was pumped the whole night. The main event was a warm up match for No Mercy with Ric Flair taking on Rob Van Dam. RVD won with his patented five-star frog splash and posed all over the ring for the crowd.

Earlier in the day WWE diva Jacqueline was at a Books-A-Million signing autographs. While I was there I had the privilege of talking to the WWE's Developmental Talent Manager and former wrestler, Tom Pritchard. He shared some insight with me about No Mercy and the WWE in general.

With the Hell in a Cell match the next night Pritchard predicted that it would be the best match of the pay-per-view. "I expect Brock to shock everybody," said Pritchard. "I think Brock knows he has to make a good showing. I think Taker doesn't want to go out the way Brock wants him to."

The other main event of the card was Kane vs. Triple H. Pritchard also had comments for it. "I think it will be closer than people think. Kane wants to come back and get a little more stock and Triple H wants to keep his stock at that level and get a little bit better as well," Pritchard said.

As for the WWE's future as a whole Pritchard said, "I think there is going to be a little lull, but then we will pick up business as we always do."

Sunday morning Mary, my girlfriend, Goldust fanatic Adam, and I started bright and early. We went to a hotel close to the arena in hopes of finding wrestlers. When we got there we immediately saw Eddie Guerrero in the parking lot. Our luck was just beginning. Guerrero got into his car with Chris Beniot. Adam and I just stood there and stared until we realized that they must have been waiting for someone. We bolted into the lobby only to find Edge at the front desk. With this much luck in the first minute, we decided we weren't going anywhere.

We sat in the hotel and met Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley, Eric Bischoff, Matt Hardy and Lita. Ric Flair passed by too, but he said he was late and quickly hopped in his stretch limo. Mary and I went to make a phone call down the hall and then we saw him. Stalking down the carpeted walkway with the same intense grimace on his face as he walks to the ring, was Triple H. Behind "The Game" was his real life girlfriend Stephanie McMahon. Triple H said something about being late as he walked by. Mary complimented the "Billion-Dollar Princess" as she was walked by and she shook her hand.

After all this excitement there was Arkansas's first ever pay-per-view to attend still. We had seats close enough to the entrance that RVD's fireworks scared me half to death.

No Mercy kicked off with Chris Jericho and Christian taking on Booker T and Goldust. This match had an unexpected twist when the second rope broke. Jericho cheated to win and retained his title along with Christian. Next, Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie and RVD repeated his previous night's task of beating the 16-time champion Ric Flair. Jamie Noble then beat Tajiri in a nice cruiserweight match.

Then it was time for the Raw Championship to be defended. With help from Ric Flair and a sledgehammer, Triple H managed to come out on top once again, despite being choke slammed through a table.

The best match of the night, in my opinion, was next. Kurt Angle and Chris Beniot took on the team of Edge and Rey Mysterio. This match was back and forth the whole way and had the crowd on the edge of its seat. Angle made Edge tap out after 22 minutes of action and quite possible the best tag team match I have ever seen.

After this was a short women's match where Trish Stratus retained her title over Victoria. It was the customary beer/bathroom break match before the main event.

Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker then battled inside the Hell in a Cell. This twenty-seven minute blood bath was brutal. The Undertaker took it to Lesnar like no one had before, but "The Next Big Thing" was just too much for the Taker. Lesnar reversed the tombstone piledriver into his signature F-5 for the victory.

After the match we made our way back to the hotel. We met John Cena, who flirted with my girlfriend, and announcers Tazz, and Michael Cole. Then the perfect end to a great weekend arrived.A big white limo pulled up and out came The Undertaker. There were fans standing around in awe as the legend limped through the crowd with a large bag of ice on his hand.

It was obvious that he had real injuries from his match and wouldn't be signing autographs. That didn't matter though. The crowd stood around in silence as he was checking in at the front desk. Then as he started to walk off to his room the small crowd of fans broke out into applause. In wrestling winning isn't everything. It is the admiration a wrestler earns from the audience for entertaining every night and putting their body at risk to do this. That is what it is all about, and The Undertaker personified that as he thanked the crowd and limped down the hall without a belt, but with respect.

The power of the gimmick. What else could cause four brave souls to venture out into what was being hyped as the Northeast's "Storm of The Century." My husband Jeff and I traveled to Pennsylvania to meet Indi and Sue for the house show in Wilkes Barre Sunday, March 4th.

The forecast called for 30 inches, and it was beginning to look like they might be right. Sue saved the day by reserving an awesome hotel suite, and then we set out about four hours early to wait patiently at the arena. The snow fell in sheets, but yet we got our tickets and stood outside...the excitement too much to bear.

With the travel and excitement, the sheer proximity to Al and the complete immersion in mark-dom, you'll have to excuse me if some of the report isn't as technical as most. I'm a writer, not a sports caster, and although my husband used to wrestle himself and ordinarily would have recall each suplex, he too was wrapped up in the moment. Three crazy women talking about Al for miles and miles...we had brainwashed him.

As Sue and I stood waiting to see if our hero would pull in, I remarked at an oncoming Subaru and said "Japanese car, Must be Kaientai." Imagine the laughter when it WAS Taka and Funaki. Taka was wearing sunglasses in the blizzard...still haven't figured that one out. Then, after dropping Funaki off in the back, he circled the parking lot for reasons unknown. INDEED.

