Al Wizard Interview

Al Snow Interview from, 'Wizard magazine'

Mike Cotton from Wizard: So you're a big World Wrestling Federation star with "Tough Enough." What's the weirdest gimmick you've seen in the WWF?

Al Snow: Probably Avatar... the one that I did. The whole thing with me carrying the mask out with me, then putting it on, then performing and taking it off. People'd go, "Duh... you're the same guy!"

MC: I don't remember him...

AS: I just want to point out that Patrick Duffy is my hero...

MC: Non sequitur much?

AS: No, really... think about it. He went from being The Man from Atlantis, swimming with skin-tight pants on, to laying in bed with Victoria Principal to laying in bed with Suzanne Somers... What kind of guy could do that if he wasn't a hell of a guy?

MC: You've sold me.

AS: Damn right you're sold. And Simon MacCorkindale--from that '80s TV show "Manimal"--the guy lasted five episodes and was supposed to turn into any kind of animal, right? But he only turned into a panther and a bird and a snake... big deal!

MC: Moving on, if you're Al Snow, why don't you throw snowballs? It could be a whole new gimmick.

AS: Well, it would hurt and I wouldn't be able to breed after that...

MC: Huh?

AS: [Chuckles]

MC: So, what's your worst injury been?

AS: There's a spot on my brain where I've got some neurological problems... but I could go down the list.

MC: Go to it, brother.

AS: Fingers and toes--they've all been either dislocated, broken or jammed. I've broken my right ankle. I have torn ligaments in my left one; I've broken my left foot. Hairline crack between my right shin. Tore out my posterior cruciate ligament in '88. Broke loose the fibia from the tibia in my right leg. Pulled my groin--that was an ouchie...

MC: Okay that's enough...

AS: Naw, I got more. I cracked my tailbone--that was fun. Dislocated my hip once--that was enjoyable. Let's see... I've got a little scoliosis of the spine. Numerous scar tissue in the muscles of my back.

MC: Got any bionics in there, like Steve Austin?

AS: Stone Cold?

MC: No, the Six Million Dollar Man!!

AS: Oh, no then... but they are working on a penile implant for me.

MC: Never mind... who's your favorite superhero?

AS: That's tough... but I love the way they write Batman so dark now. He's got a real psychosis to him. he's driven.

MC: Speaking of driven, I might try out for "Tough Enough III"... think I got a shot?

AS: Sure, just as soon as Satan sends out that hockey team.

MC: Did you see this? [Does the circle game sign below waist]

AS: [Looks at hand] Ah! Dammit, I didn't know we were playing... take your shot.

MC: [Punches Snow in the arm] Ha-Ha!

AS: Grrrrr....