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Transcript of Interview from the Wrestling Guys Radio Show


S: ...speaking of new story lines, we've got the current European Champion and a lot going on with his story line, from Lima Ohio (phone rings and sounds like someone drops it) and the guy whose been dropped on his head too much, Al Snow.

M: Al, you've got the wrestling guys

Al: Well apparently I haven't been dropped on my head as many times as you Marty, since you went to a nice long pause there during the introduction.

M: Hey buddy, I wanted to come off, I wanted to say something...

Al: (mumbling)

M: Go ahead Al

Al: dropped on his head too many times, yeah, that's why you are a proffessional radio broadcaster because you have the tendency to skip a mental groove.

S: Al, I don't think he's ever claimed to be professional.

M: Yeah Al, take that.

Al: Yes, but people of course, including the police authorities have claimed he's other things.

M: Well, yeah, the police... You know what Al, I gotta say this, you know I call Al, I leave him a message, Al, I don't feel the love anymore, you're not calling me, what's going on? I don't hear from him.

Al: Now look, look,

M; Now Al, this is my show.

S: Al wait a minute, our show.

Al: No it's my show now, I've taken over.

S: That's true, go ahead Al.

Al: O.k., you know that you feel the love from a lot of different men.

M: Yeah. Are you trying to make a point?

Al: Just that you are a dirty little slut, you're such a dirty little vixen.

S: You know Al, Marty comes into the studio tonight and says "I have these Felix the Cat boxer shorts on.

Al: Huh, really?

S: yes he does.

Al: Wow, do you have that big bacon strip in the back?

S: I didn't look there. Let's check.

M: Shawn, that's your job tonight.

S: No no no, I'm not going there, Marty.

M: Is there a bacon strip, yes there is.

Al: Then they are Felix the Cat litter box underwear.

S: And he's also playing with animal crackers tonight.

Al: Oh, is he keeping those in his pockets again?

S: Yes he is.

M: I broke some up, and these are really nice ones, these are high detail animal crackers.

Al: I'm sure they are after you get done scratching them with your fingernails.Anyways, come on, get to the questions.

M: So in Europe are there just thongs and thongs of Al Snow fans? You know, are they building statues in your honor? What are they doing?

Al: Basically releasing doves and having tickertape parades, it's incredible.You know, HEAD has always been an mbassador of goodwill and now we are taking it international.

S: Well, HEAD's always been popular in Europe, right?

Al: Oh, sure. I mean, look at the Queen.

M: Absolutely.

Al: And of course Prince Charles. I mean, golleee. Look at the head on that thing.

S: Absolutely.

Al: I've seen better heads on a boil.

S: On Marty's ass even.

M: Wait a minute.

Al: Along with Felix the Cat.

M: I didn't tell you to get down there and look that close.

Al: You know what? You're a tougher man than I, if you can too.

M: He always does that, he likes the scenery down there.

Al: Ahhh(like he's shuddering at the thought)

M: Hey, we were talking about it right before you came on the line that you are having a lot of problems lately and we understand that and you've adopted another greyhound.

Al: That I have.

M: How many neighbors does it take to catch two forty-five mile per hour greyhounds?

Al: Basically they don't do anything. They just sit there and watch me run after them cussing the whole time. I am now going to adopt, now that I'm of an international flavor, the technique of using a bolo to throw at their feet.

S: You know, maybe you could bring the bolo in the ring, I think the bolo has been a much underused international object in wrestling.

Al: I agree, you know I am the man who has brought in the bowling balls, I could bring a bolo into the ring too.

S: I think it's only natural.

M: It makes a lot of sense.

Al: It goes right into the bolo punt that Steven Regal uses.

M: Hey, Steven Regal, speaking of that, worked a dark match here the other night.

Al: Yeah, look at you, you are on top of the wrestling world.

M: Yes I am.

Al: My goodness.

S: How did he look to you, did you get a chance to see it?

Al: I wanted to stay and watch it, and then they took the camera and stuck it on the floor and I didn't get to see the actual match, just the beginning of it. He looks in terrific shape, so I think he's gonna do great.

M: we always go back to (I can't spell it, Impoma?,Editors note:I don't know how to spell it keep reading) 2000 where he wrestled Chris Benoit, and you know Regal's been through so much, and like you said, he's in terrific shape, it's great to see a guy who's run through all of those personal battles get another chance at the big time.

Al: Yeah, yeah, you know, for him, I'm really happy for him. I would just like to get a chance at the big time, once.

S: You're the European Champion !! You got a belt!!

M: You got the strap.