Thanks to sue and Dave (bow to Dave) we had second row seats. We found a helpful guard to pass along our gifts to Al, a hockey Jersey from Indi and a stitched Snowflake from me. Then the show began. The locals guys were quite good, the faces winning the match of course. Then came Raven vs. Rhino. I have to admit, Raven impressed me in person. He seemed to be having fun, strange as that sounds, and determined to give us a good show, despite the weather. Rhino was impressive as well, his tank like body charging to the ring.

Al's match versus the Bossman was to be next, but instead we had the ladies match, Lita versus Trish. What can be said about that? Trish ran her mouth and Lita kicked her butt. Quite beautifully I might add.

The next match was about to be called and we waited anxiously for "What does everybody want?" But instead were treated to Regal's royal ramblings. He was masterful in his stall tactics, but in the end Hardcore Holly reigned. Still we waited for word of Al, but then came the three team elimination match. But the boys put on quite a show, and I was so impressed with Scotty Too Hotty and the Hardys. They were the comic relief with attitude. Scotty managed to pull Grandmaster's pants down, and the laughter ensued. Funaki almost fell off the ring apron, he was laughing so hard. Too cool was eliminated shortly, only to have the Hardy's defeat Kaientai. Then the fun loving Too Cool returned to the ring to present Lita and Matt with the glasses and Jeff the "hat." It was, although not "serious wrestling" a lot of fun. Jeff can get down with the best of them and Matt tried. Then much to everyone surprise, we were treated to the knowledge of what kind of underwear Jeff wears...WWF Striptease...Katie bar the door! As they made their way to the back, Scotty stpped and held up two dancing fingers to the kid next to me. The light in that kid's eyes was magic, just pure magic. It takes so little time to connect with people like that, and the Hardys and Too Cool have gained my respect even more. That kid, and me, will remember that always. God first Raven now this...SAVE ME FROM MYSELF!

Intermission and we found out the scoop. Al was in the building and would be up next. You've never seen women move so fast to take care of business and get back in place. Finally...the music...

Al came out wearing a Penguins jersey, and made his way to the ring where the boss man waited. He spotted Sue and grinned , He took the jersey off, revealing a myriad of bruises. He hasn't been in ring much on TV, but he's been hard at work somewhere. Boss man's trash talking soon had him using the jersey to wipe get the picture. He also doused us with his water bottle...but never fear...our hero would retaliate.

Al wrapped the jersey around Bossman's head and spun him around so he ended up grabbing Teddy Long in the melee. A chase ensued in and out of the ring, and a full cup of what I believe to be Mountain Dew soon found its way into bossman's face, tossed over Al's shoulder.

Back in the ring, Al reached valiantly for HEAD, but once in his grip was taken away by Teddy. The second time he took her, she was passed off to Tony Chimmel, and the Bossman's beating resumed. Finally Al was in possession of HEAD again, and it looked like all might be well, but the nightstick won in the end, leaving our hero gasping on the mat...but not for long! He was soon up and doing his side to side dance to shouts of "Al!" and "HEAD."

I have no earthly idea whether or not Al saw my sign, but I know Big Show did. I folded it over so the "From, KY" part showed, and he smiled. We miss him down here. Much to my chagrin, I missed most of that hardcore match Vs Billy Gunn, although missing The One's naked ass didn't bother me any, Sue will never let Jeff off the hook for not taking a picture. Sorry Sue...clothed Jericho is a better choice than naked Billy Gunn...the film was low!

Needless to say, Show retained his hard-core title, and Jericho retained his IC title with his bout with Angle. The boys headed out into the still falling snow to DC All in all it was a blast, and I have to thank Wayne for all of it. Without meeting Indi and Sue right here on the HEAD site, none of this would have come to fruition. I got to travel somewhere I'd never been, see a great show despite mother nature's threats, and had so many laughs my sides still hurt. Indi was the perfect hostess while in her hometown, and Sue was the perfect "activities director"! And Snowdreamer, lest you think we forgot about you, we tried to get Raven into the trunk, but he just wouldn't fit...

Hope everyone checks out the pictures...they are quite awesome I must say. Now to get them autographed....

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Kennedy high school April 30 1999 APW Gym Wars Luna Nyx and Alice Cooper Shinanai were happy to get to see Al wrestle,on 7/30/99 Al and the WWF came to San Jose and the girls had a surprise for Al

Al Snow got our first WWF Food Sculpture presentation. It was right before his Birthday and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to give him "Head" for his B-Day! I mean, what better person to give Head to? ....Home-made Cherry Chip Cake lovingly sculptured and frosted into a 3-dimensional cake of Head. We even brought a candle! Al was quite surprised and very pleased. We wished him a Happy Birthday and he was like..."Oh Yeah...It is almost my Birthday...." We heard that it went over great backstage and people were fighting over the pieces. We only saw him for a few minutes, but we had a great time and still hear stories about it.

