Webmasters Life Story

From the Desk of Webmaster Wayne

A Webmasters Tale

Jan. 11th 1998

I have been into wrestling for many years. I watched wrestling as a was growing up,I remember when most matches were best two out of three,I dont remember who i was watching but I remember never missing a show.

I did backside from time to time where wrestling was not part of my life,until the 80's when i started dating my best friend in the world Rose aka Lady Undertaker on line,when we first started dating all we did for days was watch her millions of Wrestling tapes,at first like so many other marks in the world I thought the Hulk was THE Wrestler,I soon wised up and learned a boot to the face was not the best move in the world.

Rose and I some 13 or more years ago moved into a house together,and with some extra cash Rose recieved we got a a Dish,we soon found we were in Wrestling heaven,not only did we find USWA but Smoky Mt.Wrestling as well,thats where i first marked out on Al Snow,around the same time we found ECW,this was around the time when Mickey won the T.V. Belt and we watched for weeks as somehow to the music of"I'm a loser baby...so why dont you kill me!"Mikey held on to that belt!

I seem to be the Uncle to Bryan Alvarez who puts out the snail mail Newsletter the Figure Four Weekly,he lead us into local Wrestling matches here in Seattle some run by Oly Olson,we had a geat time going to these shows and marking out for such Wrestlers as Playboy Buddy Rose,who was always making goo-goo eyes at Rose,which she thought was very funny.

Some two maybe three and a half years ago we leaned of webtv which was something we could afford,and we got on line,at the time we were'nt into homepages and hung out in wbs wrestling chat room day and night,one of us was on line 24/7,not going to say which of us but it lead me to go out and buy another webtv so we could all be on line anytime we wanted to be.

After getting into cyberdating more then once i decided it was time to learn about making homepages,well i made a couple of funky pages that went nowhere,around the same time as the cyberdating we had lost our feed to ECW and lost maybe 3 or 4 months of no ECW Wrestling,but what should my eyes behold when once again we could mark out on ECW,but Al Snow,and what was this HEAD stuff??

I liked it and I told myself if I wanted a page that was going to be worth looking at that something about Al and this HEAD was going to be it,the page pretty much started out with just photos i had found on line of Al,but that was'nt enough I wanted as much info on that page i could find.

I started getting e-mails from somebody saying they were Al Snow,right! I thought,damn people on the net,but I had made up the saying that I would use when loging into the chat room"Bow to the HEAD!"I would say,and the othr chatters would post back"Bowing to the HEAD", So we were sitting watching ECW one night and Al is having a match,he gets on the mic,looks into the camera and says,"Bow to the HEAD!",I died laughing and after the show was over I got on line and e-mailed the address that was coming from Al,He e-mailed me back thanking me for making the page and wanted to know if he could use some of the button sayings I had on the page,he wanted to use them for interviews ect,I told him he could use whatever the hell he wanted to as long as he would let my site be the official Al Snow and HEAD homepage,he said that was allright with him,well the rest is history

Update 3/14/99

If you look in the Testimonies page you will find my report of how Rose and I meet Al Snow in Jan.of 1999 it was a brief meeting but was one we will never forget,the HEAD is now over a year old and just like Al it has come a long ways,in 1999 the HEAD moved from it's small beginngs out of wbs/Infoseek/go network,into its new home at tripod,it seems that no one got lost in the move because as of this writing the HEAD is over 33,000 hits,and the HEAD WORLD ORDER fan club has grown to over 1,000 members,I thank you all

Update 4/24/99

Once again if you go to the Testimonies page you will find another report on how Rose and I meet Al once again,this time there was a WWF house show here in Seattle on 4/15/99,It was great to meet up with Al once again,but next time I swear I am going to think things out before I leave the house,lol,at this writing there are now over 24,000 hits and HEAD WORLD ORDER fan club is over 1,500

Updated on 4/1/2000,close to 3 years later and the HEAD is still going strong at this writing hits to the page are well over 40,000 per ICount tracker,which may be a little off as it may say the HEAD gets anywhere from 30 to 60 hits a day,where tripod tracker sets the numbers up in the 100's..go figure, and there are 1,700 strong members in the fan club,in the mean time after spending three years building and building the HEAD it has come to a point where there is so much info on the pages of the HEAD that it has gotten hard to find info that I do not have so the updates to the page are not found as much as in the first 2 and a half years.

