Tough Enough Re-Cap Show 11

Your Tough Enough Re-Cap for 9/20/2001

Hello Tough Enough Fans,this is your Webmaster reporting your Tough Enough re-cap for this week,I hope all is well with you all,I am writing this re-cap in place of Co-Webmaster Indigo as it seems she was fighting the Amish for the rights to her phone and her lights and could not get on line to make the here we go.......

The show starts off with thoughts from Harvard Chris and Josh going over how they feel about each other.....Chris the Bully,Josh the Baby

Al talks about Josh and his size,and how Josh will have to work alot harder.....we then go to the Trax...they are in the ring doing bumps ect.....Tazz is laughing in the corner and says they look great

Al has a talk with them about how now it's time to get Tough as they only have seven days to go and it's time to crack down.....they all give their thoughts about that

Al talks about how he is going to watch each one of them on how they do

Tori talks about Chris's body size.....Al thinks Chris is a smart thinking wrestler.....Al thinks Josh has alot of heart.....Tori likes Josh's style

Al thinks Maven is a cool dude and a look to him

Jackie talks about Taylor....about how Taylor is alot like Jackie when she first started out....Jackie loves how Nidia tries so hard

Big John talks about how Nidia is so female like

Maven talks about how they all try to help each other in the ring,helping each other look good

Al questions as to who will have that X factor......that thing...

They then are showed in a gym........

Josh:I thought you were going to show us some new stuff?

Al:I'll show you the door!....don't let it hit your ass on the way out

Josh:Will you show us the Moonsault?

Al:Yes I'll show you the Moonsault


Al:First thing....right off the bat

Josh:Thats all I wanted to hear

Chris talks about how small Josh is and thinks that is what Josh has against him

Josh can't wait to get to the high spots which is where he hopes to look better then the others

Next they are at the House up in Josh's room and a Limo pulls up and it's Stone Cold and Mrs.Stone Cold.....Steve rings the door bell.....


They are all wondering what that ringing is....somebody thinks they have a clock....Josh and Chris go to have a look see and find Steve and Debra at the front and let them in....Steve gets upset that they don't let Debra in first

They all sit down to have a talk.....Steve gets upset at Chris for saying wrestling is not work and the girls kind of suck up to Debra......Steve talks about the old days and with the last money he had he bought a 50 lb bag of Potatos and some tuna fish which only lasted him two then for 3 days he eat the potatos....go figure.....(What?)

Niadia says she has the wrestling bug but it sure is hard work

Steve chats with Josh about flying around....Steve states you don't go flying around just for the hell of it.......Josh:Right!

Steve talks about screws lose in his neck and about how his knees are shot but he keeps going(What?)

Back at the Track and it's time to learn the Moonsault....OH NO!!!!!.....Josh can't get it right....oh my God!......Josh does it again and again and again.....wrong each time.....your old Webmaster was feeling bad for Josh....

More nose up in the air talk from Chris as he is sure if he is not the winner it will be de da....

Next they get a call from big John who tells them to get their boots and bathing suits(oh la la....Nadia and Taylor in Bikinis.....I hope they waxed) and be ready to go on a trip...they go to where there is a pile of rocks.....but first they have to go swimming.....thats a big old tattoo on Taylors back....

Anyway....Josh wins at the swimming, smarty pants Chris is the losser

They then go rock climbing and again Chris lookes bad.....that night as the others sit around a camp fire Chris is off with Big John Brown nosing his little heart out.....the boys make fun of him

Back at the Tracks and who joins them but Ivory....she is seen beating them all up.....Chris brown noses about Ivory

Ivory too thinks about Chris's size......she likes Josh's spunk.....she wants to take Maven out for drinks

Ivory and Tori sit down with Nadia and Taylor and talk about how great it is to be a female WWF wrestler and what shoes to wear

Now it's time to try the Moonsault without the crash pad....Nadia wants to look fear in the face...she loves wrestling and wants the chance....she does the Moonsault perfact.....Al dances around

Al:Yes!....Damn! one I have ever seen!

Chris again looks like a dork and does it wrong(ha-ha).....

Josh is not to sure he can do it....

Al:Are you ready Josh?....just do it.....

Josh gets half way up the ropes and looks back

Al:Do you trust me?....If I didn't think you could do it you wouldn't be doing it

Josh gets to the top rope

Al:Are you going to let it beat you?....or are you going to beat it?.....this is what you want

Josh jumps!!!!!!'s a perfect Moonsault....Go Josh!....Go Josh!....Go Josh!....Go Josh!....Go Josh!....

Josh:I hit the Moonsault right and it felt good to have Al say it was right,it was just so good that I did it right....

Al was so happy for Josh...hell I was happy for Josh....Rosey was happy for Josh....the cat was Happy for wait....the cat was just licking it's self but Im sure if it was watching.....

Al and Big John wonder how hard it will be to pick the winner.....Al says the Kids have made it from hell and back....and it's anybodys race and it's not going to be easy to pick the winner(I wrote that two times...uh?)

Josh:Im pretty excited....from here on out anybody could take it.......

Fade to black