Tough Enough Re-Cap show#7

Tough Enough Re-Cap show #7

Tough Enough Report for August 02, 2001

This episode is rather a laid-back one, as there is little ring action; although we do gain a little more insight into the character of a couple of the contestants. It opens, naturally, with a re-cap of last week's show, and the tearful departure of Shadrick.

At the Trax, amidst the bump barrage, we see Al checking various contestants' injuries, and find out that Paulina has injured her knee, but didn't tell anyone. Al makes her sit down, and then tells her, 'You've got to tell me when these things occur. You aren't impressing anybody when you are continuing to do these things when you are actually injured.'He goes on to say that it would be better for her to sit on the sidelines and watch, 'then to not be there at all.' He is right,of course; and looks dead serious when he tells her that.

We then see them all back at the house talking to their various loved ones on the phone, and we hear Taylor's father complaining about them not being able to have visitors. She explains that they are going to do a drawing~~two names will be drawn out of a hat, and those two will get to have the visitors of their choice flown out to see them.

More quick cuts of them getting ready to go to the Trax (and Paulina looking mighty pensive), where, in the middle of their sets of jumping jacks, this week's special guest is Kurt Angle, Our Olympic hero! He sneaks up alongside an unsuspecting Josh, to a great facial reaction. And we see Nidia exclaiming that 'It's Kurt Angle!'Wow.

Then the usual introductory montage of Angle in the ring..and quite an inspirational speech from him, telling how, at first, he thought he was too good for Pro Wrestling; and then how he watched an episode of Raw~~and was hooked. And that's not hooked on the storylines, folks--on the athleticism..He also gives a brief run-down on his impressive accomplishments~and they are impressive. There are plenty of reaction shots from the contestants--and you can tell that they, too, are impressed with Angle's personification of the 'Three I's'

They then get a chance with Angle in the ring, with him watching them, and then advising them as Al and the other trainers look on. Josh appears to have gotten a bloody nose, judging by the funky twisted tissue he has hanging out of it...

It seems that the best advice Angle gives them go for the ropes...and that he doesn't see anyone doing that.

Then he tells everyone that there is one more 'I' to his 'Three I's'---and (after having everyone pull a pair of sunglasses out of an manilla envelope), that the Fourth 'I' stands for Island~~~they are all going to Paradise Island in the Bahamas!!! They are look relieved and thrilled~~relieved to be getting a break, and thrilled to be going..can't blame them. They have, as Kurt said, earned it.

Then, after a quick montage of packing and laundry (interspersed with Harvard Chris complaining that the others are not as serious as him, and that that is why he doesn't mix)--and then learning that Paulina has had to have a MRI done on her knee,(we see her worriedly examining it)---off they go--onto a plane, then a bus, and then to the hotel, which is pretty posh. The scenery is beautiful, and they are all exclaiming over it.

It is then that we see, in the midst of all the activities that they have planned (shopping and boating and frolicking with manta rays, among other things), that Harvard Chris is getting a little annoyed, now...mainly with Josh, who has bought a small wooden flute, and persists in playing the one song he knows (off key), 'Hot Cross Buns'--to the delight of everyone, it seems, but Harvard Chris; who is embarrassed to be seen with him...La-De-Dah...

Poor Paulina is having a tough time keeping up with the rest due to her injury, and we hear her thoughts. She has a talk with 'Big'(never a good sign), and decides that she is 'way too big' to be anybody's valet or manager--and that if she does this, she would 'have to be' a Superstar..

That night, 'Big' decides to have the 'visitor drawing' then and there--the two winners are..Josh and Greg...much to Harvard Chris's chagrin. Apparently, Greg's girlfriend is due to have surgery that weekend, so he 'buys' the 'visitor pass' from him.."I'll give you One-fifty', he says, and Greg agrees.

Then, more scenes of them all eating and dancing, and yes, partying..Harvard Chris gets a little 'inebriated' (as Josh puts it), and we find out that not everyone likes him, and that it has taken a little time for them to realize that..or as Greg puts it, 'For Big Chris' persona to be unveiled'...Josh realizes that he is a little drunk, and tries to push it with him..then tells us that he thinks he is a 'bully', and projects a false image...Chris then appears to pass out on the bed.

Next morning, more beautiful scenery, more packing and picture-taking, and they are off..back to reality. They all state that it has done them a world of good, and there are a few jokes about not wanting to go back. 'Big' lectures them a little on the bus, telling them that the competition will get a lot harder from now on, as there are only eight of them left. We see a shot of Paulina looking worried, and with good reason.

Back from Dreamland, we see Harvard Chris bragging a little smarmily to his girlfriend about how he had to 'purchase' her visit..hmm...Money cannot buy everything, dude..And THEN find out that Greg's girlfriend is not having eye surgery after all..uh, oh..She tells him to 'get it back'...and then, Greg goes to Maven, who says the same thing..Clearly, Greg is worried about talking to Harvard, and how he will react.

Predictably, he is not at all amused by the turn of events (by the stony look on his face)--and refuses, saying that, in a nutshell, that Greg should have checked with his girlfriend first...he DOES have a point, but this further cements his current 'Heel of the House' status..Greg has no choice but to go with his decision.

Next morning, whilst the others safely slumber, we see Paulina taking her MRIs to the orthopedists in town.

At the Trax, we see Al chiding Josh, saying that everybody else came back'normal'--what happened to his nose? Turns out it is sunburn, and we are treated to a sweet side of AL, as he tapes up Josh's nose and draws a 'kitty cat'..'cos it shows chicks that he is like a an animal'--hahah, cute, Al..

On to more bumps..and then the incident with the visitor's pass--it seems everyone sides with Greg, even though he sold it away.

The trainers and 'Big' have a mini-meeting in regards to Paulina's knee..and they decide that it is really up to her to decide. It turns out that she saw two doctors; and has, in fact, a partially torn lateral ligament, a partially broken bone in the top of her femur, and a knee sprain--and the doctors basically tell her to stay off it, or she would, most likely, damage permanently her knee. Major bummer.

'Big' has told her to go home, talk to her family and friends, and to sleep on it. We see her doing just that, stating that she wishes that she had a 'crystal ball' see into the future.

Next morning, back at the Trax, Al asks everyone how they are feeling, and tells them to all get ready to stretch.

Then, in a whispery little voice (holding back tears) Paulina comes up clutching a card for each trainer--and tells them that she is going to withdraw. I feel so bad for her, as she hugs everyone goodbye. I get honestly choked up as she makes to leave..and wish her well.

As she drives away, we hear her say that she got to wrestle with the superstars (and see a mini-montage of her doing just that)--and that she really can see herself doing it as a career when she is one hundred percent again...Go for it, kiddo.

Another one down.