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Leif Cassidy

Detroit News Feb 23 1996-Midwest show Midwest Championship Wrestling presents a show Saturday at 2 p.m. at River Rouge High School. A flip of a coin will decide who gets a five-minute lumberjack advantage when Tex Monroe defends his MWCW title against Malcolm Monroe.

The Outlaws defend their MWCW tag team titles against Sex and Violence. Al Snow, who wrestles as New Rocker Leaf Cassidy and Avatar and Shinobi in the WWF, faces Bruiser Bedlam for the vacant Midwest Territorial title.

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Let's Do The Time Warp Again!!!

By Vince Russo WWF Magazine July of 1996

Of course,I'm a teen ideol!What?Do you think that the ames LEIF Garrett and David CASSIDY were mere coincidences?They named themselves after LEIF CASSIDY because they wanted to be JUST LIKE ME!"

OK,kids,rev up that Dalorean and get ready to go "Back in Time!"Whenever you have a conversation with the "New Rocker,the sensation(as he likes to be called)known as Leif Cassidy,you'd better be prepared to get out your Footsie and skip backward a few generations.For in stance,for those of you too young to know LEIF Garrett and David CASSIDY were already forified teen idols before baby LEIF CASSIDY could even dropkick or let alone walk,for that matter!!!

You see,it appears that either nobody has told Leif that this is 1996 or he just plain doesn't care!I mean,that would probably explain his mnkees lunchbox and Partridge Family album collection.

However,it doesn't end just there.Along with thinking that Marsha Brady is totally rad and that American Bandstand rules,Leif also sincerely belives that he is one half of the greatest tag team of today-the 1980s-the"New Rockers!

"What are you talking about?"questions Leif."I'm well aware that this is 1996,but if something isn't wrong-WHY FIX IT?!

The Original Rockers were the greatest tag team when they arrived on the scene in the 80s.The"New"Rockers,Mart and I,are only trying to keep that tradition alive!The only real difference between the two teams is that we'remch better,being that I blow Shawn Michaels away!"

Ah,yes,Shawn Michaels.Perhaps this is where the time warp began.While trying to break into the wrestling business,those close to Leif say that he modeled his entire career after his idol-the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels.He patterned his style of wrestlin after him,cut interviews like him spent hours practicing his "strut"and even went to the same hairdresser-with a framed picture of Shawn!"is that not normal?"asks Leif.Shawn was a great athlete,so I modeled myself after him.I mean,how many kids model themselfs after Greg Brady?I was a huge fan of Shawn !Heck,he was an "Original Rocker!The only difference between the two of us is that I'm WAY better!"

In looking back-well,at least"back"for us-Leif blames the break-up of the "Original'Rockers on the selfshness of Shawn Michaels."Shawn was totally out for himself,"states Cassidy."He was never a team player.Marty and I-we're a team!Just like the CARPENTERS!I'm always there for MJ,and he's always there for me!He doesn't have to carry me the way he carried Shawn.Thats why we're go much further than the "Original" Rockers ever did!"

However in the opinion of many fans Leif Cassidy still has along way to go-a VERY LONG way to go-before people will associate his wrestling ability with that of Shawn Michaels.But even if people never see it,Leif Cassidy doesn't really care."Nobody gave theMonkees respect because the Beatles were around before them,"mentions Leif."However,Michael Nesmith was a better guitarist than Paul McCartney and Mickey blew Ringo AWAY on the drums.It's just like this teen idol thing.People actually have the nerve to put my name in the same sentence with Bobby Sherman.Whenn was the last time Bobby Sherman had a hit?!How many covers of Tiger Beat has he ever been on?!The girls ADORE Leif Cassidy,just like the ADORE Marty Jannetty!Imean,why wouldn't they?We're the "New"Rockers,and it's rock n' roll forever because rock n' roll will never,never die!"I think I've had enough of this-I'm gonna go watch H.R.PUFFENSTUFF!SEE,YA!

An Interview with Leif Cassidy

Today (April 18,1996), I had a chance to interview the"New Rocker" Leif Cassidy, about tag teaming with Marty Jannetty!

Find out what Leif has to say about being a Rocker, and what goals he has set for himself in the World Wrestling Federation. Inthis AOL exclusive, that won't appear anywhere else, this is what Leif Cassidy had to say!

WWFMatrat:First of all, Leif, thanks for joining me today!

Leif Cassidy:Well, thanks for taking the time to chat with me Matrat, you are one terrificdude to hang with, and it will be my pleasure!

WWFMatrat:How is it to be a Rocker and work with your tag team partner, Marty Jannetty?