Al: There's a difference. I'm the Europenis Champion.

M: Al, let's get serious for a minute.

Al: I am serious. I am the Europenis Champion. I'll start calling you genitalia. That's how they refer to themselves.

S: You're the Europenis Champion?

Al: Europenis.

S: Europenis Champion, o.k.

M: Well it works, right, you got the strap.

S: I'd like to see what the Europenis strap looks like. Al, seriously, something that we talk about, and we talk about you a lot, different times during our show, the internet people, people who are in the know, people around the country, have talked about it, you are one of the best workers in the WWF, one of the best technicians in the WWF, a guy who brings a lot to the table, in regards to story lines and being able to carry other wrestlers, and you really haven't gotten what we and other people and I would say knowledgable people in the business consider to be a good push.

Al:And... what do you want me to say?

M: He wants a check for about 50 bucks if he sends it down to you.

Al: Oh sure, yeah.

S: He got me the other day in jail, you know though, what are you, eight months away from your contract Al?

Al: Yeah, something like that.

S: And at least finally your are getting some sort of recognition, and I know it's not tHe title that you would want it to be going for, but it's at least..

Al: Oh I don't, as long as I am an entertaining, productive part of the show, then that's all I care about. That's all I want is to actually get a chance to be utilized and utilize my creativity and make opportunities. That's all I want. When I'm not being utilized, or just being used to go out there and perform the J.O.B. so to speak, and I don't mind doing that either unless it's a non-stop continuous situation because when you are put in that situation, unfortunately, it is an entertainment business and it is entertainment, but unfortunately wrestling fans in general are still educated to believe that they should only care about you if the promotion itself cares about you and they send a message to the fans when they send you out there like that like basically they dont' have any interest or any plans in you, and so the fans of course don't really take to caring about you and you are no longer entertaining unfortunately, and um, that's a very tough position to be in and it's not a very enjoyable one and personally I don't want to be in that position and I'll do whatever I can to fight to not be put in that position. I do mean whatever necessary to keep from being put in that position.

M: You know Al, in the last year you have went through a nubmer of different...I don't know.. not so much differnt gimmicks, but different personalities and persona changes, right now, with the European thing, do you see that lasting for a while and maybe running with this?

Al: God only knows. 'Cause I sure don't. And I don't think anyone else does either, to be honest with you. I don't think, it's like "we'll see if this works" or "let's see if they find this entertaining", you know, and if they like that then it will last for a certain amount of time. Or if they have ultimate plans of just giving me the European title to utilize it to get someone else over, i.e., maybe Steven Regal. I don't know. I just take it a day at a time anymore. I go out there and do the best that I can do, and see what happens.No matter what happens, or what they give me to do, and there have been things that they have asked me to do, or told me to do that I haven't necessarily felt comfortable with, but I've always kept in mind that it's not really me going out there. It's just entertainment and I've went out there and I've tried to do my very best to make things work and to make them as entertaining as possible despite whether or not it was nessicarily something that I would want to do.

S: You mean carrying the lethal weapon, the lethal personality as baggage?

Al: Well you know, that was actually my idea to do that so...

M: Yeah, you liked that didn't you?

Al: Yeah, I liked the things that we did outside of the ring, definitely, but when it became a situation much like the Leif Cassidy thing where everyone thinks I hated the Leif Cassidy thing, I actually enjoyed it. I thought it was entertaining, but the problem with it was that it had no future, they were never going to do anything with it and the same goes with Steve and I, I mean, no matter what kind of reaction we got from the audience, no matter how much they enjoyed what we were doing, no matter how entertaining it was, they weren't going to do anything with it, it had no future and that was why I didn't enjoy it. Because it was just a dead end situation.

S: Al, there is so much talk about how wrestling has changed and how it is more of an entertainment spectacle than a sport. Do titles mean as much in the locker room as they used to?

Al: Oh, I think inadvertently they do, yeah. Inadvertently because it also translates, sends a message to the guys in the locker room that maybe the office has a little more of an interest in you, or you may have some plans to push you. It gives the guys a certain sense, a little bit of honor, to feel like they've entrusted you with something like that and some hope that it might lead to better and bigger things. So, it still carries a little bit, you know, we all basically, as much as a lot of guys would hate to admit it, we all are still just marks for the business. The biggest marks for the business are hte wrestlers themselves. Deep down inside it's a fulfillment of that childhood dream to be a champion in a major organization or company, so it's kinda cool from that aspect of it, and it's also saying that they think you are gonna be able to do something with it too. From the office standpoint as far as a belt is concerned, such as the Europenis Championship, I don't know how much weight it actually carries.

