WWE Tough Enough Interview

Al Snow Interview from WWE.Com

NEW YORK May 30, 2002 Moments after Linda and Jackie carted their Tough Enough 2 trophies off the stage at The World, WWE.com caught up with head trainer Al Snow to get find out why the two women were chosen and the show's next season.

WWE.com: Why was Linda chosen?

Snow: She has the personality, she has the drive, she's obviously got the physicality to do it, and most importantly she has the passion.

WWE.com: What about Jackie?

Snow: She has all of those great strengths, but I think her heart stands out the most. Without heart and without passion for this business, you can have all the talent, the skill, the charisma, the physical athletic ability, but it won't mean (anything). If you don't have heart, you don't have the passion, the drive, the desire that you absolutely have to do this, don't do it.

WWE.com: So how about two women winning? Most people didn't expect that, did they?

Snow: I don't think a lot of people did. I don't think that Jackie or Linda expected that two women were going to win. I know Jake and Kenny were definitely surprised. We go with what we see. In the future, Kenny and Jake can still pursue this. Just because it wasn't their time tonight doesn't mean it will never be their time. I encourage them to keep after it, pursue it, chase that dream and don't give up on it just because tonight wasn't their night.

WWE.com: What advice do you have for Jackie and Linda?

Snow: Keep their heads on straight. Always give 100 percent.

WWE.com: What was this second season like in comparison to the first?

Snow: It was just as enjoyable as the first. But it was different and it'll always be different. You're working with 13 different people. We're going to have 13 people that interact and react 13 different ways than the last 13. Tough Enough 1 was very special because it was the first one. This was just as special in and of itself because of the fact that these kids gave their all. They let me take them places they never expected they would go. I love doing it. I love working with them and I love being a part of this, and I can't wait to be a part of Tough Enough 3.

WWE.com: What can you tell us about Tough Enough 3?

Snow: I can tell you that it's Tough Enough, it's the third one in the series, there will be 13 people in a house and they will train to achieve a dream.

WWE.com: Can we expect any changes? Anything different?

Snow: I don't know. I myself made the suggestion that we have 13 midgets for Tough Enough 3 and basically just train small people.

WWE.com: You'll be back as the head trainer. Who'll be joining you?

Snow: Ivory will be back. It's great to see that the hospital is still allowing her out on the work release program to come and work with us. I just hope they supply her with more medication. Then we have Hugh Morrus, who I think will be a fantastic assistant trainer. I think he'll do a great job and really add a good dimension.

WWE.com: Is it safe to say that as long as there's Tough Enough we'll see Al Snow?

Snow: Let's knock on wood. I hope so. I'll be honest. I've said before I'm not going to fool myself or anybody else out there believing that I'm going to leave a legacy in this business like Triple H or Steve Austin or Undertaker. I'm going to leave a legacy for these kids. These kids will be my legacy. They're going to perpetuate my immortality long after I'm gone.