Tough Enough Show #3 re-cap

Tough Enough Show #3 Re-Cap

7/5/2001 Tough Enough Show 3

In this episode of the show, we start to see more of the relationships going on in the house, their true opinions of each other, and the cracks starting to widen.

The show opens, of course, with a re-cap of last week's show. Then it's on to a montage of the contestants working out, overlaid with all their complaints, saying how they are all starting to break...They seem to all look up to and envy Jason--his physique, his drive, his intensity.

I guess we were all in for a surprise there.. At the Trax that day, they were all asked to just sit and to stare straight ahead--no looking up, no looking down--just straight ahead. They thought it was some sort of mental test...but no---it was to insure total surprise at the incoming 'guest trainer'---Triple H!

  There are looks of total surprise, of shock--and yes, a few looks of terror...After a long, cool staredown, and asking them who among them is 'sore' (they all raise their hands) --he splats Darryl ('Big Man in the back') right on down...Triple H tells them all to get into the ring. First, he has them all take a bump, watching them carefully,

ALL cool attitude (he is SO intimidating!) --until he informs Darryl that 'one of his nuts is hanging out' embarrassing.... He asks what the difference was between that bump and one of his..and goes on to state that from the minute they walk through that curtain, and into the ring, and on through--they are telling a story. Only not with words, but with their bodies.

  He then proceeds to teach them a little about 'that snap'--or selling a punch. He makes it look brutal--like he is really hitting them! (Yeah, i'm a mark) Triple H actually compliments Greg on his 'snap'--and Greg all but gushes about that later..Can't say that I blame him.

To Jason, he says that if he 'sold it like that in the ring, he'd tag you for real'... He then asks them why they all want to be wrestlers--to which Bobbie Jo replies that 'she likes a challenge'--they are all standing there all stiff and scared-looking--and Triple H asks her if she was a fan--to which she replies 'No'--what nerve! And Triple H derides her, saying that 'she just saw it on TV, and decided that she wanted to get her *ss kicked for a living.'---She drops her eyes after that..and no wonder.

He then goes on to splat Maven, saying that he just wants in the business for the chicks...

  He then goes on to deliver a heartfelt speech that really gets to them---and to me, too---about being on the road two hundred plus days a year--not seeing your kids grow up, not knowing what your husband or wife is really up to..and having to come home and be 'superdad' or 'supermom' because you have been away for so long, regardless of how beat up and injured you are.

  He is trying to instill a respect in these kids for the business; and tells them that if they screw up this remarkable opportunity that they have been given, that they are 'p*ssing on' all that have gone before them, who have worked so hard to get there..on every 'old-timer' that's fairly crippled, on everyone who has been injured, mentioning Darren Drozdov by name, and the fact that he is paralyzed..

You can see by their faces that he is really getting to them. That this is a business where careers are fast and short, and that respect has got to be earned--not given, earned-- and dues have to be paid.

Afterwards, when they are all still humbled by Triple H's talk, Darryl decides to be stupid and put Victoria in a headlock--totally breaking the mood---

So let the backstabbing begin...Nobody seems too pleased with him...So here comes a montage of them all on the phone to family and friends--talking about Triple H's visit, and the impact it had on them.

  It is here that Jason begins to reconsider. He wants a family above all, it would seem, and the whole idea of being on the road constantly is getting to him. He (and some of the others) talk about the fact that he is the 'quiet one' and has distanced himself from everyone from the beginning.

This leads us to the saga of Chris and Nidia----'Chris and Nidia, sitting in a tree'...and a hottub, where he gets a bit insistant and rough with her--after time and again telling him 'No'--he insists that she dunk herself...and that is the end of that...This may get a bit ugly. At first he was her favorite, but now...It would seem he has trouble with relationships...oh, here we go...

They then get an offer to go out--and we are treated to a 'primp-a-thon'--with the others getting angry at having to wait for (surprise!)

Bobbie Jo for TWO HOURS..She seems oblivious to it all, going on and on about her dance training, and how she loves to dance---and how much she likes having big breasts! ...Amid an overlay of the others' cutting remarks..With Victoria callling her an 'airhead'.

  The next day, 'Big' is called by Jason..and we see that he has decided to drop out of the competition. Everyone seems saddened, and he feels that he is letting them all down, but has to do what he has to do. There are a few goodbyes, and off he goes. Contestant Number One has officially bitten the dust.

Then it is back to the Trax, where Al removes one chair, saying that 'It will become, like, a ritual, I guess, each week'...

There is a montage of mat and ring action, and the show ends with Bobbie Jo wondering 'if she really, really wants this, if she wants this enough to put up with this, and go even further..'

I'll bet she is not the only one at this point that is wondering that.