Flashback/New Rockers

Then came an interesting arrival.. There was Leif Cassidy(AL Snow), Marty Jannety and are you ready? MANKIND.. All In one car.. ( Which got a parking ticket but that is another story)

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New Rockers


By Bill Banks/WWF Magazine November of 1996

For many,the decades of the 60s and 70s are distant memories-the"flower power"shirts and poka-dotted silk pants are now locked deep in the closet,evil secrets too horrifying to showto the children of today,but two en,namely the New and improved Rockers,recently got a chance to journey to their place of workship...the Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland Ohio!

"For me,it was like travling to Mecca!"New Rocker Leif Cassidy told us."It was a pilgrimage for me and Marty to the ultimate shrine of rock-and-roll!I get chills thinking about it right now!I think I'm gonna burt a blood vessel!"

From the very moment these two last-remaining members of the "Bay City Rollers Fan Club"stepped foot out of the "Rocker Van"and stared at the Hall of Fame building,it was like they had won the lottery!Tears formed in Leif's eyes andMart couldn't help talking to EVRY person he saw about it!After entering the building,both Cassidy and Jannetty darted fr the KISS and David Bowie attractions-seizing the opportunity to fullfill a lifelong dream-measuring just how long Gene Simons'tongue REALLY is!

After comparing their favorite Cream and Jefferson Airplane album covers on the interactive attraction at the Hall of Fame,Marty and Leif headed to the "One Hit Wondrs"attraction!There,these two rock-and-roll junkies convinced some fellow tourists at the Hall of Fame that Dancin' Dancin'Dancin'is the way to go when you are a rocker!

After building up a sweat,Marty and Leif headed to the next attration on the list...the Pink Floyd Wall feature!Here,the Rockers got a chance to revisit one of their favorite albums and were even goofy enough to try to climb the fake"wall"-that is until security pulled them down!

Back down the escalator the two headbangers went on a mission to locate one picture-the Red Hot Chil Peppers when they"bared it allfor Rolling Stone magazine!Just be thankfull that the photo you see of these two posing next to Flea and Anthony Keidis wasn't taken two mintes later!Let's just say the crowd on hand had quite a laugh!

Before leaving,Cassidy and Jannetty were drawn to the sight that paralyzes ALL rockers from the 70s-TIE-DYED T-SHIRTS!The Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame is the ultimate oulet for clothing of choice for Leif and Marty,and they certainly had a ball comparing all the "funkadelic colors"as they put it!

"Now,we have SO MANY more posters and pictures to hang in our Traveling Mobile Disco-Plex,"Jannetty said,referring to the"Rocker Van""I can't belive I found all this"neat stuff"in one place!It truly has more than we could find even at Woodstock 1994."

As the day drew to a close,Leif and MMarty just couldn't help hugging the tour guide for fulfilling the dream of every rocker out there in musicland.The '65 Mustang in front of the Hall wasn't safe from Rockermania either.Once the two men left....they pulled down the top and revisted the days of"pickin' up the babes"!The Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame was now complete...it had the presence of itsbiggest fans-Marty Jannetty and Leif Cassidy,the New and Improved Rockers!

"Without a doubt,my favorite attraction was the Janis Joplin car"said Cassidy."But,someone should tell that place that there are no Monkees!NO MONKEES!!Ive begged...I've pleaded...I've petitioned!I want SOMETING from the Monkees!They said they wouldn't put them in,so I'm gonna go back and picket that place until they do something about it!"

Thank God they didn't have a Monkees exhibit...the World Wrestling Federation may NEVER have left Clevland!

Notes from a New Rockers Mark

As you all know, I am a huge fan of the New Rockers, and especially of Al Snow. They have said some pretty wacky things over the past 6 months, and I was convinced by James Fabiano to create a NEW Rockers list. Enjoy it folks!

5. Keep on Rockin'..... This their ultimate tag line. They basically end every interview with this line. Its a hysterical line because I haven't heard anyone use it legitimately in the past 5 years!

4. "You remind me of Dick Clark! You're so cool!"/"The Godwinns are so filthy, they have to brush their teeth with hair removal!" Leif said this to Vince McMahon on Superstars one time. Awesome delivery.

3. "Hey whats up Vinny? Vinnirooni! Hey Curt my man! Hey Jimbo, Jumbo!"... These two guys came down to the announcers area during a Bodydonnas match on Superstars. Leif's delivery was incredible!

2. "They are all happening swinging chicks!!!" On "Can we Talk" shown on the Action Zone, the question was "Sunny, Sable, or Marlena, who's your favorite chick?". By the way, Leif was wearing a retro Brady Bunch T-Shirt during this spot!!!

1. "(Marty to Leif) Well here we are, on the official NEW ROCKERS tour bus. Ah man! Its great being a Rocker! You have chicks hanging out all around you. (Points out of the tour bus' window, the bus was actually a winnebago) Look theres one!!! (Leif to woman outside) Rock on!!!!!..... This was the greatest spot I have ever seen in my life. They are great, they should get their own interview segment, a la Kings Court, and we could call it "The Rockers Retro(spective)" It would be great!! They could have a cheesy disco song playing in the background, and they could dress up in Led Zepplin T-Shirts!!!!

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King of the Ring 1996 AOL chat Transcript

OnlineHost: Welcome The Rockers!!

WWFLive2: Please send in your questions for The Rockers!!

WWFLive1: Hello Rockers..a tough loss...can you comment on the match..& Cloudy?

WWFLive2: Marty: I think we kicked their butt...and we will do it again.

WWFLive2: Leif: And that Cloudy...grrrrrrrrrr

WWFLive2: Marty: Next time we're bringing a valet...a midget named Partly Cloudy

Question: Who do you guys think will win the king of the ring?

WWFLive2: Leif: I think Stone Cold Steve Austin is a real cool guy.

WWFLive2: Marty: Leif Cassidy

WWFLive2: Leif: My personal vote for KOTR is Cloudy.

Question: Leif, how was the kiss?

WWFLive2: Leif: She needs a tic tac.

Question: Leif: Which show do you like better The Brady bunch or The Partridge Family?

WWFLive2: Leif: They are both really groovy

Question: Marty, who do you see winning the Bulldog/Michaels match?

WWFLive2: Marty: Who's Michaels?

WWFLive2: Leif: Who cares

Question: Aren't you ever distracted by Sunny when you wrestle the Smoking Guns?

WWFLive2: Marty: We haven't wrestled the Smoking Gunns...dumb ass!

OnlineHost: Thanks for joining us guys..Tough loss!

WWFLive2: Leif: Everybody keep rockin', I'm groovin outa here to watch Nick at Nite with all my favorite programs.

WWFLive2: Marty: Anything can happen here in the WWF especially when the Rockers are involved. Now I'm going to get my KC and the Sunshine band 8 tracks and groove a little cuz that's the way I like it

WWFLive2: Thanks Rockers!!

WWFLive1: Thanks again guys!!!!

WWFLive1: Earth to the Rockers ...Earth to the Rockers?????????