Check out their photos

photo one

photo two

photo three

photo four

Luna Nyx & Alice Cooper Shinanai

Just attended a autograph session at a local Big K-Mart Grand opening. Al Snow (and Head) was the guest. He was a great signer taking time to talk to everyone--slowed down the long line some but it was worth it. I had my three kids in tow and the youngest--a boy asked if Al would sign his forehead--I think he was just joking--Al was quick to pick-up on this and offered to do it right away. Al signed his trademark "Help Me!" backwards on his forehead and my son was in 7th heaven. I have attended a lot of other autograph sessions, mainly with football and basketball players and I can honestly say that the Al Snow session was by far the best. I think if this is what the WWF personalities are like in person, I will go out of my way to get to these. They should also give lessons to other "athletes" on how to deal with the public at these things. In addition, the quality of the pictures used by Al--large color shots, that were free were also one of the best I have obtained. I would reccommend this experience to anyone Thanks for reading,

Gary Holley 11/1/2000

I recently had the extreme pleasure of meeting him in New York. What a great guy.He was with his daughter and I had my kids with me so I had to be good. He was sooo nice. I kept blushing and he couldn't understand why I was nervous. (Gee, I don't know. Being in the presence of such a total hunk does that to me) We are going to wwf-ny soon and hopefully the Philly and Penn State shows and I already have tickets for Hershey.

I hope he will be wearing a huge tacky belt when we see him. I will be the one with the Al Snow is a Genius sign. Maybe you remember it from Heat on Easter. It helps to know the cameraman!!

Keep up the good work!! Thanks for all your hard work.I really appreciate It!!

Sue August 30,2000

Today (June 29, around 6 PM), I went to the Toys R Us in Lima to buy a new game for my N64. I was in the aisle looking at them, and guess who I saw just down the aisle looking at toy laptops (I think???). I wasn't going to bother him because he was with his family, but it was the first time I had ever seen him outside of an autograph session.

Staff member Brian Mears

I waited so long for Raw to come to Houston. The months passed,and I was soon at the Compaq Center.

I saw many matches,but I was anticipating one match. The match with Head Cheese. Nearly two hours flew by when I heard Steve Blackman's theme music. Steve and Al walked down the ramp. I held up my Head Cheese sign,screaming "Al Snow is God". I don't think Al heard me.

The TitanTron showed Al talking to Steve Blackman. I could'nt hear it over all the screaming fans. Then...the demons came out. That horrible Test,Prince Albert in a can,and that Jezebel Trish Stratus.

T&A met Head Cheese outside the ring. I sat down and saw Blackman toss Head to Al,but Head flew out of Al's reach. Test pinned Al. It all seemed like it was in slow motion. The fans screaming,me yelling in pain,and an angry Al Snow.

Head Cheese walked up the ramp. I was a bit angry for the rest of the night,but seeing Al wrestle live is always an enjoyable experience.

2/29/2000 Al_SnowFan aka staff member Hillery

Hillery goes to Raw live 11/6/2000-Actually, an Al Snow match was in the first hour of the Houston show...but I am not sure if I can post the results since it's a taped match (Jakked, I guess)...But I had a pretty good seat. Of course, I was in usual wrestling match attire: An Al Snow shirt and EM PLEH on my head...I was above the "O" in the "Oh Hell Yeah" signs (the green ones) when Stone Cold first came out. (It wasn't a good shot, but I was the one screaming and shaking my fist).

Ah, but later on was the Lawler/Raven match. I heard a loud pop and saw Al slide in the ring with two Heads (one with a crown!). I rose to my feet screaming "Al Snow rules" and "Whoo hoo". Al knocked those fools down, and I screamed even louder.

Ah, another loud pop came from the crowd when he held up Head. I must have looked like a t-total Mark...Especially with my sign ("Al Snow 4 Prez" ["Gore" above "Snow" crossed out]), but I didn't show the back ("You Are Marks")...

The real fun came after the show. Mom and I had to walk to a tree so my dad could pick us up. I was walking down the ramp and saw people 20 feet down. I screamed "Al Snow For Prez, WHOO HOO!" They looked up and I went along. We were walking down the road, and I unrolled my sign and screamed "Vote for Al Snow November 7th!" We were waiting beside a bank and I held out my sign and screamed the same things. A boy in a truck yelled at me... A black limosine was at the other side of the street. A window came down, and a man (He really looked like Albert) screamed "Whoo hoo" in my direction. I screamed whoo hoo back and held my arm up... writes:

I had the pleasure of meeting Al Snow this past Monday in New York City when the WWF was in town for Raw Is War at Madison Square Garden.

I have met many wrestlers over the years, and Al Snow has to be one of the goofiest. I shook his hand and asked him what the deal was with his current angle with Steve Blackman.

He looked at me, laughed, and said, "You don't want an autograph?" I laughed back and had him sign my program. He said that he's getting a kick out of trying to get Blackman over, and said that in the process he's even getting himself over.

He said that booking team wants to make a heel out of Blackman. Now, does that mean that there's a split the future? I also brought up the shots Mick Foley took at him in his book.

Snow said, "Mick is the only guy I'd let rib me to the whole world." So, after that comment, I jokingly said, "How's Avatar?" Snow laughed and threatened to give me a Snow Plow. I wished him luck. He thanked me.

I still feel that Snow's best days are behind him, but I couldn't muster the courage to say that to his face. He looks small on television, but he could bounce me off the walls if he wanted to.

I found him to be an interested guy. I never really had another wrestler joke with me like that right after I introduced myself to him. I should have taken a Snow Plow, though. That would have made for a nice settlement, huh? I still don't know what they're doing with his gimmick with Blackman. It's funny, but useless. By the way, I'm selling the autographed program for $1.00. LOL.

I knew someone who was a dedecated Rock fan.I was that person...until...(RaW Is WaR):I was at home watching Shotgun,seeing the highlights from the previous RaW,since I didnt have cable.

It was during the Rock And Sock Connection.I was shocked to learn that Rock threw Micks book in the trash.",I found it in the trash..".Al Snow's words rang in my head for days.

