The Sensationals

The Sensationals/Fantastics

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That is Al on the left and a Mr.Rick Sampson on the right

Al and Rick were also the Original Fantastics in 1985(not the same Fantastics as Tommy Rogers and Bobby Fulton)

Al and Rick as the Original Fantastics

Al also teamed with Rick Ciassio as the Fantastics to hold the Motor City Wrestling ICW U.S.Tag Title in November of 1986. They held the belts until April of the following year,so there were two stables as the Fantastics

Al then formed the Sensationals with Mickey Doyle to capture the title in August of 1987. They were defeated for the belts three months later,so there were two stables as the Sensationals,Al and Mickey in 87,and Al and Rick Sampson in 88

Ruthless duo to"Show no Mercy"

Sensationals hot on tag team trail

The United States Tag Team Championship continues to be one of the most sought after crowns in the word today.One of the top ranked teams is making its presence known quite loudly.

The Sensationals,as they have self-proclaimed themselves,are a new team that is in the process of cutting a deadly and bloody path through the professional wrestling world.

Cut loose from his former partner,Al Snow,a street fighter from Philadelphia,has teamed with Mickey Doyle to form an even more deadly duo.Snow turned on his former partner,Rick Ciassio,following a little loss as the Fantastics.

Now with Doyle as the Sensationals they are on the title hunt once again.

"Show no mercy!" shouted Snow as his partner paced the floor hurriedly nodding in total agreement."NO ONE....NO one will stand in our way!"

Coming from similar backgrounds many miles away in Detroit,Doyle thinks in many ways the same as Snow.the men have fought their way off the streets into the bright ring lights and aren't about to stop short of their goal.

"We fear no one and will stop at nothing until the gold belts hang from our waists,"said Doyle.

The Flying Tigers,Larry Wilson and Carl Ben Patrick,along with Big Jim and Rick Lancaster pose the biggest threats to the Sensationals and their bid to gain and hold onto the belts

"The Tigers are just two pampered boys who happen to be making headlines right now as a crowd favorite tag team.Our paths have crossed several times before,but the referees have made sure things go their way,"said Snow.

"The Lancasters may tip the scale at 699 pounds as a team,but it is just heaving mounds of flesh in the middle of the ring when we get done with them. There is another team that officials turn their backs to their rule breaking,"growled Doyle.

Having appeared nationwide,The Sensationals are one of the most sought after teams despite their short time together.

Both men have wrestled under the banners of the World Wrestling Federation,National Wrestling Alliance,American Wrestling Association and now with Midwest Championship Wrestling.The list continues to grow.

"We are worth our weight in gold,"smiled Doyle."We're one of the most coveted teams in wrestling today.Almost to good to wrestle in most of these small towns,"Snow smiled.

Coming from the streets with little money or hope,The Sensationals seem to have entered the fast lane of life's highway.

"We deserve everything we've got.We are the top tag team today and if we want to spend our money on fast cars with fast women in the fast lane,then that's our business,"Doyle said."WE DESERVE WHAT WE GET!"

Although most promoters will disagree.

The Sensationals were banned from appearing in Texas following several riots that broke out following brutal attacks on local favorites.Suspensions and fines have been the result in such states as Ohio,Michigan,Indiana,Kentuck,West Virginia,Pennsylvania,New York and California.Their means were less than"on the level" in several occaisions

'Who told you about the Texas thing.That is under appeal and should not be dicussed.Besides we were provoked!" shouted Doyle.

Reports have it that Snow and Doyle turned out the dressing room lights and attacked their apponents while their backs were turned.

Without admitting complete guilt about the lockerroom incident,Doyle turned to Snow and said,"Yes...they did deserve it didn't they Al."

"Quite......And we are simply SENSATIONAL!"

taken from a Midwest Championship Wrestling program.......many thanks to Jim Lancaster for the information

U.S. Championship feuds reach peak

Who will reach the tag team plateau?

The scramble for the United States Tag Team Championship has been a bloody war from the start.As the smoke has not yet cleared three teams headling Midwest Championship Wrestling cards vie for the top spot.

Never before have three teams clashed so fiercely over the coveted belts and left behind blood-stained mats.

The Fantastics,The Flying Tigers and the Lancaster Brothers are all stuggling to gain the top rung of the tag team rankings and championship trek.

"The Fantastics" Al Snow and Rick Ciassio met on the mean sreets of Philadelphia while growing up on the wrong side of the tracks.After squaring off against each other as teenagers durning a gang war,the two were determinded to join forces in professional wrestling.

Searching for the finer things life had to offer,Snow and Ciassio fought their way off the streets of the city of Brotherly Love to become a top ranked team.Using their self-imposed image of themselfs,"The Fantastics" were born.

