Tough Enough Show one

Tough Enough Show One

6/28/2001 Tough Enough

Welcome to the actual premiere of 'Tough Enough'--and a rude awakening for all.. This show follows their first four days of training.

We see that the opening montage now has the individual pictures and names of the cast members, and the show opens with a recap of the casting special.

They show the cast members talking to their families and friends, marveling at the house and all it's accoutrements, being silly in the hot tub comparing their biceps, and generally getting to know each other...with Darryl kvetching how he caught a cold from a baby on the airplane, and Bobbie Jo just bubbling with enthusiasm over how well she gets along with everyone...

Day One: Begins with a sort of 'Waking Up' montage (there are a lot of montages going on here)

these kids have no clue as to what they are getting into, but peppered throughout are their thoughts and opinions.

They are picked up at 8:30 am. and taken (for their first day of ring and weight training) to 'The Trax' --as Al would say,

Their 'home away from home'(click for wav)

..The other trainers (Tori and Jackie--excuse me, MISS Jackie) are introduced, with Tori stressing awareness of their own and others' bodies. Al says that they are starting from

'Ground Zero', and that it may not make much sense now, but that in three..four..five weeks from now--it will.(click for wav)

They start out with loads of calisthenics--

squats, pushups, jumping jacks, sit ups(click for wav

..and then on to the first and most important lesson--learning to fall.

Al stresses that....

The most important thing is to fall as flat as possible(click for wav)

(Body Trauma Distribution)--and that if they can't learn that, they cannot teach them other things, because they will get hurt. He demonstrates, likening it to someone

'pulling the rug out from under you'(click for wav)

....Al shows his patience here, especially with

Poor Victoria, who keeps hitting her head over and over and over(click for wav)

So much so that Al asks her if she needs a crash helmet.(click for wav)

Al hopes she does not become a vegitable(click for wav)

Then, it's on the the WWF Headquarters Fitness Center, for a bout of strength training and aerobic conditioning, and another montage of the cast members on the equipment. Afterwards, at the house, they are already complaining about how they feel..

Day Two: The next morning ---it is a lot worse..Everyone is stiff and sore (and yes, Darryl is still running a fever), and has a lot more respect for what the Superstars do on a daily basis.

Off to 'The trax' again, for more calisthenics (with Jackie calling Darryl a 'big baby'), and ring training. They are then taught how to

'Lock up'--a 'collar and elbow tie-up'--with Al thanking a cast member for forearming him in the head(click for wav)

..Tori stresses how the audience has to register everything, so it is important to stay in an upright position--and sort of gently reeming out Chris, who is giving advice to everyone--telling him that they are doing things the 'WWF Way' now. Then, they are tested in falling again--this time, across Al, who is down on all fours---with Al telling Darryl,

'Please do not land on me.'--causing Darryl to roll his eyes(click for wav)

...and Victoria's head again taking a beating--and her getting dizzy upon standing--realizing that 'she could really hurt herself'..

Then again to the Fitness Center--and a workout with Stephanie McMahon--who comes across as really cool, really down to earth; sympathizing with Victoria, telling her how she was the same way at first.

Day Three: Back to The Trax. In three steps (and of, course, a montage or two),

they are taught to go from a headstand to a front flipover(click for wav)

..This looks hard,

Al asks them how they feel(click for wav)

They are all anticipating a three day weekend..They all go to dinner, discussing their aches and pains, and passing the Ibuprofin around like after-dinner mints.

Day Four: No training scheduled..or so they think...Everyone is shown lounging in bed, sleeping in, exhausted and sore....Until...The Arrival of Tazz! More harsh than a drill instructor, he blasts them out of bed--telling them that there is no time to make their beds or to 'get pretty'--and ripping down what appears to be a Goldberg poster..

They scramble madly into longjohns and, after a lecture from Tazz, are taken to The Stamford Museum and Nature wrestle in a Pig Sty full of mud, of all things; while 'protecting a cone' from their opponent..They are really going at it, covered from head to toe in mud--and it is here that Paulina hurts her knee--landing on a sharp rock. They are then forced to take a 'brisk walk' uphill in mud saturated clothes and boots...and it is here that the edges begin to fray. Darryl refuses to do much more than trudge, and Tazz rides him hard for it.

Then, back to the house, for another Tazz lecture, and a show of bruises and wounds. They are all so tired, that they pile into respective beds and onto couches ---and call family and friends--and just laugh at themselves and at it all.. We'll see how long they keep laughing.-Co-Webmaster Indigo

Thoughts from your Webmaster-Darrel is toast....Victoria seemed to be trying but will she hang in there?.....Paulina's Knee may take her out of the game....we shall see

A note to any one who may have anything to do from the show from dudes are craping up the show with these adds over half the right side of the screen....the ones in Red with adds for C.D.'s ect,and the adds at the top of the screen.....

this is not only rude but it's even more rude if you are Deaf.....reason being as soon as those adds hit the screen the CC turns off till the adds are gone.....making it so that anybody counting on enjoying the show by reading the CC is now lost as to what was said....hell you already have blocks of adds that run 5 minutes at a time you can't wait for the show to be over to place your adds???

These were your webmaster's opinions and are not those of Al Snow or the WWF

This Tough Enough scored a solid 2.2 rating, up one tenth of a point from the premiere show, and once again, the highest rated cable show on television that night. The show was up 103 percent in the male 12-17 demo and up 78 percent in the females 12-17 demos.