I was one of those few angry Rock sheep.But,that dark day was a light in disguise.I found a new wrestler to cheer for constantly.He was a bit insane,which really made me like this man more.he carried around a dismembered mannequin head that he claimed to hear voices from.

I thought this was a bit far fetched,though.I cheered for this man at RaW 12/20 here in good ol Houston,my hometown.Ah!A Brahma Bull Rope Matchup!Against Rock?Oh,crap,my cult hero was going to job.

I heard new music that I havent heard before.It was his music?I held up my sign that proclaimed "Al Snow is God.THERE IS NO OTHER".The Demon's followers booed and booed."If ya SMEEEEEL....What the cookin" blasted out.The cheers were deafening.

I was angry."Rocky Sucks!Rocky Sucks!" I chanted.A little 10 year old boy in front of me argued and said Al Snow sucked.I ignored him,and went on.The demon seemed to be winning.But...DX CAME OUT?Aha!Al Snow won!I cheered and cheered while the Demon's Sheep cried and cried.

I went on for the rest of the night thrilled that Al Snow won.And here I am,The Al Snow FANatic.Thank you for reading my story,and whatever diety you worship(If youre an Athiest,may you have good luck) smile upon you.Al Snow FANatic.

And the sheep cry themselves to sleep one more time- January 31, 2000

This certainly was a learning experience, having never been to one of these before.  Next time we should be alot better off as far as being able to see.  I thought I was doing a good thing be getting expensive seats, which we were close, but on the floor and being the person of short stature that I am, I really couldn't see too awfully much.  They did have television screens, but they were literally a pain in the neck to watch from where we were sitting.

After the first match was over, the ring annoucer told everyone that due to inclement weather, the Rock and Jericho were stuck in the Carolina's and that refunds would be honored prior to intermission, if anyone chose to leave.

Well, I wasn't there for the Rock or Jericho, so I really didn't care, even for the $105.00 I could have gotten back.  The sheep cried and cried and chanted his name all throughout the rest of the show, but very few people actually left.

The ring announcer also told us that there would be a Battle Royal with the last man remaining to take on HHH.  This meant that I was gonna get to see Al work twice, making me very happy about the Rock/Jericho situation.  Jesse James still was out due to the flu, and I have no idea where Farooq was, but he wasn't in Cleveland, therefore the Al Snow/Blackman vs. Acolytes match was off.

  Instead we got to see  them work with Edge and Christian again.  Pretty good match from what I could tell, didn't last long enough, but they never do.

 At the beginning of the match, Al starts working the crowd to chant "Head Cheeze", to which Blackman appeared annoyed.  He must have scared the sheep, because the chanting didn't last too long.  If Al did any baseball slides, I couldn't see them, but at one point he motioned that he was gonna take to the air, and did a beautiful moonsault off of the top turnbuckle.  I love that move, I can still see it every time I close my eyes.

  The only problem was that whoever the intended victim was had moved before Al landed, surprise.  Yeah, they lost, but I really didn't care.

I can die a happy woman now.

I hate Battle Royals because my pea brain can not process all the action at one time.  Al got to stay in for about 1/2 of it, I am guessing here because everyone on the floor was standing up, and just all of a sudden Al was gone.  I didn't get to see him go over the top rope or who threw him over.

Staff Member Maggie O

 Dear, Webmaster Wayne or should I say "HEADmaster" Wayne What’s up, I'm glad to see that Al will finally get all the recognition he deserves with your site. I met Al in Wildwood, NJ about a year ago when he was just coming back into the WWF after his run in ECW and I must say the guy is great. At the time when I met Al he had Head still around with him and I had to ask head for his autograph now most people would consider that weird but what the hell it was Al Snow. The only thing was when I met Al he greeted me with a thumb down instead of a hand shake, at first I didn't know what it meant until he told me that’s the handshake for the J.O.B squad in which I was wearing a shirt for. So I guess you can Its official I'm in the squad. Oh well, thanks allot for making the page. It's great! Also in case you haven't heard Al and Mick are the new WWF tag champions! Whoo hoo!


Tony Rizzotte


When I am able to find a scanner to scan my picture I will send you my picture of Al and I so you van add it to the rest of the fellow J.O.B Squaders

Hey man, I know that you're real into Al Snow, right? Well, did I ever tell you that I was friends wth Al Snow's brother? Yeah, Al Snow's brother lives here in Dayton, and he is an indy worker here. His wrestling name is Logan Caine. Logan (real name: Con Stanley) is about 22 or 23 years old. I was trying to make an official Logan Caine site, but in the last two or three months, I haven't seen Logan.

We used to work downtown together, but I changed jobs. So, anyway, I just thought you would be interested to know that.

By the way man, I'm with you in your respect for Al. He has been one of my top 5 favorite wrestlers for many years, and I have been fortunate to see his career progress from Smokey Mountain Wrestling and ECW, and WWF, and ECW again, and WWF again.

And I love Al's RF Video shoot! I hope soon he becomes a major player in the WWF. Also, I went to the WWF house show tonight in Dayton, and Al won his match, and then ran into the main event to save the day for the pro-Al Snow Dayton wrestling fans.

I posted the results in ADSPW. See ya..


It wasn't the kind of meeting I would have liked to have but it was something and it made me happy for now it was after the event I was waiting outside by the ramp with only a few people since I could have cared less about Stone Colds after match beer fest.

