Going HEAD to HEAD to HEAD with Al Snow

Al Snow hit the big time in 1995,signing a contract with Titan Sports.He was initially broght in as 'Avatar"a sort of ninja-type character with removable mask.He had a couple of shots on Monday Night Raw,but his character soon faded out,and he didn't make it to his first WWF pay-per-view,"Survivor Series"that November.He was buried by Issac Yankem(Kane)on WWF Superstars,ironically the same guy who,as"Unibomb"teamed up with him to win the Smoky Mountain Tag Team Championships earlier in the year(April7th)Snow later said that the gimmick had been altered from the one he had disussed with management initially.

In 1996 he re-debuted as Leif Cassidy,teaming with Marty Jannetty to form the "New Rockers"Jannetty was a former tag team champion with Shan Michaels,as well as former IC champion.The duo got off to a rocky start,however,losing in the first round of the WWF tag team tournament after the Smoking Gunns forfeited the titles in January.Thoughout the summer,Snow brought his own brand of reto-goofiness to the tag team ranks,as he and Jannetty had several terrific matches with the Bodydonnas Skip and Zip(aka Chris Candido and Tom Prichard)Nevertheless,they failed in every attempt to climb into contention for the tag team titles.

Snow also took on an alter-ego"Shinobi",dressed all in black with a mask,and ran job duty as a sort of"mystery opponent"for WWF Champion Shawn Michaels on a sries of TV tapings.

The tag team broke apart at the end of the year,as Jannetty was fired from the federation.Snow,at his own request was sent to ECW as part of a talent exchange going at the time to tr and get him over there.He cme up with the "Head"idea,and Paul Heyman reluctantly went along with it.By way of interview time the hilarious vignettes,Snow and his new companion won over the hearts of the company and he was given a roller-coaster push at the end of 1997.

At Wrestlepalooza"98"he contested the iggest match of his life-a mai event ECW World Championshp encounter with the injured champion Shane Douglas.Most picked him to win,overlooking the fact that he was still on loan from Titan.Douglas,the heel,won a shocking pinfall victory.When the match was over,the backstage emptied as all the stars hoisted the two athletes into the air.After 16 years on the road,Snow once again was denied when he loked destined to finally get his due,but he lost with good grace.The two athlets shook hands in one of the most memorable moments ofthe year

He was brought back to the WWF with his new gimmick in the summer of "98",showing up at the back entrance for RAW after the Head gave him bad directions.His initial exchanges were terrific,with the same brand of amusing vignettes that had gotten him over in ECW.When his air time decreased,howevr,and he feuded with Jerry Lawer(always a heat killer),he lost much ofhis momentum,which was difficult to get in the first place in a large company like Titan.

Whle Snow and "Head"had been major cult superstars in ECW,more over than Sid Vicius,the gimmick,predictably,hasn't been nearly as successful in the WWF.Nevertheless,he's won the Hardcore title and looks to be moving in and out of contention for the championship for a substantial time to come.Snow has terrific athletic ability,and if he's given the opportunity to showcase his preferred style,which is more excessive than straigh mat wrestling but more straight-forward,hardcore"garbage"wrestling,he could easily win over the fans again.

Blake Norton,Wow Magazine July 1999