Beautiful People

Rated 7th most beautiful people in Wrestling by PWI

One look in Al Snow's piercing brown eyes tells you all you need to know:

He's not all there. His elevator doesn't go all the way to the penthouse. Both his oars aren't in the water. His is a vacant stare -- there's a glint of white somewhere in the eye coloring -- that always keeps you wondering what's going through his mind, what's he thinking, why does a man who is this good looking walk around with a mannequin's head.

If insanity is a thing of beauty, then Al Snow is the emodiment. He tosses his head back and forth in the ring as if demons have occupied his brain, but your eye is immediately drawn to his lightened hair. Your eyes shift back and forth between the eyes and the hair, the hair and the eyes.

Which is more compelling? Why did God make such an appealing creature and then make his mind so imperfect? Is it a tease? Or temptation? Al Snow is the kind of guy who can get a girl into a lot of trouble, but what kind of trouble will it be?


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