Tough Enough Premiere Re-Cap

6/21/2001-Re-cap of the One Hour Tough Enough Premiere

Josh. Jason. Victoria. Maven. Taylor. Chris. Shadrick. Bobbie Jo. Chris. Paulina. Nidia. Darryl. Greg. These are the thirteen applicants chosen for the 'Tough Enough' contest. God help them.

Tough Sounds #1

The show opens with an exciting montage of WWF Superstars in action, including comments by such Superstars as Angle, The Hardyz, Jericho, Chyna, Triple H, and The Undertaker, all of whom will help with the training. This show focuses on the grueling auditions.

Tough Sounds #2

There are opening shots of the many contestants standing in line---some arriving as early as 3 am---and their comments on what they hope to achieve, and what they feel they bring to the table. Out of the over 4,000 3-minute tapes received (some of which were shown--including 'Cham Pain's), 230 were selected, at their own time and expense, to try out at WWF New York.

Tough Sounds #3

The judges included Al Snow, Jaqueline, Taz, Jonathan Coachman, Kevin Dunn, and John 'Big' Gaburick, and they had a wide variety of contestants to choose from, to say the least.

Tough Sounds #4

They are in for a long day.Al explains what they are looking for when evaluating them--charisma, determination, dedication, personality, energy, and primarily, physique. They are asked to step into the ring and introduce themselves, and show their stuff--resulting in an absurd barrage of flexing and posing--and Jackie asks one contestant to drop his pants so she can see his legs, to the amusment of all.

Tough Sounds #5

They are submitted to a variety of physical tests, including bag-jumping, jumping rope, and shuffling from side to side from ring-rope to ring-rope. Needless to say, not all are prepared, and it shows in the judges reactions and their comments amongst each other.

Tough Sounds #6

They are pretty harsh (especially Taz) --and one gets the feeling that this is just the beginning. There are quite a few standouts, including William, who lost an eye fighting neighborhood gangs to keep his brother out of trouble; The Spanking Spicy Twins; The Wolfman, and incredibly, The Evil Custodian...And let's not forget Tom, whose ego carried him to the Final Thirteen, only to pull out at the last minute.

Tough Sounds #7

It is a long process, and sometime ridiculous; and in Al's own words, 'Sheer orgasmic joy'... The next morning, the 230 are now whittled down to 25, the list is posted---and the disappointed hordes disperse.

Tough Sounds #8

The 25 semi-finalists are then subjected to a day of extensive physicals, including drug tests and EKGs---and the Interviews with the MTV Staff. The next day, the Final Thirteen are announced at WWF New York by Stephanie McMahon. Then it's goodbye to friends and family, and off to 'The House' in Stamford, Connecticut.

Tough Sounds #9

One by one, they arrive, but discover that one is missing--we find out that it is Tom--who has, at the last minute--'had second thoughts', and dropped out---to be replaced by Greg.

Tough Sounds #10

Then, rooms are assigned, rules are laid down (with a brief history of The House---it was used by the Underground railroad)---and so it begins.

Tough Sounds #11

Good Luck, guys---this is gonna be good.

Co-Webmaster Indigo

Tough Sounds #12

Your Webmaster's thoughts-I for one was so please at the end of the show that Tom had droped out,and that Greg took his place,I thought all along that he had the look.....that Tom dude was full of for the Females I liked Paulina.....