I went outside to wait for Al and I only had to wait about ten minutes when someone was loading up a limo Al came running up the ramp yelling for the guy then he handed him the bag and started back down the ramp I screamed at the top of my lungs "Bow To Head" this got his attention I started bowing my replica of head Al point kind of laughed and waved then walked down the ramp again I keep yelling " Come back here, Al " it didn't work so I yelled some more but Al keep going and was out of site again and didn't come back.

I told secrity I know Al it was worth a shot but he didn't buy it I waited until my Dad and company come out then I had to leave so Al waved at me that was cool but I still want to talk to him maybe next time

Headcase/staff member 9/15/99(ed:Headcase passed away a couple of months later,but he got his wish in life when he got to yell at

On August 21 Al Snow and Jacqueline were at the local Wal-Mart in Coon Rapids, MN which is only about five or ten miles away from my house. He was going to be there signing autographs from three to five p.m. I got there around 1:30 p.m. and noticed the table where he would be sitting off to the side by the men's department.

Since there were only two people in line I decided to look around for a while to kill some time. I finally met up with my friend Ross and his mom and we then decided to get in line.

By that time there were about fifty of us waiting for Al and Jacky to arrive. I noticed that a lot of the fans in line along with us had action figures with them so I asked my mom if she would run back home and get mine. She returned about fifteen minutes later and we continued to stand in line for about another thirty minutes.

Finally Al and Jacky entered through the back of the store, turned the corner and made their way to the table where they were seated. For most of the time I could only see the top of Al's head. I couldn't even see Jacky at all until the line progressed and I got closer to the table.

I took a few pictures before we made it up to where Al was sitting. Ross was ahead of me and Al asked him how he was doing and then Ross asked him, "So, is carpal tunnel setting in yet?" Al was signing the picture at the time and he looked up and said, "No, not yet, but if it does it will ruin my sex life." I was laughing about it, but Ross just looked over at me as if to say it was a little more information than he needed to know.

I was wearing my "What does everybody want?" T-shirt and Al noticed it almost immediately and said, "Hey! Cool!" As he was signing my action figure I told him that Wayne from Seattle said hello and he said, "Oh Wayne! Tell Wayne that the reason I haven't emailed him is because I've been busy, I've had doctor appointments…"

The lady that was working there was trying to get people through the line quickly and she just handed me Jacky's autograph. Jacqueline really wasn't talking to anyone that I could tell. Al was greeting everyone, but she really wasn't saying anything.

After we met Al we bought some picture frames and went home. His autograph is now framed and hanging on my wall. As for SummerSlam we really didn't get to see Al very much. We had to watch the entire match on the screen. Ross had a Head sign with him and I had my styrofoam head, but whether or not we actually got on television I don't know.

Well once again the WWF rolled into my neck of the woods for Sunday night Heat 8/8/99 which overall was a good show.

Well Al came out with that cute little puppy dog pepper and had a interview and then the big fat bossman had to come out ewww I hate that guy.

Then when the interview was over Al was walking up the ramp with cute little pepper and I think this when they were off camra we turn around and let the people that were by the ramp see pepper.

Then when we left after heat we when over to were they parked and we seen some people leave, we seen the godfathers Ho's leave, and then Al and the blue meanie came out with Ivory and we walked over by there car and the blue meanie and Ivory were giving autographs out to the fans

There was poor Al was loading the car and he made a comment to the blue meanie about not helping with the big bags which was funny, and some of the fans were asking where pepper was and then I asked Al for and autograph and told him that wayne from settle says hello and then he asked me how I know wayne

I told that I meet him on the net and I try to keep updated with the show that he does here and he said that was nice of me to do.

Then he walked back over to the car and they left.

I had a chance to see the one and only Al Snow wrestle live when the WWF came to Detroit last month. Well to start even before the show started they had some guys from the back come out and throw the crowd their own HEAD's to show Al and HEAD just how much they loved him.

So I got one of the heads they gave the crowd but gave it to my nephew. So about an hour in to the show it was time for AL and HEAD to come out and when they did the people when nuts waving their heads around and there were signs that read em pleh and things like that.

So then he wrestled Vader that night and I was so happy he did not have to job to him.

Needless to say it was one the better matchs I seen that night. Hope to see him more in the WWf.

Update,Rain goes to see Al again......

Ok so I when to raw last night right and you would never guess what a saw will I went to the stand where they sell things, never seen and Al t-shirt but you will never guess what they are selling, they are selling those plain white heads with piece of tape across the forhead with help me backwards of couse on it and they what like 10.00$ for them.

But I have to say Al played the crowd good last night when he came out to do the color durning the hardcore macth which I think he came out when they were on comm. brake first he was going to sit by good old JR but then the king had him come and sit by him and thats when he let head wear the crown that was good, I though and also Al had a match which was on before taping of raw which I think was for shotgun so I wont tell you who won ok, but I though I would tell you about them selling heads which I though was pretty funny it remember me of when you where talking about how people are fans of head and not Al,but any ways I'm out tah ta

Rainy April 13th 1999

Once again another update from Rainygirl

Well I had the chance to see Al again live here in Detroit and I must say Detroit likes Al Snow there was alot of people in the crowd that had there heads with them to help cheer Al on in his match and if you did have a head they had some heads for sale there at 10.00$ a pop which I though was a bit to much for the ones there were selling.

