The New Fabulous Kangaroos

New Fabulous Kangaroos

Stable note:On January 25 1983 a new version of the legendary Fabulous Kangaroos defeated Scott McGhee and Terry Allen(later known as Magnum T.A.)to win the Globle tag team championship

Instead of Al Costello and Don Kent,the aging Costello took on a managerial role.

allowing young Johhy Hefferman to team with "Bulldog"Kent in this new version of the team

Later,Mickey Doyle replaced Hefferman as a member of the Kangaroos

In 1993 Al and Denny Kass formed the New Fabulous Kangaroos

This could be hear say but from watching video tapes it looks like the work here was that Al had Taged with Machine Gun Mike Kelly from 1990 to the Summer of 1993 as baby faces,the fans would chant"We like Mike,We like Mike",'We like Al,We like Al!"

Then it seems there was a heel turn for Al and he joined Denny Kass to form the New Fabulous Kangaroos

Machine Gun Kelly had this to say about Denny Kass

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The fans felt that Al had turned trader and would chant"Trader!Trader!Trader!"

Click here Al's a trader

Click here,A's a trader in his own gym

The tape I received Machine Gun Kelly is doing color for the Kangaroos match and add to the work when the Kangaroos tried to cheat with a boomarang

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Here are some photos of the New Fabulous Kangaroos.Note:these photos are real dark,but it gives you a little out look on the inside of Bodyslammers gym