Motor City Hitmen

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Motor city Hitmen

The Photo above is of Al and Ray "The Crippler"Roberts from 1994

Saad of the Freedom Fighters was scheduled to meet Mickey Doyle, but agreed to postpone the match because Doyle had just had knee surgery.

Chris Carter came out and castigated Saad for being a nice guy, they ended up arguing, Carter claimed that he had carried Saad for years, and they broke up.  No more Freedom Fighters.

Of course they were already barred from working as a team in MTW, their homebase, from losing a tag title match to Ray Roberts and Al Snow, the current champs.

Midwest Territotial Wrestling had a show at the Sherridan Community Center in Taylor, MI (a suburb of Detroit).

There was a tournament for the vacant MTW Tag Titles (last held by Ray "The Crippler" Roberts and Al Snow). The four teams entered were: Los Rudos (local cult heroes), Canadian Lightning (Otis Apollo & Scott D'Amore), The Knox Brothers, and Steve Nixon & Sean Casey.

Scott D'Amore and Otis Apollo won the tournament,but later that night lost them in a rematch to los Rudos

Credit:Jason Campbell

There were two stables that were the Motor City Hitmen

The first stable was in 1987 and were Al and Mickey Doyle,and their Manager"Super Mouth"Dove Drayson

Al and Mickey Doyle held the WWA (Indiana) World Tag titles in 1989 as The Motor City Hitmen. They beat Chris Carter and Calypso Jim for the belts on April 16, 1989.

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Last known where abouts of Mickey Doyle found him working the Upper Penninsula of Michigan Postal Service

credit:UWF's"Big Jason Fuller

During intermission at Al's last MTW show they said you could have your pic taken with AL, and I thought it would be cool to have one. So when I got in the ring Al said hi, he remembered me from are meeting a month earlier at his school(I had talked to Al at his school about training but It was to far away for me to get trained there). I asked him does he know when he was going to start with the fed. He had no idea or just played me for a mark. I also asked if he knew what his gimmick would be he said the same I have no idea. I said "you should be Silverdust Goldust's tag-team partner", Just as a joke, Al thought it was funny. The Belt on my shoulder is Al's MTW title belt.

(Back in the day when I was a mark I took a pic with AL at his last MTW show I told him his name should be "Silverdust" he laughed, and sighed the pic that way.)

Mickey Doyle trained me as Scott was on tour in England, I lived just outside of Detroit and trained in Windsor, Ont. Canada, and that is right across the river from Detroit. So Mickey trained me the most of the two. Also AL tagged with Zip of the Body Donnas while AL as Leif wrestle Mickey in his retirement match, Mickey tagged with Scott. Mickey pinned AL.

I wrestle in Michigan, for UWF. My work name is "Big" Jason Fuller.