But AL put on a great show for the fans but to tell you the truth I cant remember to much of the macth because I was spending to much time yelling at my nephew who just drop his pizza down someone back in fornt of us but I do remember how the crowd cheer for Al when he came out to the ring.

On June 11 I had the chance to meet the Big Show and he is a very nice guy I must say he help me out with a pic of him and my 3 nephews which was very nice of him and I also got a pic of myself with him and we chated a bit about how much taller he was then I and then he asked If I had ticket to the show that night and I said no that I didnt.

Then I said thank you for the time he took so I could get the pics and I told to have a good time then we left

Saw Al Snow at a shopping mall in New Jersey! (day of the Garden show in NYC)  He was buying Ms.Field's cookies and he was nice enough to offer us one.

Hell Baby daja news 8/28/99

I was sitting at Dairy Queen in Lima, Oh tonight (6-5-98) when who walks in. Who the hell do you think it was it was AL!!!! It was the collest things I have ever seen. So me and my friends wait on him to leave and so my friends are all wuses so I go to him and shake his hand. Cool.

Adam Crowe

I was lucky enough to meet Al Snow and Head on June 13, 1998, the day that tickets for Fully Loaded went on sale. I arrived about a half hour before autographs were supposed to start. I was off in la la land, when my mom noticed Al Snow and Head. I totally freaked out. It was hard standing still after that. Finally came the time that autographs were going to be signed. Out came Al and Head, with Al drinking a Diet Pepsi. Well, I followed them over to the table, and I was about the fifth person in line. When it was my turn, I asked the question I had been asking over and over in my mind. I asked if Al liked ECW or WWF better. He had told me that he wasn't sure, since he had only been back for a little bit. Head let it be known that ECW was the place to be. I felt special getting an answer from both Al and Head. My only regret was not getting my picture taken with them.

Tracy Hahn

May 3rd, 1998. Marietta, GA. Wrestlepalooza, Main Event. The local chapter of the J.O.B. Squad came to sit in awe of the performance you put on that night.

You wouldn't believe me if I told you some of the people from WCW that were there that night BUT they marked out for you as well.

The entrance you got absolutely ROCKED. The thousands of styrofoam heads squeaking to the tune of "Breathe" had more style than a million Ultimate Borrior entrances.

That was an awesome match and I look forward to seeing you on Monday nights.

I'll break kayfabe here-- the night the impossible happened and Terry Bollea did the J.O.B. to Goldberg at the Georgia Dome, I was there watching from a Turner Skybox. Al, we were at the "BIGGEST NITRO EVER", with WCW employees with our backs turned watching RAW to see if you would make an appearance. At least the J.O.B. Squad has given my kliq a new outlook. Rather than being recent college graduates stuck in entry level positions, we're doing the J.O.B.-- pin me, pay me!

Give'em HEAD!

One thing I was noticing while sitting up in the balcony with wrestlers and family and stuff was that Al likes to watch his matches.....ECW tv came on right after the show and Lance Wright told him his match was on and he plopped right down in front of the TV and just watched intently......pretty cool.


I'm new to the sport of wrestling, only have been watching for about 6 months. I started watching Nitro and Raw and really liked it, but I wasn't hooked until I saw you wrestle at Bogarts in Cinci OH. When your music started playing and the whole crowd started chanting head I knew it was going to be something special and when the match was over I saw the best wrestler ever. Others are great but nothing compares to the J.O.B SQUAD.

Andrew Wheatley

I saw Al during one of his last ECW appearances...excuse, I'M telling the story here, ya mind? Harrisburg against Chris Candido. Unfortunately he lost (because Francine kept messing with Head), & unfortunately the morons in the audience kept calling him a sellout, but it was awesome seeing him in person, he is one funny bastard.

Misty Meaner



That's exactly what they got on Saturday November71998 in the Sky Dome in Toronto. Al Snow and Head put on a great show against Tiger Ali Singh.

The match started with the Tiger Ali Singh's music. Quickly followed by a echoing of boo's. Tiger took his sweet time getting to the ring. He walked alone. No little servant leading the way. It was not long before the boo's turned to chants of HEAD,HEAD,HEAD. Once Singh was in the ring. It was time. Toronto waited a long time to get some head. The lights went down and out they came. It was Al Snow and Head. The crowd of 20,000 + went wild.

Once to the ring Al Snow and Head had a their regular strategy session. Head was put in Al's corner and the match began. Al Snow and Singh fought back and forth for a while till Al left the ring took Head and went to sit in a chair. Al and Head had a few words. You could tell Al was not pleased at the advice Head gave before the match began.

Once Al was back in the ring it was not long before Singh somehow got the better of Al Snow and pined him 1...2...3... Tiger Ali Singh wins the match.

Al Snow grabs Head and they started to argue. Al Snow...very upset at his loss blames Head. Al Snow started to lay a beating on Head. Pildriver after pildriver. Elbow drops and headbutts. I thought Head was a goner but then Al Snow snapped out of it and grabs Head and kissed and said over and over how sorry he was.

They roll around in the ring hugging and holding on tight. Al Snow and Head leaves the ring and walks back to the Locker rooms.

This is just my opinion but I feel that Al Snow and Head should of won. I do not feel that the WWF is using Al Snow and Head to there fullest potential.