"No one will stand in our way!" shouted Snow."We've been there...on the streets getting down and dirty....and we always came out on top!ALWAYS!"he said as he grew more angry.

Ciassio is a bit more reserved."Where we came from you fought for everything.We didn't fight to win...we fought to survive."

"'The Flying Tigers....nothing but two little high flyers that like to dance. When we get through dancing on their chests,they'll wish they never pulled on their boots," said Ciasso

"The Lancaster Brothers,what a joke!" laughed Snow."We'll slap around the world's largest tag team like they were an unloved step -child."

The Flying Tigers Larry Wilson and Carl Ben Patrick-were also street fighters in little Chicago,but chose to take another path into the world of professional wrestling.

Speaking of the Fantastics Wilson said,"We been there too,but that is no reason to turn against your fellow man,Snow and Ciassio are bitter because of their past,but we fought our way out of the slums too and feel fortunate this world has more to offer those who pursue their goals."

Patrick added,"Your past is no reason to be the way you are today.The Fantastics feel they have to walk on everyone they see.They have no friends but themselves."

While the Tigers understand the rough life,they will not back down from the challenge of The Fantastics or The Lancasters.

"We've yet to back down from anyone.Coming from where we have if you back down,you lose your life,"said Wilson

Big Jim and Rick Lancaster are more queit individuals.Despite being brothers and the worls's largest tag team combination,they have only been a tag team for the past few years.Collectively,they tip the scales at 699 pounds.

The Dayton,Ohio,natives understand that each opponent is treated the same.

"You have no fiends in this business.Everyone is here to make money and to do that you need championships," said Jim.

The Flying Tigers fly high,but not with 699 pounds on their backs,"said Jim."The Fantastics wont be so fantastic when two large dark clouds move into their picture," smiled Rick.

"We can wrestle by the rules or we can sit the referee down and fight fire-with-fire,it dosn't matter,"said Jim

The war for the U.S. Tag Team Championshi is not over yet.Not by a long shot.

Midwest Championship Wrestling Results

Nov. 19, 1982 St. Marys, Ohio h.s. gym

This night has some historical signifigance. This is the only night Al Snow ever worked under his Texas Chain Gang gimmick.

1st-The Patriot (Lake) over Chain Gang #1 (Al) by DQ. When Patriot put Al in "American Dreamer" sleeper hold, he slugged the ref for dq.

5th match-Jim Lancaster\Patriot\Greg Wociechowski over Jerry Graham Jr. & Texas Chain Gang (Al & Ben Patrick) in 18 minutes. Lancaster pinned a bloody Al with suplex.

July 5, 1985 Russells Point, Ohio church festival grounds

4th-match-"Mr. Fantastic" Al Snow over Jim Lancaster for the Midwest title. Jim throws Al into corner where ref is standing and Al stumbles out for abdominal stretch as ref takes bumps. Black Dragon climbs up the corner ropes with martial arts weapon in his hand and is acosted by a fan who is hauled away by police. Off the rope to KO JIm and pin for Al.

5th-match10 man Battle Royal ruled a no contest. Jim Lancaster out of royal due to injury from the hands of the Dragon. Al & Rick Lancaster last ones in royal. Dragon hits ref with weapon for KO and begins pounding Rick Lancaster with Al. Jim Lancaster enters ring to clean house. Al juices for a follow up show the following month.

Aug. 31, 1985 Lakeview, Ohio outdoor show at baseball field

4th-match-Jim Lancaster regain Midwest title from Al . Al climbed top rope, Jim threw him off for slam and cover for pin.

May 16, 1986 Kenton, Ohio h.s. gym

2nd-Match-Rick Lancaster over Bobby Golden by DQ. The Fantastics (Al & Rick Ciassio) ran in. Jim Lancaster & Flying Tigers also ran in.

3rd-Match-The Fantastics over Flying Tigers by dastardly heel pin. (Al pins Patrick)

5th-Flying Tigers won a 4-team Battle Royal finishing The Fantastics at the finish.

June 27, 1986 Russells Point,

3rd-Match The Fantastics (Al & Ciassio) over Lancaster Bros. by count out. Worked injury angle with Rick Lancaster who was having knee surgery in 2 weeks.

7th-Match-Tigers over Fantastics in 2 of 3 falls to become promotion's first United States Tag Team Champions.

April 3, 1987 Kenton, Ohio h.s.gym

5th-Match-The Fantastics vs Jim Lancaster & Kenton's own Steve Dunahue (Aubrey Butler) all DQ. First time that Mickey Doyle joined the trio doing a Freebirds type thing. Snow & Doyle would later become The Sensationals.

Midwest Championship Flyers

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