Al on the Tonight Show

Al on the Tonight Show

We find Chris Laskowski(not the Linebacker) and Kim Stasiewicz from the Tonight Show at the first Tough Enough try outs

Al is outside the ring as the girls are getting in the ring

Kim:Oh my goodness

Al:Oh just jump right over the top rope.......andddddddd......

Chris has a hard time making it over


Al jumps into the ring

Al:Great girls

Al makes like he is going for Kim


Al:I have to teach these Tough Enough guys how to move in the ring,how to walk in the ring,who it hit the ropes right,because if you hit the ropes wrong you know.....

Chris: I would fall thru the ropes

Kim:You would get Pads?

Al:No you don't get any pads.

Kim:No Padding???

Al:No you two have enough already

(editors note:Boob joke see???)

The girls laugh

Al:(Taking to Kim) What I'm going to show you now or do to you is called a Power Bomb

Al gets Kim up so that his face is in her crotch


Kim:I can't belive I watched him on TV and this is what I am doing with him now!

Al goes to Power Bomb Kim

Chris: oh no don't she has a bad back....she has Sciatica

Everybody laughs

Al lets her down easy

Kim:Oh my God!!!!


Chris:I would like to do something a little less suggestive

Al:(to Chris) What I'm going o show you is a Vertical Suplex

Al gets her up in the Suplex and holds her there she is pulling on Al's sweats and the camera pans down so that it looks like she's looks in his pants.......big laugh from Tonight show fans

Al:It's just like running away with the circus isn't it!?......Al puts her in an Airplane spin.....

Later the girls do rock Scissors paper to see who runs the obstacle Course first......Chris wins and goes first

Al:Be Spider Man

Al she runs with the weight behind her she asks for help but she is getting help already as Al is pushing the weight for her.....she runs it in 3 minutes 11 seconds

Chris lays in the sand tired

Chris:Kim I'll be up in one second to help you up

As Kim runs the course this time Al has picked up the weight and is running with it behind her as Kim tries to get over a fence....

Al:Take your time

Al helps her over by pushing her over with his hands on her butt .....she falls on her face on the way over

(editors note:The Tonight Show fans loved that)

Kim runs the course in 2 minutes 39 seconds

Kim:I've never worked so hard in my life

Back in the ring we find Al and the girls

Kim:Thank you Al we had a blast today

Al:Thank you

They bunch Al in the gut

Kim:I really did bunch him:Chris:Did you??? really did bunch me

Fade out to laughter