Soul From The Darkside

HEAD Thanks you Gail for that report

The Peoples Champion 13 (i met al snow and head today!): . . . . msg#8076 Sun, Nov 15, 0:47AM PST Rose it was a public appearance by the wwf at union station here at st. louis...we ate at hard rock cafe and al was there and my brother triple h 4:20 made a sign that said "i need head" and he signed the poster and we all talked for a little bit...he is a nice guy..

tickets for WWF Raw went on sale a while back ago, so I went to get one. and while I was there Al Snow (formally Leif Cassedy of the New Rockers) and The Head were signing autographs.So I stood in line for one. and while i was there Al was HYSTERICAL!!! he was in FULL character. he would ask the person's name before signing, so he could start it off as "to..." and everytime he messed up he would look at The Head and go "SEE!! This is what happens when you distract me!!!" or "i'm trying to listen to this person!! stop interupting them!!" or something like that.

At one point, he looked at the head and said "if you keep this up, you're going to be riding in the trunk on the way back!!!" I was in hysterics.

I think there was a kid that was looking pretty scared when he got up there because Al said something like "you're lucky I took my medicine...I'm calm today".

When it was my chance up I noticed that he was signing them "Al Snow and THE HEAD" and I, being the wise ass that I am, couldn't help but look at Al and say, "what...The Head doesn't sign it himself" he just said "nah, The Head doesn't do much of anything" and then he gave The Head this look and said, "NO YOU DON'T!!! you're just like Marty Jannetty...sitting on the ring apron while I take all the hits!!!" After that, I did get a ticket for raw in October...I'm gonna be in the third row in the corner by the enterence way!!!

My only regret is I didn't bring my camera to get a pic of me and him together. oh well. I am, however, planning on bringing my camera, so hopefully I will have some good pics to add on this page afterwards.

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Wayne this is Triple H 4:20 well lets see my brother and I went to a wwf promo for survivor series and we got reservations at Hard Rock Cafe and low and behold after the promo was over Al along with HEAD ate at Hard Rock.

Durning the meal (which we were a couple tables down from him) we would chant head head after we were done eating we got up to leave and Al was leaveing at the same time so we went outside and my posters that i had never used were still out side so I grabbed a marker and wrote on my poster "ALL I WANT IS HEAD"

I saw Al and approached him and asked if he would sign my poster...he said yes and while doing so i told him I was a big fan of the J.O.B SQUAD and that they kicked ass...he said thanks alot. and I told him good luck in the tournament and i would be rooting for him...he said thanks alot and we shaked hands. very nice guy.

Triple 4:20/ Michael Meitz


Back on 9/1/98 I went to the RAW is WAR Tapings in Lowell, Ma and I was at the consession stand and when i was walking back to my seat, who should I bump into but Al Snow, he was getting ready to come to the ring from the crowd...I talked to him for a second, he was VERY Nice.


anyways, i went to a wwf house show yesterday, and before you ask, no, i didn't get to meet al, but i'm confident i will at the next show, which is at a better venue for meeting wrestlers. MSG sucks, because the drive directly in and out of the underground parking garage.

the show was amazing, and al was wonderful. he even got to goof around after the match (against goldust). much more than he gets to do on tv. neat, huh?? he's also very cute in person! but you probably knew that.


Here's the deal, last weekend at the Valentine's Day Massacre I went around back of the Pyramid around lunch, and all the wrestlers were arriving. None of them except Al Snow and Bluedust would even acknowledge us. Al and Bluedust came over and signed an autograph and took a picture w/ me, and now I respect them more than any other wrestler in the WWF.


Jessica met Al Snow and Blue Meanie who pulled up together. Al wrote "EM PLEH" (help me) on Emma's forehead. She said that they were real cute and sweet as can be.

Tara Renee for sister Jessica

Al Snow won me as a fan the night I watched him work his ass off and then come out after the show to mingle with the fans. That is something you don't see many of the "big boys" do, unless they are being paid (a lot) to do so.

Jess Caminiti

First I wanna say, great site.

There really needs to be a great site out there for the Al Snow (and Head) Fans.

Al Snow is definitely one of the top wrestlers in the world. I can't wait to see him capture gold in the World Wrestling Federation. He deserves it.First I wanna say, great site. There really needs to be a great site out there for the Al Snow (and Head) Fans.

Al Snow is definitely one of the top wrestlers in the world. I can't wait to see him capture gold in the World Wrestling Federation. He deserves it.

I met Al Snow back in September of 98 and he is a really funny guy. I got my picture taken with him. I blew the picture up and hung it on my wall. I got a HEAD for my birthday and the Got Head shirt for Christmas.

And just out of curiousity, do you know where I can find J.O.B. Squad shirts? I ordered one from a web site and they totally JOBBED me out of it. So I figured if anyone knew where I could find one it would be you. Anyway, I just wanted to say great site and thanks for making it.

It's very rare when you find such a good site dedicated to a great wrestler.

-Zero April 13th 1999

Al came into the ring first...the crowd went nuts...the stamds were leterally shaking....It was deffening....I couldn't believe how loud it was....all at the same time everyone was yelling...WHAT DOES EVERYBODY WANT? HEAD!! WHAT DOES EVERYBODY NEED? HEAD!

It was really crazy.....Al went to a couple corners and stood on the second rope and held head above his head each time....When D lo came in everyone booed him.....It was obvious the people wanted HEAD!! everytime Al looked at head...the crowd went nuts....Head was clearly the star...the match went on...the usual thing...then it wound up in the end with Head costing Al the match...then D lo left the ring....and Al starting beating up head...the crowd didn't like that

I even heard a few boo's.....Al grabbed the mike and said how he hated it when you cost me matches....or something like that...then appeared to leave...halfway down the runway he turned and came back grabbed the mic and started crying...saying how sorry he was to Head...then he got up on his feet and yelled in the mic what does everybody want? and the crowd yelled Head!!! what does everybody need...And the Crowd yelled HEAD!! it was nuts.....but i loved it!

