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What can anyone remember about the masked Avatar?Well Avatar was to wrestle at Survivor Series 1995 but was bumped off the show when Bob Holly cryed that he was not going to be on the show,here is the cover of the video of Survivor Series1995click here for video cover

On the back of the video box it lists Avatar as one of the wrestlers in an Underdogs match,it's hard to see but Avatar is listed at the top of the photo under where it says "Underdogs" and is the name on the right hand sideClick here to see back of video box

Check out these photos of Al as Avatar from a match on Raw where he was a tag team with Aldo Montoya vs Sid and the 123 Kid

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Who is Avatar?

By Seth Mates

During the summer of 1995, the World Wrestling Federation signed Al Snow to join its ranks. Snow, a veteran of over a decade, had been turning heads in the now-defunct Smoky Mountain Wrestling, and was about to be given his first shot at the "big-time."

Fearing that the name "Al Snow" wouldn't capture the imaginations of Federation fans, Al was re-christened "Avatar." Basically, he would be a human version of the Milton Bradley Karate Fighters. He walked to the ring slowly and methodically, put on his green-and-yellow mask, wrestled, and then took his mask off and left. Sound confusing? It was. And by all accounts, Snow hated it. He had finally risen to the ranks of the greatest company in the industry, and was saddled with a hugely unsuccessful character.

After about a week or two, Snow was re-packaged as "Shinobi," a masked ninja. The always-masked Shinobi was about as well-received as the on-and-off-masked Avatar, bringing even more distress to Al's short Federation tenure. Then, a short while later, he became "Leif Cassidy," a geek straight out the 1970's who formed the New Rockers with Marty Janetty.Though Al appeared to have some fun playing the nerdy Leif, he was torn inside, as the fans did not take too kindly to Snow's third gimmick.

Soon Snow started to suffer from an identity crisis, which was a big factor in his mental erosion. Once he left for Extreme Championship Wrestling in 1996, many insiders say he was already way past the line of sanity. His stay in the tumultuous promotion obviously did not help his mental situation very much.

Eventually, even Al realized that he needed some sort of guidance and focus in his life. This led the hardcore competitor to rely on Head and Pepper to be the stable parts of his life. Snow actually appeared to be getting his thought straightened out with the help of his dog friend, but when the Big Boss Man turned Pepper into dinner last Thursday, it sent Al right back off the cliff. His thoughts traveled back to the days of Shinobi and Avatar, the days when he changed gimmicks as often as people change socks.

Hopefully, Al Snow will get better soon, but if his stint last Monday night as the superheroish Avatar is any indication of Al's mental health, his return to sanity is very far off. What Snow really needs to do is to take a step back from his imaginary friends and see that he's letting himself be thrown back into his old destitute days. The more Al brings out mannequin heads and dogs and the more he barks at fans while wearing ridiculous old ring outfits, the further down the Federation ladder he falls in his own mind and, inevitably, in the minds of the fans and the company brass. At this rate, the World Wrestling Federation sound crew had better take out those tapes from 1996 and prepare for the return of everybody's favorite "ninja," Shinobi.

So I found some past reports writen by those that had the thrill of seeing Al wrestle as Avatar

Sit back and go back in time

BodyDonna Skip (w/Sunny - woo-hoo!) vs. The Avatar

Hmmm... new guy vs. jobber - who could take this one? Question - what's the point of wearing a mask, if you only put it on when you get into the ring? It's not like most of the crowd would know he was Al Snow... This match turned out to be pretty good, and the fact that Sunny acknowledged our cheers made it better...mmmmm....

Skip hits a Frankensteiner from the top rope, but Avatar kicks out. Avatar goes to the top, but Sunny shakes the rope, Avatar falls, and Skip gets him with a back suplex.

Still only a two. Skip with a German Suplex. Another two. Skip runs off the ropes and gets caught in a waistlock powerbomb and he's pinned.

Avatar leaves, and Skip gets up, collapses, gets up, collapes... he's playing for comedy, and it's working. Sunny bounced in anger after the loss.

Reported Oct 25,1995

James Adam Kalyn

Agrridome Regina Saskatchewan

Justin "Hawk" Bradshaw vs. The Hardest working man in the WWF, Al Snow, as.... Avatar..

Some of the more hardcore fans gave Hawk some respect, I did too because this man can scrap!

Avatar came out to silence. Damned shame cause Al Snow is one of the best talents the WWF has. Avatar got out to a quick start, and knocked Bradshaw out of the ring, and got caught trying to do a over the top High cross body.

To his credit, Snow did give a pretty good show, but mostly it was a display of technical skill, not the high-flying he is capable of. In the end, he was just outmatched as he got hit with a Lariot clothesline, that was one HELL of a fall Snow took.. pinned, and Branded

That's gonna get old, quick, but it's funny as hell!

Thoughts: Well, it's clear Al Snow needs to get a better job in the WWF.. I must admit, the live events are more convincing now then when I last went to one, back in 1990. THe falls look more painful, and the spit explosions, especially in the later matches create the illusion that someone is getting the living tar beaten out of them...<

Reported March 16th 1996

U.S.Air Arena


Avatar VS. Brooklyn Brawler

I really don't understand what AL is going with this avatar character. only good part of match is when the crowd cheered "let's go al" Avatar won, i don't remember how, i already had a few beers

Nov 5th 1995

Jason Elzy


"Avatar" was the name used by Al Snow in his stint as a masked guy whose gimmick is that he comes to the ring -- without the mask.

I only saw him twice. The first time was on Raw, right after the unpopular In Your House #4 in which he receieved a VERY quiet reception from the crowd. The next time I saw him, he was teaming up (and losing) with fellow masked guy, Aldo Montoya, once known as P J Walker. (Does "P J" now stand for "Pathetic Jobber?")

After Survivor Series, I saw very little of Avatar, whose costume looked MUCH too similar to that of Milton Bradley's "Karate Fighters," the sponsor of that particular PPV.

Granted, Snow's work in the WWF hasn't been exactly stellar, but he was SMW Tag Champion with Unibom (now Isaac Yankem) and was cited pre-WWF as one of the better up-and-comers by a few magazines.

Christopher A. Corridan/Deja News

Avatar returns Raw 1999


Do not fear Citizans,Avatar is there!I am here to protect the World Wrestling Federation from evil bad do'ers,and from Giant Nuclear Monsters spawned in Japan!

So rest you'r weary heads Citizans because Avatar is here!

At this point Al snaps out of it and looks at himself

Al:What the hell am I doing??Where the hell am I at!?Oh my God,no!,oh no!,why am I wearing these genie pants for?!,oh Jesus no!please help me,oh my God!The last time they made me wear this outfit you could of stuffed a magnet up my ass and stuffed me through Fort Knox,I still wouldn't have drawn money!

At this point Al really starts to get upset

Al:Oh please God,not again,this has to be a bad dream,tell me this is not happening,I am not Avatar again,I am not Avatar,oh God!This is....I'm really losing it now,Ha Ha,Ha,Ha,

At this point Al starts barking like a dog,jumps out of the ring and runs over to J.R. and the King and starts writing on some paper and mumbling something,Al then runs on up the ramp as the fans bark aka Rick Steiner