Al and Pierre


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Al and Pierre

It all started on 4/25/99 at WWF's Backlash PPV,when Al d. Holly to win the Hadcore belt,or so we thought

Over the edge ppv 1999 Al retains Hardcore belt over Holly....Holly has a shoot about how when he was a child he had a little unseen friend named Joe, and Bobby and joe did everything together,Bobby and Joe were playing in the living room and a lamp got broke,Bobby told his father that little Joe broke that lamp,Bobby's father didn't buy Bobby's story so Bobby was the one that got punished, Bobby was the one that got a spanking,so Bobby says that Al is the one thats going to get punished,CUZ bobby says Pierre and HEAD they are not real,but what is real is that number one,Bobby will get his belt back tonight,and number 2 Bobby used some big works then said he was going to peal open Al's Head and find out what was in there

The Match

Holly comes out first,Al comes out after him and Al has the box with Pierre in it with him,Al takes Pierre out of the box and bow's it to the fans,Al gets in the ring and they start the match,Al kind of gets his head stuck in the ring ropes,Holly knocks Al around some,Al tossed Holly out of the ring,they play the fire extengusher work that they have been using at house shows and Al buts the extenusher in Holly's face Holly rolls out of the ring,Al goes out after him,they go over the guardrail in into he fans and up and out into the hallway,where the toss food at each other,Al gets Holly down and gets a two count

They go back into the arena and down back into the ring,Al gets Holly into a corner and stomps on his balls,Al then goes and gets a table from under the ring and tossed it into the ring and sets it up in a corner,Al gets back in the ring and Bobby picks Al up and lets the blood rush to Al's head,then slams Al to the mat Al takes a chair to Bob's guts,Al trys to set Holly for the ride ino the table but Holly hangs on to the ropes,Holly hangs on to Al's hair as Al s trying to get to HEAD in the corner,Al gives Holly a low blow,they both lay on the mat Al crawls into the corner and gets HEAD,Al turns to hit Holly but Holly ducks and gives Al a ddt,Holly kicks HEAD out of the way and goes for a cover and gets a two count Holly then sets up the table,Holly trys to set up Al to put him through he table but Al reversed it and power bombed Holly through the table,Al falls on Holly and gets the 1,2,3,...

Next thing you know Al as befriended a stuffed Deer head he has named Pierre,which is kind of hard on Al because he can't understand what the hell Pierre is saying,all Al can get out of Pierre is "eeeeeerrrkk".

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Al informs Holly that he is not the Hardcore Champ,HEAD is because HEAD was on Hollys chest when the belt was won,but Al gives Holly a non-title match,winner gets HEAD back,Al wins but Holly goes nuts and takes off with HEAD again

On Sunday night Heat 5/9/99 Holly dressed in a ref's shirt calls Al out,Holly tells Al that the board of ref's have told Holly to ref a match between Al and HEAD and if Al wins he is Hardcore champ,Al likes this idea and starts beating the crap out of HEAD,the match ends with Al using Pierre to cover HEAD to win the Hardcore belt,Pierre is now Hardcore Champ

Holly not knowing what to do starts showing up at matches Al is having and beats on Pierre till Pierre is a mush of sawdust,this upsets Al and he has a wake for Pierre on Heat

Al gives Holly a title match at Over the Edge PPV on 5/23/99,Al retains the Hardcore belt,but the death of Owen Hart puts an end to the Al/Pierre work

More Info

Sunday Night Heat 5/2/99 Al and Holly are to have a non title Hardcore match,Holly gets on the mic and wonders why Al does'nt make it a title match

From the back you hear Al saying"Boooooob!"Al goes on to say he now has a Deer HEAD he is listening to and all he can understand from the deer is "ERRRRRRR!"

Al tells Holly that he is not he champ, HEAD is so its not up to Al its up to HEAD if its a hardcore match or not

Al tells Holly he has a surprise for him anyway and Al comes out riding a red kids toy truck to the theme from Spark Plug Holly

Al rides the truck down the ramp and its on

Head,Deer Head,and Two cracked Heads

Al Snow and Bob Holly's Bizarre Grudge Feud

Inside Wrestling October 1999

By Harry Burkett

It sounds like a bizarre soap opera,yet this crazy plot cannot be found anywhere on daytime television.The story involves a schizophrenic who gets advice from a mannequin head,which happens to win a major wrestling championship.An ex-race car driver,insecure about his flaky image from a previous life,is determined to win the mannequin's championship at any cost.