Stone Kold 4/17/99 Canada

The first live event I ever went to was King of the Ring 1996. I was having so much fun. We we're fairly close but not really. The Rockers had a match against the Body Donnas. As Al(who at the time was Leif Cassidy) climbed into the ring me and my friend were standing up waving at him. He saw us and waved back. It made our day. Al Snow was the first wrestler to ever wave at us.



Hey man my name is Shane I love Al Snow and I just recently saw him (last night actually) and he RULED! He beat the snot out a Holly and powerbombed him through a table for the victory.

He also played a little trick on Holly by spraying the ref with the fire extinuisher and then kicking the ref while he was down.

After that Al hid outside the ring while the ref got up and found Holly behind him and Holly got yelled at for it.

I wish that Al would come and sign autographs here...I would die happy if i could meet him. By the way I purchased the Got Head? shirt and everyone in school loved it. Well I was just seeing if maybe i had a shot 4 fan of the week. E-mail me if ya want and I'll tell ya more about the match. see ya


Al and of course YOU Head were awesome! Al was wrestling that damn Hardcore Holly. Holly pulled out a fire extinguisher and he tried to spray Al with it.

It didn't work! Bob was stupid enough to direcrt the nozel at his face and he got sprayed! (HEE HEE HEE) Then, Al grabbed it and tried to spray Bob that didn't work.

Poor Al was getting annoyed. He then directed the nozel at his face. Lucky for Al it didn't go off.

Then Al held the nozel straight out and Bob came walking up... he got sprayed AGAIN!!!!! Bob recovered and was getting in control again.

So here came Head to the rescue!!! Head knocked Holly down and pinned him.

It was so awesome to be there near Al Snow and the world wide famous Head!!! I must have used a whole role of film on that match. That role had 24 exposures on it.

Being in the same arena with Head & Al Snow was the best experience I ever had in my life! And I think it will be the best experince I ever will have!! Thanks Al and Head for making my life better for being there!!!! It meant a lot to me!!!!!

TazzSe May 23 1999

Al, you are very cool! I saw you at the ECW Arena when Funk wrestled Sabu in the barbed wire match. I think it was your first appearance in ECW!?! WOW, how you took off from there! Glad to see you are getting over so well. Guess all it took was a little HEAD !!!! Good luck in the future! Maybe if ECW starts making more money, they can make it worth your while to return! You belong in ECW! ECW is my mom and my favorite wrestling! HEAD HEAD HEAD HEAD HEAD HEAD HEAD HEAD


10/25/99-its 2 am ... i just got back from the show... lol...

heres my report...Al was in a dark match against Gangrel...

it was real technical to beign with... but it broke down to a more hardcore match with chairs and such...

in the end gangrel dq'd by blowing that red spew into Al's face... the bell rang... then all beat gangrel up.

they left without much fanfare. i took a lot of pics...

and im hoping Al and Mick team up... it looked real good when he did the run in... and the crowd was really into it... did you see me?

i was wearing a kane-like mask and took part in the Sea of Sockos... Mick waved to us... Al smiled at my friend... she had a Provindence loves Head sign ( or something like that, i was too in awe of his butt to really pay attention! Part two-months earlyer... ok... its short and sweet wayne...

Met Mankind i waited in line for about 45 minutes to an hour... a lot less time than with either Kane or UT.

i was with a friend from (kane... rainy knows him), and he got to see mick first... the handler guy says... 'only one autograph per person'... which kinda stunk, because he had a couple of things for mick to sign.

Then it was my turn... major suck up mode enganged... 'hi Mr Foley'... he looks kinda stunned at this but says 'hi' anyhow. I had the March '99 copy of wwf mag with me... with Mankind on the cover... when he first won the belt.

'i was at the worcester show when you won!'... im such a mark... but it was true... i had really lousy seats and i had to wait in a blizzard to get those!...

ha He says 'yeah... that was a good show wasnt it?'... and he signs the cover - Mankind and Socko. then he says... 'i'll sign the inside too... in case the cover gets messed up.'

"Wow... thanks!' so i got three autographs for the price of one... hehehe... the handler guy didnt look too happy... but he said 'make sure you let that cover dry real good.'

Its my only bragging right... lol... i only have Al's autograph left to get now... the shooter... he never does signings up here... >:(... and so i wait.

lab mousie

I just wanted to say that you're not only a great wrestler, but you're good to your fans. I went to the HWA show that you were at in Hamilton, Ohio on Halloween. You were nice to me as you were all your fans.

Thanks! Chris Scott

After the show I met Al Snow, Droz, Joey Abs and Pete Gas, 3 of them were really cool and signed shit for people but Al Snow was a dick and when somoene tried to ask him something he had a smartass reply "Why don't you go inside, I think Stone Cold's in there" (refering to the McDonalds that he was walking out of)

JDSVideo for the Ministry Newsletter #187

Snow was a ok guy he said he had a headache and was hurt so he didnt talk alot

DxHHH66 who happened to be at a rest stop outside of Bufflo NY

Credit:Ministry Newsletter # 187