Al Interviewed in Toyfare Magazine


action figures come alive and answer questions... well, sort of.

Al Snow  WWE Superstar; Host, WWE Tough Enough 2

Q: Did you have a lot of action figures when you were a kid?

A: All the old ones, yeah; GI Joe, and whatever they would make at the time.  As you get older, you see all the cool toys they make now, and you think, "God, why didn't they make that when I was a kid?"

Q: What was your favorite toy back then?

A: That would be tough to say, since I've got the memory of a crack baby.  I'm lucky to remember what my favorite toy was last week.

Q: What was you reaction when you first saw your WWE action figure?

A: It means the world to me, because it's a piece of immortality.  No matter what they do, they can't take that away from me.  Kids all across the country are playing with me in the bathtub right now.  Not that that's weird or anything.

Q: What would an Al Snow figure say?

A: Y'know, that's tough to say, because I don't even know what the real Al Snow would say.Pull my string, and God only knows what's going to come out.Probably something like, "When I retire from wrestling, I'm going to be a midget porno wrangler."Something like that.