Tough Enough Re-Cap Show #4

Tough Enough Re-Cap Show #4

7/12/2001 Tough Enough re-cap

This episode holds more than a few shocks and surprises. It opens with the usual re-cap of last week's show and Jason's departure.

They show the cast members getting ready to go to training..dragging a little, thinking a lot. 'Big' arrives, taking only one in the hummer, Victoria--he sort of picks her brain a little on the way, feeling her out..She is not sure she wants to be a wrestler.

At the Trax, Al begins with,

'This is a contest, this a competition--I hope you haven't forgotten that.'He then breaks the news that they would be making a cut this week--the twenty-four hour notice?

Well, this is it.

They start with bumps--last week was to learn it, this week is to get them conditioned to it so that it becomes second nature. This is followed with a rousing round of bumps--showing a lot of Victoria and her poor head, with Josh saying how 'she scares the h*ll of him' always landing on her, too. Next, it is a headlock, taking someone over with it.

We get to see some of our cult hero's patience and humor, as he is creamed over and over again...

'You're a big boy, aren't you?'(to Darryl)

'I get cranky when guys land on my head on a number of is about the seventh time already today, and we haven't even broke for lunch yet..So, wait for me to take the bump, then come down with me, okay..come to this position after I've landed..otherwise? I'll bite your nipple off and spit it in your face..(spoken with that famous smile from the crook of Josh's armpit)..

Then, a montage of lockup and takeover..It is in the midst of this that Al asks Darryl if he has washed his pants lately'...and we find out that Darryl's stench is 'killing' Al; and Al makes Darryl go and change his shorts..-click for wav

Al actually tries to be discreet about it at first, but Darryl makes the mistake of 'disrespecting' Al by mumbling like a sullen adolescent as he walks away..Big Mistake..

AL then calls him back, and tells him not to disrespect him--that he doesn't even take that crap from his own son, who is eleven..-click for wav

We then see Darryl whining about how it is not his fault that 'the man doesn't like him'...and then a bunch of comments from the others in regard to his attitude and his stench..One feels sorry for Paulina, who is partnered with him.

Then they go back to the training center, for another workout--and we see all too clearly the bruises on Paulina's knees. Plus, another round of obnoxiousness from Darryl, and the others' opinions of him..which are not too high at this point, and dropping by the moment.

The next morning, we see everyone getting up..making breakfast..and Victoria states that it is going to be 'a long day'--and jokes weakly about her regimen of Aleve..she is really hurting, they all are. They are wondering if they are all cut out for this, and with good reason. We hear 'Big' say how Victoria and especialy Bobbie Jo had no idea what they were getting into..I had to laugh at Darryl's opinion that Victoria would be the first one to get cut..

Right after, Bobbie Jo and Victoria go to John

There are a few tears (and a hug from Al),

but very little fanfare, as they pack up their stuff and go, leaving the others to question their own places there. Back at the house, we see them all call their family and friends with their reactions to the news..and are treated to a nauseating shot of Darryl's rather horrific posterior as he crawls into bed..haven't we been shocked enough???

Apparently not, as during a midnight round of horseplay between Maven and Josh a candle set on the floor between the beds in the girls' room catches Taylor's bed on fire! It is quickly put out, to a shout of 'Stop, Drop and Roll!'--These kids are losing it..

The next morning, they are all discussing it on the way to the Trax--and Darryl realizes that he slept through the whole thing..and feels a bit 'left out'..can't imagine why..but he thinks it 'just might be jealousy and stuff'. Yeah, Darryl, that's exactly what it is.

At the Trax,

Al tells them that there will not be a cut this week. He takes the two unoccupied chairs and puts them up against the wall alongside Jason's. Al says that they will put them against the wall to 'signify each person that has left.

Tazz comes in and gives them a little lecture, calling the ones who have left 'quitters'--no sugar-coating it, there--and that he thinks that they have 'weeded out the crap'..On to more training, and we see that Paulina is really doubting her place there..uh oh..

We see more of Al 'getting in there and riding them'--this man is good at what he does, and one can really see why he was chosen to do this.

The next morning the girls are treated to a limo ride and lunch with Stephanie--she again comes across as really natural and really cool--and the girls sing her praises..I wonder if they got her in there to talk to them to kind of prevent any more defections...Meanwhile, back at the house--the boys are left to themselves--and it turns into a sort of 'gang-up' on Darryl, where they all tell him about himself--he asked them was te problem they all had with him--and well, they told him. About his laziness, his attitude, his bragging...well, he asked for it.

The next day at the Trax, we find out that AL has a match that night at Smackdown!--and that they all get to go--and have front-row seats!

Al tells them to behave like professionals--and not go, 'OO! Oo!There's the Rock!', and act like marks--click for wav

he is a riot. The show looks great, with lots of shots of the Superstars in action, and the contestants having a blast. We hear the contestants'opinions of the show--and Chris the Psycho saying, 'A couple of times, I thought--that could be me.' You can see that they see it from quite a different perspective this time around, and as Paulina says, 'That's why I want to be a wrestler.'

Yeah, the pomp, the glory, the be continued..