Leif Cassidy:It's great! It's a dream come true! I wish everyone could be as lucky as me. I just wish everyone could experience what it is like to be a Rocker! Hey... being a Rocker rules!

WWFMatrat:We all saw you lose to newcomer Wildman Marc Mero on Monday Night Raw. What are you thoughts about the Wildman?

Leif Cassidy:Well, he is a great and very talented athlete. But, he is no Rocker! Yes, he won the match, but the jealousy that he has about not being a Rocker really shows. Bottom line... I'm just proud to be a Rocker!

WWFMatrat:O.K.... now that you are a Rocker, what is your major goal in the WWF?

Leif Cassidy:I have already fullfilled my goal in the WWF. I am half of the "New" Rockers, and that is what makes me happy. Wouldn't you be happy to be a Rocker?

WWFMatrat:Yes, Leif, it would be cool to be a Rocker. But don't you and Marty Jannetty have goals of someday wearing Federaton gold?

Leif Cassidy:Of course, it would be nice to win the tag team belts. Hey, we are the "New" Rockers and we have others priorities to take care of first, like rockin' the world of that wannabe ex-Rocker Shawn Michaels!

WWFMatrat:O.K., Leif Cassidy, thanks for taking the time to chat and good luck to you and your tag team partner, Marty Jannetty!

Leif Cassidy: Sure thing! Just keep an eyeon the "New" Rockers, we will keep on rockin' in the World Wrestling Federation. You can count on that! See ya!

Does anyone remember when Marty Jennety was facing Savio Vega (on Superstars I beleive) Lief (actually Al Snow for those, who somehow dont know or remember) took Savio vest and chains and wore them, and began to dance around the ring. That, was funny shitMalice667 Deja News 1/10/99(ED;Not old but fun to remember huh?

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Photos of Al as Leif Cassidy


Hey,Hey!it's The Monkees!

The Monkees may be a distant memory to many people who rember the GROOVY music of the '60s,but to New Rocker Leif Cassidy,Monkeemania is riper than ever!

We recently caught up with the last remaining member of the Village People Fan Club,Leif Cassidy,on a trip to the New Rockers' favorite hangout-the Hard Rock Cafe!Wasn't it just a 'coini-dink'that the waitress sat them in a booth bearing an autograph picture of ALL the Monkees!

"I love them all"said an inspired Cassidy."Not one more than the other!Peter Tork,Davy Jones,Michael Nesmith and Mickey Dolenz were some of my idols growing up!Doesn't anyone listen to Daydream Believer anymore?"

Hey,Leif,maybe you and Marty shoul BOTH Catch the last Train to Clarksville!

WWF Magazine Sept of 1996

"When Snow hit the big time working for the WWF he no longer was Al Snow. He was packaged and repackaged before finally becoming Leif Cassidy, half of the New Rockers with Marty Janetty. Even as Leif he's not Al Snow. Cassidy is a dorky goof whereas Snow is a solid worker. Not only did Al Snow lose his identity, he lost his ability."

Jerry Glascock TBR Columnist 9/4/96

Unknown writen play by play from July 1997/Al vs Flash Funk

Kevin Kelly opens by saying Flash is a 15 year veteran, having started just out of high school.

Funk quickly shoulder blocks Cassidy down, but is hit with a hip toss on his second attempt. In another factoid of the match, Michael Cole says that Leif runs a wrestling school in Lima, Ohio.

They trade headlocks, eventualy ending with a FrankenFlash, which barely gets one. Flash knocks Leif outside with a spinkick, then dives outside with a springboard clothesline.

Back in the ring, Leif escapes what looked was a spinning backbreaker, and hits a lariat. A superkick sends Funk outside. Cole says Funk has 6 kids, and each of them knows martial arts. Leif leaps onto Flash with an Asai moonsault, then kicks away on Funk.

He rolls Flash back into the ring, and gets 2.Funk escapes a chinlock with a kick, but is quickly knocked back down with a lariat. Flash ducks under Leif after an Irish whip, hitting a body block for 2, but gets right up and is caught with a Cassidy superkick. 2 count for that.

Another Irish whip, and Cassidy catches a kick after dropping his head early. Flash hits a victory roll for 2 1/2. Funk goes for another FrankenFlash, but Leif counters with a powerbomb.

Still just 2, and now Leif is livid. He takes too long to get Flash up, & Funk hits a backslide for 2. Cassidy levels him with a clothesline when he gets up, then yells to the crowd.

Cassidy goes for another powerbomb, but escapes by rolling down the back into a sunset flip for the win. Leif pouts post-match.

For Shotgun, this was a nice match.