We also have a site advertised within the HEAD for local wrestling here in Seattle that is worth going in to checkout,it is the Pacific Wrestling Federation Fan page,this is where my sisters kid Bryan Alvarez now wrestles as"Chico Alvarez"

it's been a fun 3 years,in which time I let my bills go months after months with out paying them,and the lawn looks like crap

When I started the HEAD it was hard to find even photos of Al,there were only two other pages that had any thing at all to do with Al,but they have long since died,but you now go to any search engin and you will find millions and millions of little Al Snow sites,I can truthfully say we where one of the firsts,and we keep on trucken on

Updated 10/14/2000-Well the HEAD still stands strong,at one point I took the HEAD down and was not sure I was going to bring it back up,this being because of a misunderstanding on my part where I had thought Al snubed Rosey and I,but in the end it turned out that the whole thing was pretty much my fault for I guess you would say"not wanting to look like a stupid mark",next time I will know better

Anyway in the mean time I now write the results for the Pacific Wrestling Federation shows,which is another story in it's self as some of their shows are over the border and into Canada and time and time again we get stoped,Chico and I figured it out,they may seem to think that we are bringing in a Mexican alien as Rosey being Native American Indian looks very Mexican,and it does not help that she is hearing impaired,but we carry on

On October 7th 2000(Rosey's Birthday) Rosey and I got married in a Native American Sioux Indian Style Wedding,I have never liked the "white man's" way of marrage if you know what I mean with the church and all that,and have never been one to do what you might say is of the norm,so this wedding turned out really well.

Click to read our Wedding page

Update 2/12/2001-Into Four years now and we are over 18,000 HEAD WORLD ORDER fan club members strong,and over 55,000 vistors have read the HEAD

For the fisrt time in the History of the HEAD we managed with the help of Al,and Rajah from Rajah.com and HEAD staff member Doley to break the news of Al's car Accedent in the Month of January of 2001,thank goodness those in the accedent turned out well.

Al helped to confurm that the accedent happened and was thankfull to all the fans that were worried about him

The message board has grown to having more then one or two vistors and now has a happy family of those that post there,I would like to thank Maggie-O for her sticking with the message board thru the first couple of years when it was just Maggie,the Lab Mouse,and myself posting there

At this writing HEAD staff members have grown and I would like to thank,Maggie,Becca,Pat,Doyle,and the rest of the staff members for all of their help

Update 2/23/2002

After all these years we are still up and running,I added Co-Webmaster Indigo who has worked hard writing Tough Enough and Sunday Night Heat reports.

Thanks to Maggie and her Chickens we ended 2001 with 2,000 members to the HEAD WORLD ORDER Al Snow Fan Club

Visitors to the site even out at 75,000 plus,I am forever adding whatever I can to the site,we haven't heard from Al for quit some time and were told that his wife turned off his e-mail,but even with that being said we know he is a busy man,and we know he knows we are still here and loves us

The Message Board now has a fine group of folks that come and visit and post away without me having to push it along,I thank all of you who post in the message board....and Yes even you Greg

Updated 4/26/03

Well we have worked thru Tough Enoughs One thru Three.....In the mean time there has been not much to add to the site about Al......we write reports when and if Al has a match and report on when he might be out signing autographs ect.......we are up over 95,000 hits and as of ths writing 2,095 members of the fan club... We look forward to giving you the Al Snow Info you so need!

I thank you for your support, when I find something about Al I add it to the page

Updated 5/5/05

Still here as other Al sites die in cyberland.....with co-webmaster Robin we update whatever there is to update......we lost some wav's and photos lost somewhere in tripod but there is still much info inside the HEAD it would still take you days to read everything that is there......,so if you come visit make sure you'r wearing your reading glasses because theres a lot to see.........and who knows we may be around for another 20 years