Al Wizard World Interview

wizard interview

Five Minutes with Al Snow

By Antony Teofilo

Al Snow and an almost dead Antony Teofilo Based on what one knows of Al Snow's screen persona, you might think he's a bit of nutcase. I caught up with Al at Wizard World 2002, and found out he's pretty much just a decent guy who LOVES comics, his fans and beating people up. Oh, and he wants to kick Kevin Smith's ass.

ANTONY: So, you're an avid comics fan?

SNOW: I'm beyond an avid reader. I keep these people in business. On a good week, I can easily spend a hundred dollars.

ANTONY: What are your top five titles?

SNOW: I love all the CrossGen titles. I'm also into Christopher Priest and BLACK PANTHER. JSA has been fantastic. JUSTICE LEAGUE's been really good. Movie Poop Shoot...isn't that Kevin Smith?

ANTONY: Kind of.

SNOW: I've got more fans than Kevin Smith. I just wanted to point that out.

ANTONY: Who would win in the Al Snow vs. Kevin Smith Celebrity Deathmatch Main Event?

SNOW: Let's put it this way, I'm not overweight and don't just wear sweatpants. He's got more money, but I LOOK so much better. How do you like that, Kevin?

ANTONY: Do you like comics-based movies?

SNOW: I think the Al Snow movie should be coming out real soon. [Laughs]

ANTONY: Are there any rights available for THE AL SNOW STORY in comics or movies?

SNOW: Not yet. I'd love to be in a comic book.

ANTONY: Are comic-book movies a good thing or a bad thing?

SNOW: I think they're a great thing. Comic books are written and drawn like the storyboard for a movie. I think some of the writing and characters are better [realized] in comics. They're just modern-day mythology. It's easy to see how comics can be translated now. The special effects are able to transfer our mind's image of what a comic book should be onto the movie screen. If Spider-Man had been made two years ago, as great as the story was, as well-acted as it was, it wouldn't have been the same, because the images wouldn't have been there.

ANTONY: Do you do any writing within the WWE?

SNOW: No. I probably could, but I don't have an interest in that right now. That's a high-pressure job. I don't envy those guys at all.

ANTONY: What about writing comic books?

SNOW: I would LOVE to do that. I think I could do a really good job of laying out a story. Wrestling is a lot like a live-action comic book. That would be another thing I could do better than Kevin Smith. I'll just continue to chop down the mighty oak that is KS.

ANTONY: Where does this rancor for Kevin Smith come from?

SNOW: I was in Orlando at the comic con there, and was hoping that I'd get to say hi to him. He was an auctioneer for the charity auction for ACTOR. And you know, he's a big star, he's got a lot of things to do because he's so rich. As soon as he was done and I was up next, he just walked out. And I thought "You sunuvabitch." Very harsh. Watch your back there, Kev.

You can catch Mr. Snow, and all his crazy WWE family members on various TV stations just about every day of the week.