The plot gets more convoluted when the schizophrenic introduces his new inspiration,a stuffed deer head.The ex-race car driver tricks the schizophrenic into thinking the mannequin head is champion.During a later match,the schizophrenic hits the mannequin head with the deer head and scores the pin,thinking the deer head is the new champion.The ex-race driver destroys the deer head and the schizophrenic holds a funeral........Whew!

The players are Al Snow,Bob Holly,and Head,with cameo appearances by Pierre.The scary part is that Snow and Holly know exactly what the other man is trying to do.Even scarier,Head and Pierre might be the only sane characters in this insane melodrama!

Forget all about Susan Lucci finally winning a daytime Emmy;we think the year's most significant acting Award should go to Pierre as Best Actor!After all it must have been tough for Pierre to train Al Snow to make convincing deer sounds-and the sight of Pierre playing strip poker with Al was a classic comedy bit.

All this would be funny if it weren't so sad.

"Hardcore Holly may have beaten the stuffings out of Pieere,but the spirit of the deer head lives on,"enthused Snow."I'm still the hardcore champion,and Head is back in my corner.Yes,I'll admit there was some jealousy between Head and Pierre.But I assured Head that Pierre and I did not finish that strip poker game."

Snow slumping in a corner and smiling giddly at Head has become a common sight in WWF locker rooms.But that doesn't explain why Bob Holly is caught up in the maddness.If his stint as Sparky Plugg didn't drive him into a mental health facility,it's difficult to imagine anything that could.

Reinvented and reinvigorated as Hardcore Holly,the Mobile Alabama native is fighting to gain respect.When it seemed that the hardcore title might do that for him,he lost the belt to Snow and was dragged into a crazy feud.

Any progress Holly had made in regainng his self-respect was destroyed when Head and Pierre entered the picture.The Snow drove that darn toy race car into the arena,making a mockery of Holly.That was it.Holly's repressed insecurities became full-blown phobias-and Holly is acting as nutty as Snow!

"If I've got to get loonier than a bedbug,I'm gonna do it,"spat Holly."Al Snow thinks he can psych me out,but he doesn't know what he's in for.I'v entered his demented world,and I'm destroying it from the inside.When Al wanted to think Head was hardcore champ,I arranged it so Head would lose the belt to Al.Then there's Pierre.I ripped those antlers right off his stinkin' head.Pierre should've never gotten involved."

What?! Perhaps Holly has gone a little too far into Snow's world....and hasn't quite found his way back out.

"I'll play Snow's game for as long as it takes,"said Holly."Maybe I'll get my race car and run a few laps in the kooksville 500. No,hold on, I'll bring my Richard Petty action figures from when I was a kid.Ol' number 43 is as hardcore as it gets."

The Longer this feud rolls on,the more dangerous it will become for both men.Their mental health will continue to deteriorate,and their hardcore matches will become more hazardous.Using tables,crates,and golf carts is one thing,but it's impossible to predict what other kinds of weapons these combatants will use on each other.It has to stop before someone is seriously hurt.

Besides,the Snow-Holly war is bad for the WWF overall.Other competiors are steering clear of the hardcore division in order to steer clear of the craziness.Once the Snow-Holly feud became ignited,top stars like Jesse James and Billy Gunn straight for the regulation ranks.WWF officials should consider scrapping the hardcore division and calling it the"insanity division"or as Jim Ross would refer to it,"pet coon division."

But Holly's strategy of acting as crazy as Snow might not work.Snow is getting a real thrill out of the whole affair."Me and Bob can play hopscotch,bash each other's brains out with trash cans,then play pattycake,"he said."Right here and now,I challenge Bob to a specialty match.The winner is the first guy who ties himself up in a straitjacket.I might be the prince of hardcore,but I'm also the King of crazy!"

It could have been failed gimmicks that sent these men to the mental stratosphere.Or it could have been too many chair shots taken in too short a time.Whatever it was,let's hope these wrestlers receive intensive therapy.....and quickly!