Vince Russo/The Bite

World Wrestling Federation Magazine January 1999

Vince Russo

The Bite

Great Worker? Who Cares!?!

"Oh yeah... he's one helluva worker." Ya know, I've gotta tell ya... hearin' that line so often in this business makes me absolutely SICK.

Toady, judgin' a mans's success by how good a worker he is - or in laymans's terms, how good his performance is inside the ring - is utterly RIDICULOUS!!! Sure, being a good "worker" is an ingredient in the recipe of superstardom, but in 1999 it's the nutmeg compared to the egg. In other words... it's just a pinch - a very small part.

Will they drop turds on me for sayin' that? You know they will, but you know what - WHO CARES!!! It's not a shot at anybody, but simply an observation. I mean, I respect the mechanics of the squared circle as much as the next guy, but in this world of talkin' socks - it's just not as important as it used to be!!!

The "entertainer" is going to make more money than the "worker" each and every day of the week, my friends. And not only will will they be richer... but they'll also have longevity.

Let me break it down for ya - MR. SOCKO is over. The fans are gettin' outta their chairs for a SOCK!!! DO YOU GET THAT?!!! And - IT'S NOT EVEN THE SAME SOCK!!! IT'S A DIFFERENT SOCK EVERYTIME!!! Now, Mr. Socko hasn't put in over 20 years in his craft practicin' the collar 'n' elbow lockup. No, he just showed up one day in a hospital room and he was OVER - INSTANTLY!!!

But wait - there's more. Remember a guy named Al Snow? You know - Avatar-Leif Cassidy. Always had the staple of being a "helluva worker", but for some reason - couldn't get over if his life depended on it. Enter HEAD - a simple, plastic, inanimate object. A prop that helped turn Al Snow into one of the greatest "entertainers" in the World Wrestling Federation.

Not enough? Think about it. When did Stone Cold Steve Austin start gettin' over with the fanz? It wasn't as the Ring Master I'll tell you that - even though he was "one helluva worker." Austin became a success when he was allowed to speak. When he was allowed to "entertain" us. What about HHH? Was the Greenwich Snob ever over? Not until he shouted the phrase, "SUCK IT!!!"

You see what I'm sayin'? The "work" in the ring is basically the same. There is no one way to bodyslam your opponent. But the "personalities" are different... much different. In the soap opera known as the World Wrestling Federation, we care about the "performers", the "personalities." What seperates one from the other. The "work ethic" does come into play, but it's not gonna make... or break anybody.

Shawn Michaels - great worker - greater personality - OVER. Hulk Hogan - HORRIBLE worker - great personality -OVER. Is there anybody out there who's going to tell me that Goldberg is a great worker? Now, let's go to the other side. How many Mexican and Japanese wrestlers are great workers? Now then... how many are OVER? NONE, maybe?!!! That's because on an emotional level, Americans can't relate to foreigners... no matter what they do off the top rope. Basically, it's just another guy comin' off the top rope.

Why is Dennis Rodman more popular than Karl Malone - even though Malone is the better "worker" with more personality? Do you think KISS are great musicians? No, but they can put on one helluva show though!!! Ya see, it's all in the show... the performance by the "performers." Who is more over with you? Oprah... or Springer? Who is the more "credible worker"? You know it ain't JERRY - JERRY - JERRY!!!

So the next time one of those "rasslin' smarts" tells you that So-and-So is a great worker, do us all a favor and SHOVE A FREAKIN' SOCK DOWN HIS THROAT!!!



Not a great worker, but one helluva gimmick!

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