S: What kind of crack did you give Mick Foley when he called Triple H the WWF World Champion this past Monday.

Al: Oh, Mick Foley? What kind of crack could I give him? He's got a mighty big crack already back there.

S: You didn't let him get away with that without saying something?

Al: Who? Me?

S: Yeah. (Everybody is chuckling here).

Al: About what?

S: About him calling Triple H the WWF Word Champion this past Monday.

Al: Oh, I know, I heard it too.

S: O.K.

Al:but sometimes Mick slips into a mental groove as bad as our friend Marty here, but unlike Mick, I'm not gonna kick him when he's down. Mick will take every opportunity he can to jump on that.

M: We saw right after that, in the next segment, he was throwing darts at a picture of you, so I though maybe you would have at least, you know, given him some sort of little barb or something.

Al: Oh look, if it weren't for me, who else would have been? You know...

M: Yeah he wouldn't have a book.

Al: He wouldn't have a book, I mean between me and his penis, that's all he had in the book and if it were just his penis it would be a very short story.

S: Have you seen a preview copy of his Christmas book yet?

Al: I saw, I mean everytime he writes something like that he runs around like "oh wow, look at this" so I saw a bit of it and saw where I was mentioned in it, of course.

M: You're in the Christmas book?

Al: Yes, yes, yes, yes.

M: You gotta love that.

Al: Oh I do, I absolutely love it.

S: You oughta get some royalities for that.

Al: Oh of course not, no.

M: Al, what's been your best moment in the WWF for you personally?

Al: My best moment?

S: Besides getting the paycheck, what's the best moment?

Al: Oh god, you know, I guess just whenever I get to go out there and entertain. Probably some of the best stuff I've ever done, I've done out of the ring for the WWF. That stuff with Steve Blackman. You know, sitting back and watching it because I got a compilation tape not too long ago, and to actually sit down and watch it, and the vignettes and stuff we did, worked and were funnier and were better all around then the stuff I was doing with Mick Foley. I mean it was easier to do it with Mick, we clicked a lot easier, and we did a lot of stuff that was a lot simpler to do. The stuff with Steve came across a lot better, I think. I really enjoyed that stuff. It's actually pretty tortuous, I got back with Steve and the repercussions, wow. Believe me, it's not every day you can do that.

S: Well it looks like they are using you for a lot of other things too. You know you were just recently on MTV and I heard great Kudos from that from a lot of different people, went over real well. Did you go over to WWF New York?

Al: I was there to host the cutaway for the live cutaway that night, and basically the reason I got to the Summerslam thing with MTV was because I was the guy that was there. its not like they planned to have me there.

M: Oh Al, I found the turtle.

Al: Oh did you?

M: Yes.

S: Marty now has a turtle.

Al: You've been digging around in your pants again, haven't you?

M: That was (mumbling) Camel, God man, I feel like Noahs Ark here.

Al: I bet you do.

S: He sits around tand concentrates and prepares for this type of interview.

Al: Yeah, yeah that's why he sprinkles a little salt on his rear end and heads off to the petting zoo.

M: Look, I call you all the time, you know when he calls me? When I'm in jail for some charity deal and he literally tracks me down that day. He calls literally every number he's got for me. Calls my house, calls down at the wrestling school, calls the cell phone, he's relentless.

S: He was relentless, but it was for charity.

Al: That's right, it was for charity, it was for a good cause. So I had to do something. It's not like I have a ton of friends that I could call. Mick Foley sure isn't gonna dig into his wallet and come up with it, you know what I mean?

M: Well, no I figured that's why you called me.

Al: I guess I could have just bailed myself out with all the royalties I've gotten from his books.

M: Could you have given them a complimentary copy of Have a Nice Day?" Would that have gotten you out of jail.

Al: He (laughing) please, that probably would have gotten me thrown in real jail. it's not, if they ever arrest him for being an author, you know, they'd be arresting an innocent man, that's for sure.

S: Al, how much do you miss ECW?

Al: Oh you know, I miss it a lot. It was very enjoyable there. I loved it there, I had a great time, but it served its purpose and it was time to move on, and I did.

S: Do you find it a sort of a testament or something, you know, the group that was there, guys like Shane Douglas, Perry Saturn, Chris Benoit, and those guys moving on and now succeeding in WCW and WWF?

Al: Do I.. a testament to what?

S: You guys, I mean...

Al: That one was a little vague, man.

S: So much of what you guys have done..

M: You really wanted to ask that question though.

