Allen Ray Sarven


Al:What do the WWF fans mean to me? I love you guys. I love each and every one of you. I love you so much that I want to take all of you home with me, lock you in the basement or the closet, but if I put you in the closet you gotta be good, because if you don't I gotta to give you cough syrup to keep you quiet.

Then I have to bring out the big stick, and that means we're really gonna have some fun.

But I don't really want to talk about that, because I have some outstanding warrants for my arrest. As you can tell I can't really speak will because my doctors upped my medication and it kinda slurs my speech.

But on a serious note, if I didn't? have you fans, I wouldn't have anybody.

I'm telling you I look forward to my weekend passes when I can spend my time with you guys, because I love you.

Allen Ray Sarven

And you thought HEAD had many personalities!

Allen Sarven better known as Al Snow,born and raised in and around Daton and Lima Ohio,went to Lima Senior High School where he finshed his schooling

Al has a black belt in kempo and a Brown belt in Jujitsu,and has studied Kung Fu and Muay Thai.After his schooling when he wasnt wrestling he was working in and around Lima,Al is married and has two childern,Al has half brother whos name is Conn wrestles the Indies under the name Logan Caine

The man behind the jobber Steve Moore(aka Al)and the mask of Shinobi and Avatar and later to be known as the goofie Leif Cassidy

Allen Sarven winner of the MCW-ICW Title belt,the MCW-ICW United States Tag Team belts 5 times

The WWA Tag Team belts,the GWA Tag Team Belts,the BCW Can-Am Tag Team belts

The MCW Midwest Tag Team belts,the MTW championship belt twice,the Michigan MTW tag Team belts,and the SMW Tag Team belts,WWF Hardcore,Tag Team,and Europenis Champion

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July 18th WWE Page-a-Day calendar.- We're not sure when (or if) Head™ was born, but we do know that today is the birthday of Head's buddy, Al Snow™. A native of Lima, Ohio, Al competed in the past under not one, not two, but three different personas! The first was Avatar™, the bizarre masked superhero. Then there was Leif Cassidy™, wacky partner of Marty Jannetty in the New Rockers™. Finally, there was Shinobi™, the mysterious hooded ninja. Wonder if Al got paid overtime . .

A Visit to Al's House from the WWE show Confidential July of 2002

Al:We are there at Casa Del Snow,your probably thinking this is a nice neighborhood and how often do I spend down here,since they passed the petition around the neighborhood not allot,the neighbors got together and said no more sitting naked on the front porch.

Al:This is what we call our formal Living room ,this is a room that nobody goes into,but in here we have an Antique Dry Sink,we have a lovely Spinning Wheel,now lets go to into the other room that is basically another waste of space.....

Al:That is the formal Dinning Room,the key word formal because we do not eat in here,got a couple of pictures I get from the Amusement Parks one of my favorites is when the kids of when the Tough Enough One Josh,Nidia,Taylor,Mavon,Chris,and Big took me to Six Flags over New England

We have an Antique Sewing Machine,an antique Bakers Cabinet,Opera Glasses

Al:Ah lets see....where do we go from here?,you'll find out that I collect a lot of stuff,I'm like a pack Rat,so I kind of got into this beng of collecting old's an actual Sword..God only knows what they do with it..get back.....Al: All these white dots on here are actual pieces of Ivory....and I don't mean the insane Woman who Wrestles for us and works with me on Tough Enough Three

Al:Lets go this way.....ok now we are going to start at the cool part of the house ok....(Al is talking into an old box type phone).....Hello Louise how are you?(Al then moves on to another Antique phone).....Al:Hello Vince....I love you and Vince are real close

Al:Got an old Soda Shop Stool.....and these are actual old Movie Theatre seats.....this is like the Barber corner ok.....don't worry this is not a real Cat(Al tosses the toy Cat out of the Barber chair).....toss him out of the way....I bought this Barber chair from a neighbor for $150.00,Cast Iron,Porcelain,and it still does work

Al:I collect things to put in the house to make it look different,to make it feel different,to make it represent who lives here,I collect things for the nostalgia it represents for the artwork and the craftsmanship that it takes to make,the fact that you'll never see anything like that again.

Al picks up a Parasitic leg from the corner......Al:Your thinking"but Al you normally have a HEAD"....I know but this is a Parasitic leg,the guy is probably room temperer and doesn't need it any more so...

Al:A gallery of Thermometers....thought it was kind of neat.....(Al stands on an old Antique Weight Machine)....Al:Pop in a opens up and it says"Present problems will resolve in your favor.....thank God

Al:(Pointing to the Fireplace)....Up on the mantel we start with my collection of statues that I just got into....the Green Goblin,we got Dr.Doom,we got Thor,and we have Batman who is holding up Pierre.

Al: This is what I like to call the Library,I usually spend anywhere from $40.00 to $100.00 a week on Comic Books......went out...always wanted one....and got me a gas pump.....I always wanted my own Juke Box,and this is a 1957 Seaberg Hi Fidelity juke Box they don't make them like this any more it actually plays records kids.

Al is then seen walking up staires.....

Al:We'll go to the Office now...ok....we got the actual original HEAD...over here I have a picture of me on the back of a Camel that thing sounded like he Radiator of a Car over heating the whole time it went"olgggolggg".....we got a picture here that was taken the last day of the filming of the movie Rudy..and I am actually right there

Al then goes to his Closet.....Al:A nice big walk in Closet on one side is my Wife's clothes....I've got all my Hockey Jerseys

Al:This is my Daughters I Dream of Jennie room....Hi sweetie,this is Brittney she hangs out in here,as you can see it's kind of Arabian Nightish you know.....if there was a lamp in here I would like make her boyfriend Josh go away.....she just took up drums last year....YEA!?

Al:This is my son Jake.... did this room up in early Camouflage..we got one of my personal favorites the Avatar mask....Yea!

Walking back down the stairs......

Al:Well we are going to head down to the Basement or what I like to call it..the Bat Cave.....notice when we are down here there are Road Signs I want to point out to all the Authorizes out there that are watching,I didn't actually pick these up they were here when I moved in

We move to the outside of the house and a shot of Al's Motorcycle

Al:I think the coolest thing is a local artist here took paint and put this Phantom Skull on the Tank so that it looks like it's in the Tank.....and my Favorite thing because I have always wanted one was to get a Classic Car 1964 T-Bird we had it appraised it is valued at 20 thousand dollars I bought it for 95 hundred...sales recite from Stingers Ford in Dayton Ohio and it was 5 thousand 4 hundred and 45 dollars and 50 cents for a brand new Automobile in 1964....we take this to Car Shows go cruzing around in it,my favorite activity is to take it over to the Drive-In and go watch a movie..... kind of neat

Al:You know it's fun to finally get these items that you have wanted all these years,you know that you see and you fantasize what it is going to be like when you get it.

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Pam Sarven and children-1999

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