Al: Apparently.

S: So much of what you guys have done was seen as revolutionary and now you've went on with that style or its been mimicked or copied to an exent by both the WWF and WCW.

Al: Right.

S: So do you feel proud of that or does it give you any special goosebumps inside?

Al: Well, you know there are a lot of things that give me special goosebumps inside.

S: Such as...

S: Marty pulling turtles out of his pants?

Al: Well, no, that actually scares me. That he could actually insert a turtle anywhere in an orafice of any sort?

S: Richard Gere had gerbils, Marty has turtles.

Al: That's right.

M: It's a turtle and the detail just astounds me.

Al: I'm sure it does.

M: You know what, it was only 50 cents a bag too.

Al: was it gasping for its breath?

M: You know I"m going through these and I'm thinking I wish I had these on that road trip to Minnesota with you for twenty hours.

Al: Yeah, that would have added additional entertainment. Along with the snow storm and adding joy to the life of young men and their fathers all across the nation.

M: That was it.

Al: Um, what was the question again?

M: I have no idea, we'll just let that one die.

Al: Oh, o.k.,

S: We should, but you know what, we really should say that you guys did a really good job when you were with ECW. A lot of things that at that point that people weren't accustomed to and seeing in wrestling have been carried over and that group really has become the mainstay of all the other federations in the country.

Al: Yeah.

M: You guys did a great job.

Al: Yeah, yeah, but you know, guys like Benoit and Eddie and Dean, you know, a lot of that has to be to Paul E, because you know, he definitely was ahead of his time at that point and a lot of the companies like you said, since that time have mimicked that style and have also came, you know, I unfortunately for Paul E, have taken most of the talent that created that style, and are now utilizing it to thier own success. WWF defininetly being one of them. WCW took them, but couldn't capitalize on them because they, the inmates are running the asylum down there. I don't know if they are so much anymore, but at one time they definitely were. And that worked to their detriment.

S: So what's coming, we know you weren't on Monday night.

M: You had some work to do to prepare for this coming week, correct?

Al: Yes.

M: And how many languages have you had shoved down your throat over the last few days?

Al: Well, uh...

M: Without giving anything away here.

Al: Let's see, I think that there were about 7 or 8, so far.

M: Hmm. O.k.

Al: I actually had to do different languages.

S: See when you're the European Champion

Al: Europenis.

M: Yeah, that's it, you gotta know all the languages.

S: You have to appeal to all of your people.

Al: And I think that I do. I think I can appeal to all the people of Europenis.

S: You'd have to (laughing) maybe we should end the interview on that statement right there.

Al: Why?

M: He's just starting to roll now.

S: Al, once again, it's been great. You are the only man I know that would not only adopt one greyhound, but two.

Al: Yes, but two.

S: A living legend in the State of Ohio and especially the town of Lima, Ohio where...

M: How many legends are in Lima?

Al: You know Marty, you are the pinup girl for all the cell blocks all across the state penal code. The penal systems of the United States.

M: If you look close you'll see me on Oz, on HBO.

Al: I'm sure, probably in the shower.

M: You got it.

Al: They'll be throwing a beach blanket cell party for you.

M: That's it buddy.

S: Just don't grab the soap.

Al: Yeah, well, he'll be grabbing something

M: Or one of these turtles out of this cracker bag. Hey man, Al, I got turtles, rabbits, I got owls, I've got a couple of things I can't really tell what they are. but I know, oh a parrot!

S: They're parrots, a lion a puppy, a camel, a bear,

Al: (whispering) a puppy.

S: Yeah. He's not a greyhound, he's a little chunky for a greyhound.

Al: Oh I'm sure.

S: There's a lot going on, and Al we're glad you are getting what we would consider hopefully a pretty big push. And we look for that to not be a stepping stone for anybody else but Al Snow to move into the title chase or whatever else comes your way.

Al: Well, I'm hoping too, we'll see.

M: All right buddy, thanks a lot and tell Pam and the kids we said "hi" and we look forward to seeing you soon.


S: Did he leave?

Al: No.

S: Oh there he is, o.k., Al, we'll see ya later.

Al: O.k. bye.

M: I was gonna say, he didn't even say goodbye?

S: That wouldn't be like Al.

M: No not at all, I was a little bit worried.He gets confused, he's take some pretty good bumps and probably one of hte greyhounds are out running around the neighborhood.

S: I think you scared him with your bag of animal crackers. You scared me with your animal crackers.

M: The broken ones are really astounding.

Thanks to Staff member Maggie-O for transcriping this interview